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  1. I had intended to put a smilie at the end of that line but thought the picture and architect comment would be sufficient to show the joke up.
  2. Totally agree, but with demand going to be so high for housing after the crash I can only see them having to stack house one on top of the other. Their just isn't enough land out there for us all! I am considering becoming an architect to help at this time. Using the Escher approach! ________________ |.....||.....||.....| |.....| \\...//\\..//\\...//\\..../ .\\.//..\\//...\\//...\\ / _||___||___||___| As you can see from the simple premise we can save lots of money in land purchases and provide ample social housing. So long as we get a lot of southern hemisphere immigrants! I still thi
  3. and considering they like to either attach them to make luxurious townhouses(terraced) or apartments(tenements) they can build 2/3+ on a 50k site. this reduces building cost further and profit can reduce per house. 50k + 100k + 30k = 180k 180k/3 = 60k for a 3 bed townhouse or 50k + 70k + 30k = 150k 150k/2 = 75k for a semi and it would be a large detached to compare with 2 semi's we are talking a 5 bed 3 rec. For every 4 semi's you could get 3 detached so 100k of land between 3 = 33k 33k + 70k + 20k = 123k for a large detached on a smallish area of ground like we see in most developme
  4. well intentioned for them maybe, not for the poor schmuck that would be trapped in an unaffordable mortgage/collapsing asset.
  5. Well one post prior to that I said, http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/ind...showtopic=91592 But you have talked of far more serious drops prior so I will let you have it unless it comes with some prize money for calling the market!
  6. Is someone else Journalistic reading this forum maybe?!? I like the fact that the RICS is now starting to give global financial economics lessons. (along with every drunk in the pub, ganny, child, postman, etc.) Give it up admit that we are in a crash and lets get on with the cheap house buying already. It's going to happen, get out now while you still can. Oh yeah ... allegedly! (Phew! almost forgot)
  7. Nah, you're still a nutter!!! Well if didn't say it Subby would have!
  8. So I think it will drop here is a list Banks are going to end up owned by Brown. He is a pillock. the End!!! Seriously though they are back pedalling all the time. The nationalized Northern Rock has not passed on the drop. So why should the recapitalized banks do any different. The situation over here is confidence, same as shares, so until that returns no large number of purchasers will appear. Look at shares the banks fell when the government got involved. Look at the achieved auction prices they foretell the market. Winter will tell all. I certainly do not imagine any mortgages getting
  9. The rest is cut as if it is true then fair play. Though by owning more than one house you are in part contributing to the lessened likelyhood that others will be able to afford. Think of it this way, if you did not own the house, they could not rent it, they would use your profit rental yield to purchase it. So you are causing FTB to be priced out like it or not. House prices have fallen by more than 30% ON AVERAGE. This is true as we can see all the new houses not factored in dropping by 40-50% so drops are severe and have taken a year. If the investors you say are "waiting in the wings for
  10. I think they need to be second resale to get in the report.
  11. A wise man once said.... On 9 Oct at 17:33 - Camthescot from Lisburn said: Another desperate attempt to find the bottom of the market, shame the bottom is always just out of reach. Wonder what price houses will be going for next month? or further into the cold of winter? 'Spring Bounce' hopes ahead again then? Would be nice to hear the reality of house prices, and the affordability problems that await us. Bring Land Registry online for Northern Ireland! Allow the buyers the information we need! Oh... that would be me then.
  12. I know as even the EA's will tell you they are holding the prices higher. It is like a car boot sale when you say "3 pounds" knowing you want £2. It is funny how the housing market in NI has become like a car boot, well closer to that than a housing market. Traktion: I am putting this on here as I do not intend to join the other forum but do read it. I liked the article but the audience we are targeting with that kind of help are FTB's. At their end the real sale price has gone down 40-45% on achieved sales, due to good haggling and valuers from banks getting scared to value to high and be
  13. They talked on the BBc the other day that the prices had dropped by 30% but had risen by 80% previously. I had to explain to my colleagues (educated people) that 33% drop equalled a 50% rise. I went on to say that a 45% drop would cancel out the 80% rise. So in reality if you look at true achieved prices in NI at the FTB end they have fallen 40% approx. EA's will admit that! So we have almost lost all the rise, though some were priced at 120-150% above r.v. So to get back to R.V. we need a 55% drop, so a bit to go and this is when Capitulation is going to come in.
  14. I have heard of some though my offers aren't being accepted YET!!!
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