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  1. I'm suprised team invicta never produced an A-Team calendar 25 reason's why the A-Team would make a great name, a great calendar and they're just.................well................GREAT aren't they lmao duh duh duhhhhh, dududuhhhhhhhh, duh duh duh dadada duh,duh,duh
  2. I'm way behind with whats going on in the world but i only just found out ARGOS made a load of redundancies just before christmas, apparently they dropped all team leader titles (i think that was it) Seeing as we saw the demise of index stores earlier in the year i would have though business would be booming for argos?
  3. Ahh Swindon "The home of Honda" what more do you need to say? I'm ashamed to admit that i live there but i unfortunatly do, does anyone actually know the name of the housing estate wayne hemminway is moaning about? you would think it sounds soo bad that i'd know exactly where it is but as yet i'm clueless as usual. What more can you expect from a town that was used as an experiment for roundabouts? the only good thing that can be said about swindon is we are among the best people in this country who can cirumnavigate the roundabout lol. http://www.swindonweb.com/life/lifemagi0.htm swindon
  4. the guy who was pawning his sons xbox and ended in mental care was receiving benifits of 200 quid a week!!!! the only reason he was left skint is because he pawned his things in the first place, most of his 400 quid benifit was spent getting things back from the pawn brokers he gets no sympathy in my opinion 200 quid in council accom is more than enough to live on unless he has like 6 kids that i don't know about from previous programmes Can anyone who has been watching this series from the beginning tell me how many people there are in his family?? at least the busker guy is trying to mak
  5. Just flicking through ebay and found this bargain house, check out the item description bargain
  6. Mission complete the forum has been notified, I await further orders
  7. I must admit there was 1 thing that surprised me in the paper, there is a shared ownership property asking price £60k (2 bed) I was looking at 1 4 years ago on the same estate they were asking £50k at that time. This property is still in the paper this week!! Very surprising as it's affordable for those people on 1 or low wages
  8. Wednesday for me is the day my local newspaper has the housing section, there is a house a few doors away that has been on the market for 5-6 months, Its a 2 bed mid terraced property priced at £120k since it went up for sale it's been sold 3 times accourding to the sold sign and yet again last week was up for sale again (looks like it keeps falling through) but having just got the newspaper I found the sale price today to be..................................wait for it...........................£116.50k I'm hoping my sleep is not disturbed when I hear that BIG CRASH 2 doors up cause I d
  9. @ moosetea, i take it there was not a final flourish last night then if you've got time to be posting in a forum whilst in the call centre? also those people that have mortgage themselves to the wall may need every penny they can get when the IR's hike up. I've been watching comic relief all night and £220 people from last year donated can buy you a plot of land , All those people from the UK who are trying to hopelessly sell there homes and run away could build themselves a lovely home in south Africa and you'd deffinatly not have to worry about the interest rates there
  10. LOVE IT i gotta make me one of these lmao maybe you could sell em on ebay
  11. talking of the council rehousing people. Years ago when neither of us had jobs, I was 8 months pregnant we were being evicted from our rental property so we approached the council who said they could house us in the local travel lodge (m4 service station) and the longest we would have to stay was 18 months before they could give us a house. Cmon how ridiculous is that? So I am reluctent to try and get council houusing given that we both have decent jobs and are not on benefits, I hate to think what they will come up with. hmmmm maybe we could just rent a garage to live in lol
  12. well all I can say is I am sick and tired of being outpriced on house buying. My partner and I have a decent income for our area but looking at the multiples calculators we don't have near enough to get a mortgage. we are currently paying £575 pcm to rent our 2 bed property and we have 2 children. My only option at the moment is to apply for local council housing but we are a working family and I personally don't think we should have to live in the same street of people who have no job and live on benifits it's just not fair. We don't deserve this kind of treatment, also we have been sensi
  13. yes the 2nd house thing was my main priority, the hike on stamp duty was just a question as I am such a newbie i don't understand these things as a FTBer. You hear stories of these property developers and btlers who have a huge portfolio of houses of 50+, I hope they do have to pay large taxes!!! maybe it will deter some people. The only problem I forsee as I am currently renting, If my landlord has to pay higher taxes in order to keep his properties doesn't it mean rental prices will inflate
  14. I've heard a rumour from a financial advisor (friend of a friend) that this years budget will see higher taxes for purchasing additional houses (2+ houses) and the threshold for stamp duty rise to £160k ish in a bid to slow the house prices down. If these policies were implemented what sort of effect would this really have on house prices? (easy to understand answers for a housing newbie please) Opinions please
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