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  1. Well an expert on the subject you may be, (or not), but you are somewhat out of date, there's these new things called LEDs. Amazing invention , you should check them out.
  2. Quite agree, I will preferentially employ someone with a good HNC/D over 2nd class degree any time. Although unfortunately HNC/Ds in the subjects I'm interested in (Maths/Stats/Physics & Programming) are few and far between. I need people who can do things, not talk about how to do things.
  3. I though it was looking a bit shabby BCH/BTC down to 0.122 now. Its owners will have to pump it back up to 0.15 soon?
  4. Yes, but if you believe the numerical prediction models, then we are facing a Jan 1987 type scenario.
  5. Current BTC hashrate is ~16,000,000 THash/s current BCH hashrate is <2,000,000 THash/s.
  6. If a hard-fork is required and there is any major miner cartel resistance it will probably crumble as did resistance to the opposition to the non-core Segwit2 proposal.
  7. The Bitcoin blocksize size can be increase if needed, it will probably have to be for Lightning Network. Now what else has BCash got? Onchain scaling is all your eggs in one basket. Really I think BCash is a hissy fit because Segwit breaks ASICboost. Just another alt but trying to high-jack the Bitcoin name. Still as I said it's your choice. It may do well short term at least.
  8. Well the blocksize increase and low transaction volume mean cheaper fees for the moment, but look a bit closer and you'll quickly realise that's really all it has going for it over Bitcoin. In fact when you take a closer look you'll probably nor like what you see - chinese miner control, most verifying nodes spawned on cloud servers, poor development team etc. That's not to say a lot of people won't fall for it all. A cynical attempt by vested interests hijack the Bitcoin Brand, go for it if you want to.
  9. Yes, but a year or so ago I bought a really good american standard Fender Telecaster for 1.5 BTC when they were ~£500. Today that 1.5 BTC is worth close to £15,000; I could have a real vintage 1950's Tele. for that. I still think theres a fair chance of a similar situation with the sovs in a another couple of years. As you may imagine, the friend I bought the Tele. from is now extremely pleased with the deal!
  10. Cashed out 10%, at ~£8500, to sovereigns via BitGild. Initial investment covered several times over by that. You know, just in case its a bubble and not adoption curve.
  11. But you could have drawn a green line like that in, say, Dec 2013, or Feb 2014, or many other points.
  12. For a couple of coins, try a Ledger Wallet... https://www.ledgerwallet.com/ ...really easy to use, and pretty secure.
  13. Well not really the whole point. I think the point was an attempt to show that evil EU can conscript your kids and somehow the UK wouldn't, when actually all they do is make if clear that that is an obligation of EU citizens, in extremis. In extremis the UK would do exactly the same thing, but as the obligation is not stated clearly, that might come as a bit of a surprise to some.
  14. And you really think that UK would not/could not re-introduce conscription at the drop of a hat, if deemed necessary?
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