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  1. Does seem a lot harder to navigate. Seems to be squashed in the middle with big margins either side. So get ready to be bombarded with adverts down the left and right as thats premium space
  2. Have you seen the EPC chart on the one sold Never seen a house with such a poor score!
  3. I picked 'Lost my job-looking for a job' as that is the closest I could get. I have lost my job but managed to find another. So I will not be looking for work but I did lose my job.
  4. 65? I am 37 and recently checked to see whether I will get a full state pension. To my horror I will now not entitled to it until I am 67! Sneaky ba$tards. I bet a lot of people are thinking 65.
  5. Well to me that half have the feeling they could end up in jail for their fraudulent activities. Seize their assets once they have left the country and put back into public coffers.
  6. It said how much further so I chose 30% given that they are already circa 20% off peak.
  7. Well the ar$e certainly fell out today I bet they were glad it was Friday.
  8. He could get a job on that advert with those two kids with those eyebrows
  9. I found out on the 6th Nov 2008 that my job was as risk. I was served my notice on Monday and I also had an interview that day, today I was offered the job. So despite the doom mongers keep yur chin up and keep applying for jobs and just try to get by. Bizarrely job offers have only been offered to me after many many interviews. So to land one after my fourth in this cilamte I feel very priveleged. Also, being on this board for the last year has made me realise that the economy is not well and so I was expecting it despite the company making record proftis!
  10. Just been on the news 4,000 jobs at risk!!!
  11. I read the thread topic and agreed I could boycott the thread tiltle but then struggled when it came to Kinder Suprise!
  12. A Cap Ex is for capital spends what I am talking about is resourcing of materials/goods to produce the steel. You may mean agreed authority levels but again Finance is not solely responsible for this. A rapidly growing company requires lots and lots of cash which can be a groups downfall.
  13. PMSL at this comment. When things get tough Finance always get the finger pointed at. The Finance department would not be doing the purchasing or the procurement. That would be the buyers responsibility in the purchasing function. Some of the purchasing agreements within Corus leave me staggered and I am of the opinion things will get much worse for Corus/Tata.
  14. The way the whole car industry looks to be going I can see this country looking like Cuba on the roads in a few years!
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