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  1. The 1% consumes a great deal more (or even the 10%). So it is helpful. It is called analysis.
  2. I have little doubt that lifestyle / demographic shifts resulting from Covid will speed all this along rather nicely.
  3. I know there's alot of talk about population but really it's to do with a small number of rich people consuming as though there's no tomorrow... looking at flights, for example... " Frequent-flying “‘super emitters” who represent just 1% of the world’s population caused half of aviation’s carbon emissions in 2018, according to a study." - and that pattern is repeated time and again.
  4. And isn't that the truth. I don't even think it is about degrowth - a re-engineered model for sure... but growth can be pretty much virtual these days... consumerism will hit the wall time and again if it doesn't kill us all. Watching the desperation of people trying to have their "right" to a summer holiday here in West Wales really struck home with me. It was akin to mass zombification, with people hard wired to see buying "experiences" as human rights! They haven't even woken up yet, in large part... as we hear the "getting back to normal" mantra via the meda... in this new age
  5. Look out of the wondow mate... if this isn't some level of doom, then what is? Doesn't take much to join the dots... economics... ecosphere... viral spillover. How will it end well, exactly? For the housing market and much else?
  6. Noticing lots of alarming data starting to seep through re: mortgage bonds, etc. and suspect we'll see a very major correction re: asset values, including houses, imminently - although of course it will be "unexpected".
  7. And the viral spillover/pandemic spillover zones are often under the greatest pressure of all. Let's look at China - the region this current virus is thought to have sparked... huge pig farms have moved in on the region, often financed by you and I directly (certainly by Western banks) - undermining the price small local farmers were getting - pushing the local farmers into bushmeat and plant harvesting in virgin habitat... that is exactly where the spillover happens. The same with new tech... the mining of metals for tech in C Africa... again a major viral spillover zone. I have a
  8. From what I know there are demographic shifts which are putting pressure on apartments in the major population centres in the USA... perhaps elsewhere. A major pillar of the property market. https://www.ft.com/content/67cb87c0-ef93-410f-90bc-60ffaf42af5e As for commercial property - that is interesting but where is their endgame? Heaven knows. Much dependent on vaccines and we don't really understand the immunology - plus the Oxford Vaccine is far from effective in terms of immunity levels, compared to Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. What will "normal" look like in the future... I wou
  9. Something is seriously askew and I have the sense a thread is about to break... have noticed "noise" about morgage bonds, etc. - the question is when? I suspect something is very imminent re: the wider economy, which will of course impact housing and much else. https://www.ft.com/content/67cb87c0-ef93-410f-90bc-60ffaf42af5e
  10. https://www.ft.com/content/67cb87c0-ef93-410f-90bc-60ffaf42af5e https://www.ft.com/content/19ebf776-31cd-4361-bd62-545de7f17d00 https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2020-12-15/more-u-s-mortgage-borrowers-start-to-seek-loan-forbearance
  11. I'm almost beyond caring right now with all the **** going on - but down 14% in second quarter... down 40% by year end. Again it's a bit like controlling Covid in the medical sense... huge complexity - when it comes to the economic consequences it is just so complex... from consumer confidence to huge issues re borders, logistics and so on. I am working for one of the largest logistics firms in the world right now. I've been working for food companies, I've been working in eCommerce. Next year will be the great unwinding... where Brexit meets Covid... this isn't simply about intere
  12. More to do with processing issues (and size issues - smaller gatherings = more demand for small Turkeys).
  13. There's a huge amount of supply chain disruption driven by Covid and Brexit (stockpiling)... shipping issues, etc. - hitting some lines of stock more than others (some clothing, plastic toys, etc.)
  14. The headline stats are based on positive test and clinical judgement. And no, a doctor couldn't pass off a car crash death as Covid related. This is nonsense.
  15. God what is this inaccurate- stick to the day job, eh - I take it science isn't your theng? "33,800,000 would need to catch COVID for the country to reach herd immunity" is vomit inducing nonsense. Please stop it! We don't even understand the immunological response / T-cells and the rest of the stuff above. Let alone the herd immunity aspect. So, again, please stop this nonsense.
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