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  1. pontins are a victim of not moving with the times.theyre still very much an old school holiday camp, row upon row of dated chalets, and compared to butlins, very poor activities.looking around on the net they have a poor reputation even if they are cheapish.fact is that people dont take these holidays anymore, pontins should have pulled down the chalets years ago and replace them with static caravans and touring pitches
  2. plenty of stories like that from the missus whos also a nurse. a hospital close to where she works who specialise in dementia are having a new garden for the patients costing 20k.despite the fact that they are moving to a new hospital being built.same reason, weve got the money and weve got to spend it or well loose it.the manager of her ward 2 years ago bought a new bath costing 20k despite all the nurses saying it wasnt as good as what they had and that the old one did the job just fine.the ward has just had a 100k refit and decoration and despite the nurses saying they needed a bath for the patients like the old one,they have gone and fiited a new one the same as the one just taken out.they have just had a new aquarium costing 3k,upgrading from freshwater to marine fish.its unbeleivable the waste that occurs, and now she seems to spend more time on training days than actually doing the job.the lastest one how to use a ladder safely,this after an employee fell off the first rung of a three step ladder and sued the nhs, because she hadnt had any training.next week shes on how stop patient aggression which she did last year but now has been updated so she has to do it again.it doesnt really apply in her job as working with patients with dementia its part of the job.shes also complaining about the mount of paperwork she has to do,and she also says the nursing proffesion is attracting the wrong sort of people.too many doing it for the money,not because they care.
  3. i had to buy a newer car than what i wanted due to their being sod all low mileage quality used cars over ten years old,i also needed an auto which doesnt help
  4. and turn the pc and goto 'www.housepricecrash.co.uk'
  5. i can never understand why a couple would have children,then both go out to work and pay for childcare or dump them on relatives, surely the best option for the child is for one parent to stay home whilst the other works.
  6. totally agree,thats capitalism for you.people on here complain about the public sector, non jobs,pensions,pay etc. they offer value for money when compared to the IT proffesion. Often thought,most of them were overpaid lazy arses.
  7. all the argies had to do was hit one of our ill equiped carriers with an exocet and we would have had to turn for home as we would have had insufficient air cover. the carriers were developed for hunting out soviet subs up over norway. the argies were frantically trying to buy more exocets from the french and the intelligence service were onto them, plus it has recently been said that thatcher told the french if one of your missiles sinks one of our carriers well nuke argentina.i think we had luck on our side in the falklands.many servicemen in that war wish wed had the old ark royal with them,much bigger ship and designed for that purpose
  8. as a taxpayer,none of them are of any use to me, we should be able to defend these isles from attack. and weve always got nukes for the argies
  9. seeing as todays threat is from terrorists. 25 ships including maybe one aircraft carrier is plenty.
  10. i believe that we are choosing between american and french built aircraft already in action with thier respective navy's. so its just the fact the aircraft wont be british made.
  11. very much my belief, there is nothing you can do,especially with the whole of the world at breaking point. a double dippers on its way and unemployment at unbelievable levels.
  12. oh hello young man are you one of those bankers...no mam....i said are you one of those w@nkers
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