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  1. average 3 bed flat in sw16 now is £ 1300/1400, thanks for the links, i will ring up the agents to see if they are available or just bogus for attracting people, RIGHTMOVE SEARCHES IN SW16: rightmove search = up to £ 1000 pcm only 6 properties of which only 3 are furnished. rightmove search = 1000-1250 pcm = 20 properties found rightmove search = 1250-1500 pcm = 40 properties found what's the AVERAGE, eh?? who's the hypocrite here ????!!!!!!
  2. = average uk price is about £ 180k, so why you pick such an expensive house!!! estate agents are evil bastards, just like mortgage brokers, bankers, speculators, property developers, landlords, politicians, (and the list can go on) i'm here online always connected just for a week or so (this is why i'm replying), after this week i won't be here loosing my time replying to this forum, ...while you 'll still be here replying, eheh this means only something to me . YOU HAVE ECONOMICAL REASONS, so to which of the above group you belong to?? ...it seems there are always the same people...are you being paid by who??
  3. = the usual reply of someone that doesn't know what to write.
  4. --- i don't really get your calculations, let's take a 3 bed flat in an area in SW london, zone 3, cost now approx. 250k, you put a deposit of 30k and get a mortgage of 220 at 5.89% it's 1079.83 pcm (int. only) !!!! if i rent it it costs me £ 1400 pcm now !!!! , if i mortgage it with 1400 i well pay mortgage, bills, ecc, if i rent it i need to add : gas, electricity, council tax, water ecc... i'll end up with much less money , so i think it really depends where you live my friend, there in Sw16 where i want to go as it stands right now it's much better to buy, why ? you can get 2006 prices and if it goes down in the next couple of years, so what? it'll come back up from 2010...that's guaranteed, if you think that this dip has the scale of the 90's crash you'll be disappointed, you just need one thing: the banks that start easing the mortgage market and this will happen sooner than you think. this followed by some good headlines and people will think we touched bottom, it won't take long before vendors will start receiving multiple offers and start raising prices, my advice: you find a good property now, correctly priced, ask for a 10% discount and go for it, read read below!:: -- Renters worse off than ever By Damian Clarkson, EveryInvestor.co.uk June 05 2008 Tenants unable to afford that first step onto the property ladder have been rocked by news that rental costs may rise sharply in the next two years. http://money.uk.msn.com/Mortgages/firsttim...umentid=8464550
  5. average rent sore 6.5 % since the beginning of the year !! it's a fact that when properties value is not doing fine rents get higher, and viceversa, don't know why... you seem to know everything why don't you tell me why ...
  6. all i know is that i'm still not going to be able to buy me a flat, (thanks to the huge deposit banks need!) and that i'll end up pay more rent once i'm out of here ... one way or the other one average people will always be the losers!
  7. i'm sorry but you simply can't sum up the current market to a digit, it's so so fragmented and localized, plus you should check the land registry datas, more reliable, and you can properly check which area is dropping/stablizing ecc .. i have been monitoring an area in london where i'd like to buy a flat, and nothing has changed in the last 5 months, tough they haven't increased,
  8. please note that i used the present progressive passive tense , the market is being forced to drop = there is an ongoing action to force the market to drop, this doesn't necessarily mean that the market is dropping or will drop. restricted lending standards concern especially the small deposit holders, the first time buyers, if you have large deposits and guarantees you wouldn't be much affected, (if int.rates get higher rents get increased, like it's already happening) -- DO YOU LIVE WITH YOUR MOMMY? no i don't , at the moment i live in where i work. --
  9. why should i cry?.. i don't own, and i don't rent !!! so where does this put myself ?? i'm just observing the whole situation and yes it does make me laugh, truth is that behind this 'dip', this 'crash', this 'long term dip', call it as you like it, there are the right people that created the bubble and made lots of money from it, they sold all their portfolios in 2007 and now are speculating and forcing the market to drop so that they can rebuild their ludicrous portfolios, w.a.k.e. u.p. !!!
  10. in 2/3/4 tears time...yeah right good luck, how many times i've heard this in the last 15 years !!!!!
  11. you found your dream house, you can get it at 15, 20% discounted and you ask these unknown people about it??? what on earth is happening! who are these people anyway? they are aggressively trying to convince to keep renting! why? ..there must be some economical reason behind it, never wonder why? you are planning to live in it for the next 20 years, so !!!??? how much will it worth in 20 yrs!?? it's going to be your house, you are going to build a family in it, and you 'll know how much you are going to spend, every month until the fixed rates runs out, with rent is always uncertain, landlords can change the rent when they want to, "The cost of renting a home has already risen by 6.15 per cent in the past 12 months, according to a recent survey conducted for The Times". wow, that's nice, throwing out of the window all that money every month to greedy landlords, i'm sorry but i always had bad experience with landlords, they simply don't give a f**k about you, your needs, your budgets ecc, home improvements never happen, you can stay 6 months with a faulty boiler (happened to a friend of mine) and they don't care, and once you start pretending the repairs they kick you out on the streets and they go looking for another chicken, so i'd rather make rich some bank fat cats and at least i keep the economy rolling, plus if i use some ethical banks like the coop i can improve the way my money get invested, , 08
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