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  1. So I am told - can anybody confirm that, from 2021? Aha - mentioned here.
  2. gruffydd

    Northen Ireland - Brexit impact and House Prices

    Picking up jitters from estate agents especially in border / more rural areas, well outside Belfast... suspect it's the impact of Brexit - supply down and sales down too, it seems.
  3. gruffydd

    Northen Ireland - Brexit impact and House Prices

    Northern Ireland House Prices £132,795 -1.0% month-on-month (ONS) Just as I was warning a few weeks ago - the market has turned...
  4. Tonight on R4 news - that was a headline... followed by Mr and Mrs Archer saying their viewings had dried up. 😎 Sentiment has turned - even in Bristol and Bath where I have 3 work colleagues who haven't managed to sell for months - in LDN where people I know haven't sold for 9 months and counting. And I'm hearing of EAs pleading for the vendors to lower their prices. Not seen much of this in Wales yet (sadly) - prices are higher than ever I can remember - some asbestos roofed shack with 20 acres for £650,000? Yes, really - just saw that on onthemarket... who in their right mind! the land is dreadful as is the house. Back in the early 90s in West Wales I remember farmers knocking down old houses "for the stone" - incredible shift. I hope it doesn't last!
  5. Here's a letter on housing in the Irish Times - read it - this is what political pressure looks like. https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/letters/housing-crisis-requires-radical-solutions-1.3641167
  6. What on earth are you on about - it was Saturday! Most people don't work on Sunday. As for the message... Ireland is doing brilliant work on all of this. See this letter: https://www.irishtimes.com/opinion/letters/housing-crisis-requires-radical-solutions-1.3641167 Can you imagine similar happening in the UK? No. Hyacinth Bucketitus. As for the skinny comment... I'll just put on that "So Macho" song and start doing a dance! Dublin being what it is, many of the people there were IT workers...
  7. Then some English tourists turned up... as did a pigeon's head. https://lovin.ie/news/pigeon-head-dublin-protest
  8. Still major rental probs in Belfast - and planning issues - see what happened in The Markets - a big protest to prevent a hotel being built - and they won out - and they have the lowest wages in the UK which doesn't help. When I lived in Belfast it was £50 per week for a terraced house - mid 90s - now at least 10 times that in specific location. A very sensitive issue there - housing allocation (social housing) in Caledon sparked The Troubles.
  9. the interesting thing is there were people there who bucked the trend - whole offices of workers upped and went on the street - no real planning of that protest - just lots of angry young people under housing pressure.
  10. This kind of movement could easily spread - #TakeBackTheCity very much about renters... all facets of housing crisis/planning.
  11. and when one of Ireland's tech leaders' organisations showed his support, a gov rep phoned him up asking if it was a "piss take" - it wasn't. Check out Paddy Cosgrave on Twitter!
  12. It's a protest against the housing crisis in all its aspects - the landlordism, the vulture funds, housing costs, the lack of social housing, and so on. There were large and angry protests in Dublin a few days ago - 200 protestors apparently - yeah, right :-I
  13. PS. Am told Belfast protest starts 11.30am! Not 1pm - now. A major response the incident in Dublin last week - good to see prominent business people supporting this too - especially in tech world!
  14. Really? I have never seen much of a supply of decent properties in NI - as for gaining a lot more attention than usual... relatively low HPI would suggest otherwise?
  15. Sentiment seems to be wobbling according to LR? Northern Ireland (Quarter 2 - 2018) £132,795 -1.0% 4.4% give it 3/4 months and HPI may be below inflation, so falling real terms. I am seeing slowing. I picked that up from property contacts outside Belfast - middle class Belfast may be bucking the trend a bit... but looks like running out of steam for now.

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