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  1. Capital that creates capital with no human input = capitalisms final goal = what true communism really is

    I've been trying to tell people that for the last couple of years - since I read Lord Desai's "Marx's Revenge". Have you read it?

    The Social Democratic and Labour parties of the 20th century, by being inspired by Marx, actually succeeded in turning back the ticking clock on the achievement of the omega point implicit in Marx's study of capital and capitalism, which you've so succinctly summarised.

    After Marx's death the Social Democratic movements, while espousing socialist dogma, set about very effectively securing the sort of social improvements Marx said were impossible under capitalism. The 60 hour, 50 hour, 40 hour 37 hour week; paid holidays; heathcare; social housing; unemployment benefit; old age pensions etc etc. No condition of alienated destitution for the workers to rebel against. Dictatorship of the proletariat recedes...

    All the while, to maintain the capitalists' rates of return, hand in hand with productivity improvements we see the triumphant rise of consumerism and its guardian angels of marketing and consumer credit. Nevermind the fact that there is no endpoint to the upgrade cycle on your car/TV/phone/whatever - you get to pretend that you're aspirational, you get to appear to believe you're on the up escalator - but in fact, you can't help but have the nagging feeling that you're just livestock to be farmed by the subscriptions you think you choose to take out because they reflect what you believe to be the lifestyle you've allowed yourself to be conditioned to assert that you deserve. Nevermind that! It's important to have a nice car/TV/phone/ whatever - it's the way you keep score in the ongoing lifestyle competition against your peers! You're not having the excess value of your labour stolen by capitalists in exchange for worthless short-lived tat! No! You ARE a capitalist - you compete (same thing as capitalism innit) don't you? Your drawer full of obsolete phones, cameras and MP3's proves it, as does the shed full of old computers and TV's.

    It seems to me, that if the herds of 'consumers' were encouraged to take a good look at their lifestyle subscriptions, they might decide that they don't really need so much stuff. They might decide that they don't really need to work all of those 37.5 hours. Maybe they can fulfill their real human needs for food and shelter and a bit of entertainment and socialising with as little as 15 hours work (per Keynes! Jam today!).

    I hope that this is the phenomenon we are seeing with the rise of part time Britain. A more social (not necessarily socialist) Britain, a slower, quieter, more considered place. Is that the "Big Society"? Am I a "Red Tory"?

  2. Last year..

    ASPC For sale

    Today (3 Sept 2009)

    For sale : 1095

    Added in last week : 93 (8.5%) Big increase in units coming on to market

    Added in last month : 370 (34%)

    Over a month : 725 (66%)

    Compared to this year...

    Today (16 Sept 2010)

    For sale : 1788

    Added in last week : 86

    Added in last month : 466 (26%)

    Over a month : 1322 (74%)

  3. I've just been to Aberdeen for a visit and had a drive around the Tillydrone of the West End (as a taxi driver told me it's called). There's nearly one complete row of Stewart Milne's (sold and occupied) houses for sale 4, 6, 8, and 12 Rubislaw Drive: with number 12 only bought 5 months ago. Something amiss at the Kepplestone Development (apart from the obvious of course?) Lots and lots of other empty ones for sale.


    OMG. I don't know why this didn't sell immediately. It's got a TV in every room!


    Actually, i take it back. Bare bulb in lounge. Unforgivable.

  4. For sale on ASPC:

    Today (1 June 2009)

    For sale : 1176

    Added in last week : 75 (6%)

    Added in last month : 298 (25%)

    Over a month : 878 (75%)

    Not looked at this for a while, interesting to compare with this time last year...

    Today (8 June 2010)

    For sale : 1400 - a big uplift from this time last year.

    Added in last week : 121 (9% of total)

    Added in last month : 546 (39%)

    Over a month : 854 (61%)

  5. This publication no longer appears on Lloyds TSB's website since they all became Lloyds Banking Group.

    However :ph34r:

    Here it is....

    SHPM 72.pdf

    And here's the press release accompanying it...

    HPM 72 Press Release.doc

    text reads:


    The housing market in Scotland is showing signs of a weak recovery, according to the latest Scottish House Price Monitor from Lloyds TSB Scotland.

    In the three months to 30 April 2010, the quarterly price index* for the average domestic property in Scotland rose 0.7 per cent on the previous quarter. Following mix adjusting, the average Scottish house price is now £157,801.

    Despite rises in each of the last three quarters, on an annual basis, Scottish house prices have fallen by 3.3 per cent. The rise in the latest quarter is much lower than the +5.9 per cent of the previous quarter. The number of house purchase transactions remains low with 19 per cent fewer transactions than in the last quarter. The number of house purchases reached a low point in February but recovered in March and April, but is still around half the level witnessed before the recession.

    Price movements in the latest quarter remain volatile. Though Dundee is reporting a significant annual rise at +10.7 per cent, this masks the volatility seen in quarterly changes shifting from +16.3 to -10.8 per cent in the last two quarters. Dundee house prices are now at levels last seen 21 months ago. Most areas continue to report an annual fall in prices ranging from -2.5 per to -8.2 per cent

    Professor Donald MacRae, chief economist, Lloyds Banking Group Scotland, said: “The Scottish economy entered recession in quarter three of 2008 and recorded five consecutive quarterly falls in output. Scotland exited recession at the end of last year with growth of 0.2% in the last quarter having experienced one quarter less of falling output than the UK over the whole of the recession.

    “Consumer confidence continues to recover from the low at the end of 2008 but is still below pre-recession levels. Retail sales are increasing at an annual rate of 3.9% in March while the volume of housing sales has recovered from the low point of February this year.

    “The level of mortgage availability including for first time buyers has increased while the cost of borrowing remains low for many mortgage holders. The rise in the average Scottish house price identified at the end of last year has not been maintained into 2010. However, activity has picked up from the low levels of the winter months. The Scottish housing market continues to recover but slowly.”


    Dundee +10.7% -10.8%

    Aberdeen +0.9% -1.4%

    Central/Fife/Perth/Tayside (excl Dundee) -2.5% +10.5%

    South West (excluding Glasgow) -3.1% -2.0%

    North (excluding Aberdeen) -3.5% -3.4%

    South East (excluding Edinburgh) -4.5% -9.7%

    Edinburgh -6.9% +3.9%

    Glasgow -8.2% +14.7%

    Figures shown are for the quarter January 2010 to April 2010 and the year April 2009 to April 2010.

    *The house price index is adjusted for changes in geographic area, property type and season. Information excludes local authority purchases and remortgages. The annual price change is measured by the average of the latest four quarters expressed as a percentage of the preceding four quarters.

    SHPM 72.pdf

    HPM 72 Press Release.doc

  6. I've just been reading ACC's City Centre Vision Report.


    It's a lengthy read, but contains some vital information.

    The oil and gas Industry has put Aberdeen in a privileged position since the discovery of the first North Sea oil field in 1969. Aberdeen has seen itself as a leading City in a truly global industry and its businesses have increasingly seen opportunities to export their innovative products and services around the world. But peak oil production is now in the distant past and current predictions suggest that as much as 25 billion barrels of oil might still be able to be produced with most of that being in the next 10 years. The current position is that there are 6 years of proven reserves.


  7. Adrian Peacock:

    Two Hundred Pharaohs - Five Billion Slaves

    Megnad Desai:

    Marx's Revenge: The Resurgence of Capitalism and the Death of Statist Socialism

    Naomi Klein:

    The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism

    Adrian Monck and Mike Hanley:

    Crunch Time

    Oliver James:


    Robert M Pirsig:

    Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An Inquiry into Values

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