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  1. Elgin's much nicer than Airdrie. (Tho it is only 5m above sea level. Ulp.) Rhu? Very nice apart from the nuclear weapons.
  2. I'll see your Dundee and I'll raise you Elgin.
  3. I've been trying to tell people that for the last couple of years - since I read Lord Desai's "Marx's Revenge". Have you read it? The Social Democratic and Labour parties of the 20th century, by being inspired by Marx, actually succeeded in turning back the ticking clock on the achievement of the omega point implicit in Marx's study of capital and capitalism, which you've so succinctly summarised. After Marx's death the Social Democratic movements, while espousing socialist dogma, set about very effectively securing the sort of social improvements Marx said were impossible under capitalism.
  4. Last year.. Compared to this year... Today (16 Sept 2010) For sale : 1788 Added in last week : 86 Added in last month : 466 (26%) Over a month : 1322 (74%)
  5. This month's RoS is published, http://www.ros.gov.uk/pdfs/la_jun_10.pdf I don't have the time to graph it up today - I'll get it done tomorrow. Suffice to say prices up everywhere, at first glance, I think.
  6. The BBC are reporting the Registers of Scotland quarterly stuff... Press release here: http://www.ros.gov.uk/pdfs/ros_statistical_release_apr-jun2010.pdf Statistics in depth here: http://www.ros.gov.uk/pdfs/ros_statistical_report_apr-jun2010.pdf
  7. That ACSEF bunch think they rule Aberdeen, and nakedly attempt to influence politicians. http://otheraberdeen.blogspot.com/2010/07/press-and-journal-i-dont-want-to-turn.html
  8. OMG. I don't know why this didn't sell immediately. It's got a TV in every room! EDIT Actually, i take it back. Bare bulb in lounge. Unforgivable.
  9. Hiya quine, http://otheraberdeen.blogspot.com/2010/07/disneyland-for-aberdeen.html If you read down the comments on the link above, and follow the link on the last comment, all will become clear!
  10. While I'm here.... ASPC for sale. Today (9 July) For sale : 1513 (up 113 from last month) Added in last week : 107 (7% of total) Added in last month : 497 (33%) Over a month : 1016 (67%) IIRC, that's the first time I've ever seen more than 1000 sticking for a month or more.
  11. RoS monthly figures... http://www.ros.gov.uk/professional/eservices/land_property_data/lpd_stats.html Aberdeen down -2% MoM (volume up a bit, about the same as this time last year, about half of peak volume) Up +3.9% YoY Down -8.7% from July 07 peak
  12. RoS monthly figures http://www.ros.gov.uk/professional/eservices/land_property_data/lpd_stats.html Up +0.2% MoM on increasing volume (volume still half of that in 08) Up +9.4% YoY Down -6.3% from peak (July 07)
  13. RoS May http://www.ros.gov.uk/professional/eservices/land_property_data/lpd_stats.html Aberdeen down a little. Everything else static, really.
  14. Who lives in a house like this... http://otheraberdeen.blogspot.com/2010/07/disneyland-for-aberdeen.html Read the comments and links therefrom...
  15. Prices and volumes are stagnant - a little down this month (-2%), according to ROS. Graphs tomorrow... IIRC, YOY HPI in Aberdeen is now only 4% and prices are -9% down from July 2007 peak.
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