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  1. We're due a stock market crash, I'm calling the 21st of this Month. I'm detecting ominous vibes which will culminate in a crash on this day.
  2. FortuneFTB

    £77.34 To Fill My Tank Up

    You drive a Tank.... cool
  3. I notice these are not being updated as quickly now the market is rising again.
  4. I notice these are not being updated as quickly now the market is rising again.
  5. FortuneFTB

    Living Overseas -- merged threads

    The rest of the world is just as screwed as the UK economically so it would be silly to leave for that reason, once I have a few more quid tucked away I'd like to move somewhere warmer though, I hate the cold
  6. Fair play to them, who among us would not be happy with the wedge they have and would rather be a teacher ?
  7. The price must be based on the size of the plot and its development potential, because the house is just lIke a 1950s council house on steroids. Can anyone find a more overpriced house than this, if so link me, I like a laugh Monstrosity
  8. FortuneFTB

    China Calls Time On The Dollar

    I don't think its quite enough to start a war, certainly not with China who are quite capable of winning the said war.
  9. FortuneFTB

    Signs Of Real Panic Selling

    I don't know about panic selling, there seems to be a lot of panic buying going on where I am, I live on a new build development and 43 houses have sold this year, I think the newspapers pimping HPI is making people afraid of missing out, Fortunately in this development only one house is BTL, thats a change for the good.
  10. FortuneFTB

    Osbourne - Public Sector Pay Cuts

    Thats peanuts compared to the private sector
  11. FortuneFTB

    Osbourne - Public Sector Pay Cuts

    You'd have to be a sheep to believe Osbournes nonsense, notice how he manages to crowbar "Our Boys" pay in to tug at the heartstrings, its just populist rubbish with no real substance.
  12. FortuneFTB

    Fergus And Judith Wilson

    this has a Grant Bovey vibe to it, I wonder if Wilson will threaten to sue anyone who says he is in financial difficulty.
  13. FortuneFTB

    A Classic Ea Tale

    I'd buy it, it looks charming.
  14. FortuneFTB

    Triple Act?

    The last to storys are fairly flat, the first one is the Daily Express filling time until there's another Diana enquiry
  15. FortuneFTB

    Will The Tories, Restore The Economy ?

    Restore the Economy ? With all their cuts, the toffs will decimate it.

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