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  1. After much time looking, I am interested in a property in Gatley. Many people I have spoken to say its great. There are plenty of local shops, trains into Manchester, good links to motorways, good pubs, etc. Does anyone have anything bad to say about Gatley? There must be something!
  2. The estate agent we recently sold through had January this year as "make us an offer month"
  3. So does 'Stamp duty paid' on ea ads really mean that the eatsate agents thinking 'all right, we know this property's not worth over 120k but wed like to think it was type of thing' <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think that this is also a clever ploy to extract a slightly higher commission. By paying the stamp duty, the price has not been reduced, hence the EA still gets the same commission.
  4. Saw the other post and someone asked about whether today (Saturday) was busy in the EA Though I would make a new post just to make it a bit neater! Spent a bit of time in Warrington today looking in EA's (we happen to be looking for a property - but not too seriously). We went to a couple and breezed past a few more. All were completely empty apart from the EAs themselves. Only it seemed that the EAs were also in short supply with most only stocked with one bored looking guy. The one's we did speak to were basically pushing us for viewings "any time over the weekend, today? you can see any
  5. Currently researching property in Warrington but do not know much about the area. Does anyone out there live there/know the area who could give some opinion. I am thinking of areas to avoid as much as good areas. Thanks in advance
  6. I have read in some recent threads about how EAs/Vendors take low offers personally and regard them as "cheeky". I now point out to them that when prices were rocketting up, they (in my experience) were continuously setting new higher levels by "testing" the market i.e. inflating asking prices to see how far they could take the p*ss...and their commissions. As a consequence, my belief is that prices could be moving downwards, therefore, I am also testing the market albeit to my advantage, not theirs. They get stroppy but they can't help seeing the irony. Does anyone else have any methods of
  7. "mews house" - coronation street terrace "executive appartment" - add 10% to the market price "appartment" - a flat...nothing more also... "located in a sought after area" - the council want to put an incinerator there "desirable location" - for burglars I too have had experience of a property being specified in one village only for it to actually be in a less "desirable" area. I wonder if anyone has accidentaly bought one of these places!
  8. "deceptively spacious" is a personal favourite. "boasting" about a tap must mean it's the best feature I suppose
  9. I have had a similar experience recently with a couple I know who have decided to put their house on the market. My wife suggested that this might not be the right time and thought their house was over-priced - icy silence! Some other friends, who are also home owners said the price "seemed about right". This is without any local knowledge at all. Anyway, no viewers yet and they have already decided not to move to the "trendy" area they were looking at. It appears that there is a section of people who still believe things are chugging along as they were.
  10. I didn't think you needed them. We recently used the site to look at a house (the Murder House I have mentioned in a previous thread) and found it was the same price as another larger one that didn't need any work. This helped us get 20k straight off the price (240k asking price). Didn't take it though as we wanted more off (lot of work needed). Still, goes to show you can get money off easily enough.
  11. I came across an article on the front cover of the Home Section of the Northwich Guardian (16th March) regarding sites such as OurProperty, etc.... The article writer, a certain local EA owner was playing down the benfit of such sites claiming that it was good for being nosey - you can even see how much celebrities properties have been sold for - wow! Anyway, the crux of the piece was this... "People should not get too carried away with the prices on these sites. They're fine for providing information when curiosity gets the better of you, but not for giving a true price for selling purpos
  12. I too had an interview with them a few years ago and the guy was as arrogant as hell. They told me I was to be interviewed for most of the day and when I got there it turned out it was for 45 mins. He even said "you came a long way for 45 mins" Tw@t!
  13. I am assuming that they are referring to the bear sentiment around. I suppose that they expect people to still believe the "hype" about rising prices. I hope the hypocrisy is not wasted on the reader
  14. That's funny, the place we are renting has a gas fire and a burgundy carpet!
  15. They've quoted "painting and decorating" as "refurbishing"!
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