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  1. Godley - 11th March.... 'Could somebody advise me on the following: Looking at buying a house..'
  2. Good idea. Clear thinking on a Friday night? Pub calls.....
  3. I dont think you're the only one trying to get their head around it. Evertyime I think I've come to a conclusion some other contradictory thought pops up. We think prices are going down. There are others that don't, don't care or have had enough of waiting (the ones I started the thread about). In that world everything is simple, wait until the market falls 30, 40, 50%+ (depending on your view) and then jump back in to fill your boots. Only problem is the HPC is not happening in a isolated bubble and we know that the rest of the economy appears to be going down the pan with house prices, if you believe some of the posters on here then not just the economy but society and our current way of life is for the boot. What good money in the bank then eh? It's a difficult decision to make and I guess that's why some are thinking 'to hell with it' and jumping back in as the pressure is too much, goodluck to them. As I said a few posts back I'm going to sit it out until the end of the year and see whats happening then. Squeaky bum time though!
  4. Oh so that was what the thread was about? Could've sworn I started it on something else. Why 30%, is that where you've got back in at?
  5. You decide to be all Billy big b*llocks on the thread and ask why I'm calling you an idiot? Thanks for your advice though.
  6. You are a strange little person aren't ya, seriously why bother?? Just go away....
  7. Yeah, I've been getting itchy feet as my rents up in May hence the interest. Think i'll just renew for 6 months and take another view then. Goodluck!
  8. Nooooooooooo, they haven't technically sold yet but as these have only started appearing over the last few weeks they wouldn't have had time to yet would they. The point is interest has picked up enough for these to go under offer or SSTC -what's your issue? I've supplied enough detail for anyone to look these up on Rightmove. I'm just interested to know what other people think is going on, thanks to those that have replied. Interesting point made about the housing situation particular to Cheltenham. Oh well, onwards and downwards..
  9. See through what exactly Sherlock, an honest question? As I said I've been watching the market for a 18months and have suddenly seen sold signs going up on quite a few properties that I'm interested in. These are all on Rightmove if you want to check.. Clare Place, Cheltenham, 4bed, £435,000 - Sold STC Merestones Drive, The Park, Cheltenham, 4 bed, £425,000 - Sold STC Noverton Lane, Prestbury, Cheltenham, 4 bed, £425,000 - Under Offer The Grove, Hales Road, Cheltenham, 3 bed, £395,000 - Under Offer Bournside, Cheltenham, 4 bed, £385,000 - Sold STC Admitedly I have no idea what these places went for and wont until they appear on the land registry but I was hoping that the price of these would tumble over the coming months. Soooooooooooo, taking the above into consideration, I was naturally wondering who is now making offers/buying these places and this being a forum dedicated to houseprices thought it may be good to raise that question here.
  10. As with everyone else on here i've been watching the market now for some time and must say i'm a little perplexed as to the recent upturn is activity with regard to house sales. In my area, Cheltenham, prices were beginning to fall very gradually and most properties were sticking since they went on the market last year. All changed now though.... Within the last few weeks i'm seeing SOLD signs on a significant number of houses that I was sure (hoping) weren't going to shift for a long time. If (big If) these sales go to completion then I think we're going to see a relatively big increase in sold numbers in the next few months. Thing I can't get my head around is who's buying?! 1) FTB's - surely not considering the mortgage approval numbers 2) STR funds entering back into the market? Maybe people are getting spooked and are putting in offers. 3) People with big savings that see no point in letting them sit in bank accounts earning no interest 4) Property, aherm, 'professionals' who are dipping their toes back in for rental yields Any ideas what's going on?
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