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  1. I do like the green tiles,i wonder if you can still get them? B S
  2. I actually have no idea what's going on anymore! http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2674977/Londons-cut-price-mansions-How-series-super-prime-houses-available-millions-original-asking-price.html BS
  3. £165,000 for smallest House in UK - http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-29759496.html. Note the unhappy resident in last picture. BS
  4. We might as well give them a chance and we'd only have to pay them Peanuts, Monkey Business BS
  5. The McFuggers obviously got out in Time,after selling the Bottom of the Garden for an Industrial site.
  6. Discussing the likelihood of negative interest rates in the future on C4. How does this work in practice? BS
  7. Described as Storage space, as the conversion would never be passed for living in. BS
  8. if i ever feel down or disheartened, i imagine living somewhere like that! BS
  9. Looked at a new Fiat Panda(new version) in February as a possible replacement this year . However i have not seen one on the Road; is this normal or is the market flat,i live in central London so i see a lot of Cars!. BS
  10. Approx 6.4 million Americans live in mobile Homes. Large countries have the same problems +- Weather! BS
  11. Just trying to figure out how i would commit suicide if i lived there. Lie on the edge of the cliff ,wait for it to erode and roll gently into the Sea. BS
  12. F>>> me!.Nothing intelligent to say. What is there in Mumbles (even the name says you should get a discount),that makes it so desirable?. BS
  13. Mother- in- law lives in a Council Flat in St.John's Wood approx Value £750,000. What sort of Mortgage could she get?,bearing in mind she is 70. BS
  14. Just inherited 300m,but having problems paying the Mortgage.They have had no offers and are now selling privately; a new trend perhaps,to mask large drops?.
  15. I note the plastic Garden chair is positioned for Star gazing. BS
  16. The Kitchen fitter did a good Job as all the units stayed in place. BS
  17. I used to work in Oxford in the 70's with a chap who slept rough,although he referred to it as 'Urban Camping". He was a keen Canoeist and managed to hide the Canoe around Oxford. BS
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