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  1. How badly have the previous months figures been seasonally adjusted over the last year? If they have pushed them up wouldn't it be time for them to balance the figures?
  2. Honestly a little perspective is needed here, they aren't telling anyone who to vote for! They are just reflecting what the general population is thinking after Labours piss poor job. I wonder why nobody seemed to complain when the sun was backing Labour during these past 12 years??
  3. Would love to have this as a sig on certain fourms. Anyone know if it's possible?
  4. The whole thing is one big joke. I didn't see mandy say he would not go into politics again after he was forced to resign not once but twice!
  5. I looked into this the other day and even though i only earn 13k i am entitled to the grand sum off.... drum roll please! 23p per week!
  6. Hey that is interesting! It kind of reminds me off you! When a thread appears you don't like, you splash one of them "spam" pictures all over it and run. When it's something that agrees with you, you tend to stick around and laugh at the bears!
  7. http://news.google.co.uk/news?sourceid=nav...=1&ct=title click the article and you can read it.
  8. I would rather taxes go to someone who is responsible with savings then some chav who will spend it all on booze and fags then go out stealing for more. Same goes for single chav mothers who only get knocked up for the house and benefits. I don't mind the real true cases getting help as accidents and bad luck hits all, but some of them just take the piss imo and its got to stop one way or the other. I signed on for 4 months (no money wasn't entilted to it) just to get my stamp paid but left when i found out the fookers wasn't paying it as for some reason i wasn't entitled to that as well!
  9. How do you find out what you are entilted too? No where near the 20k poverty limit here and it's employment within the NHS!
  10. Why are people idiots? There is a major over production and supply of vehicles, one of the worst things they ever did was go to two new reg changes a year in order to make more money. But ah what does it matter when things are going well? People need to learn that you don't need a new car or van each year and someone shut that muppet up about getting finance available. That's why we are in the mess in the first place, too much credit and debt! If you want a new car just bloody save up and buy one!
  11. Hamish, that link is for a deal that is only available to people with a 75% LTV and there is a grand fee on top! Just how can that be considered, LTV's improving, lending criteria loosening etc? If things are improving why not offer 90% or 95% LTV on the deal? What's the real deal with yourself? It seems to me you look for any signs of things improving no matter how shallow and label it as better then the second coming of Christ while simultaneously any bad news posted you ignore like the plague! You have to have a VI somewhere imo so why not set the record straight and tell us what your agenda really is? You are doing yourself no favours acting like you do, you just make yourself appear as another crackpot on this site.
  12. Things can't be that bad, they said only today on the news that property prices only have another 10% to fall before finding the bottom
  13. I am thinking about becoming a plumber or electrician. Worked in offices for 8 years, but struggling to find another office job now things are going down hill. Even if i don't do it full time, i guess it will come in handy for family, friends and when i get my own place. The question is though, which has better future prospects, a plumber or electrician?
  14. If MP's need a second home then it should be linked to the seat they sit. IF they lose it, why can't the person that becomes the MP for that seat take over the flat? Second homes should only be limited to flats as well, no second homes for mom and dad for example...
  15. Since when has Draper been an MP? Am sure that's what it said on the name ticker thing!
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