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  1. The thing that really annoys me is Western Europeans / Americans... urging on war and pouring in weapons... from a safe distance. If that isn't evil, I don't know what is.
  2. Not a very pleasant post - I call it war porn! Get off your high horse.
  3. It depends where you go - plenty of scepticism in Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, for example. The Baltic States and Poland? DIfferent... a visceral hatred of Russia going back some way... so much so in Poland they forget Bandera and his ilk in Ukraine... the Nazi collaborators who murdered countless ethnic Poles.
  4. I have plenty of family in E Europe - including Ukraine, bordering areas in Poland and so on... enough family and enough discussions down the years to understand the poisoned history across that region. No, most of the Russians are conscripts - and I note the Ukranians are busy rounding up conscripts (and meeting some resistance now, too). Cannon fodder on both sides. It's time we pushed for a peace settlement instead of weapons... And I note Biden and his lunatics are ramping up tensions with China too, now... with the head of the British Army suggesting the need to help free up US military resources for the Pacific/SE Asia. It really is utter madness.
  5. Dear God what is this bollix? Military strategy works... an exit strategy, realistic goals... but oh no, Boris and chums don't do strategy... yet halfwits cheer this nonsense on and on and on. Just ask the average European what it's like to live in their reality right now, due to the blowback from this war! PS. Most people back home in Ireland don't support weapons being sent into this war!
  6. Absolutely right - there are so many residual tensions throughout Eastern Europe... enough to suck us all in to their hatreds... I recall some of the stuff dredged up in E Europe at a wedding - pretty bloody awful. Sadly, this has Boris twit all over it, and the neocons over in the USA who have been empowered by Joe Biden. How is it morally acceptable to pour weapons into a war where those dying by the hundred each day are forced conscripts (see some resistance to that in Ukraine now thank God - the conscription). It is utterly evil - as are the flag shagger nutjobs here in Britain flying their Ukranian flags. If they're so keen for some blood and guts why don't they bugger off to the frontlines? They won't be missed by me!
  7. I was speaking to estate agents today. One mentioned the vendors (both existing and new) had become very nervy and he was getting lots of pressure to sell fast. The problem is the buyers have gone from the market... I am seeing very odd stuff going on locally - nervy is the word. I'm sitting here awaiting the panic phase, which will be coming along shortly. All rather tragic.
  8. South West Wales - the s*** is starting to hit the fan... plenty of reductions coming through (had forgotten they used to be very common prior to Covid!).
  9. Could you do a FOI request to find out, I wonder? Or perhaps they declare interests publicly already?
  10. Basically, the Bank of England's hand will be forced by the Fed... Huw knows, that... we know that here in the financial sector in London. Poor old Huw is feeling the pressure and becoming a tad tetchy, it seems - diddums... what a tw*t!
  11. As @scottbeardpoints out - issues relate to volumes, types (and cost). A shitstorm is about to break, basically. We're too late. Or, rather, the politicians and civil servants are too late because they're so f****** thick and incompetent.
  12. Yes, correct - another issue is cost increases (as international commodity) - prices have rocketed, so farmers have cut back and started using the wrong mixes to save money. It won't end well for food inflation (or hunger for that matter). Very sad. I sent over some research I did for work to an MP or two - they didn't understand the points I made to them (I give up with the current Government) - they could've supported yields via action before planting earlier this year. Nope.
  13. I'm a banker I guess... and I'd agree - he offered an alternative (not a huge alternative - but something moderately different) and people rejected it for more of the same... Corbyn would have my vote if he formed his own party. As things stand, who the hell is there to vote for? They all offer the same broken model of economics run by half-witted politicians and civil servants. No, ta!
  14. The same thing is about to hit everywhere according to boss men and their cohort - London based - mostly American and very tied into international finance. The money swills around... it's only cooling off a bit in major parts of the USA... until...
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