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  1. I just emailed the Southampton branch of Humberts: "Dear Sir / Madam It has recently come to my attention following a perusal of this link (http://www.homemove.co.uk/news/02-06-2008/future-of-humberts-is-in-the-balance.html) that your company may be having some problems. In view of the nascent waves of unemployed property professionals that will doubtlessly sweep the United Kingdom, I have outstanding employment positions available for all skilled, professional and dedicated members of staff. You must have a `can-do` attitude and be passionate about property. My company offers a great package and a great team to work with! I am not an agent, but an entrepreneur who has built his business up through his own endeavours and I am now seeking to grow the business. Please email me if you feel you can meet the challenge." I`m going to see what comes back - if anything - and then start sending them on wild goose chases across the UK for `high-level interviews` with members of the board! Shame there will be nobody there, except bemused hotel reception staff!
  2. Good - another scummy snake-oil spiv bites the dust!
  3. Portsmouth is $hit - end of. Chavs everywhere; it`s terrible and a few attempts at making it `Nu-Brighton`(!!) will not help. As has been stated, a new paint job is more than what`s needed in Pompey!!
  4. Later to B&B then - get your money out if it`s with them. Quick-styleee.Aiii
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