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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-11663632 Nov 1st 2010: Sorry boys but it looks like there'll be too much flying for me to do to contemplate a career change anytime soon. Are there many other businesses growing in both size AND profitability at the moment? Or is it just Ryanair again? I can't understand it as so many HPC'ers were so confident and sure that the business was going to plunge into losses and go bust amid a while sector that would be similarly collapsing at this point. What with this news, plus BA's swing back into profits and easyJets imminent good figures there seems to be only one logical conclusion. They didn't know what the hell they were posting about.. PS
  2. I paid £33,000 in income tax last year and my employer paid £13,000 in NI tax to employ me. Now they want to take away my child benefit. OK. Guess what - I'm moving out of my household and living in my second property. My household that contains children no longer contains a higher rate tax payer. Bingo bango banjo - £1750 a year tax free money (for two kids) back on. Oh, and a 25% drop in council tax on the band G place. Another £600 a year That's the Golf Club membership fees covered then. PS
  3. The obvious lesson from easyjets August growth figures is that a badly managed good business model is a whole lot better than an inferior business model managed by geniuses.. I agree that many many airlines are royally fecked in Europe. RYR and EZJ are two that you can say with strong conviction are not. They're the Daddies in fact. PS
  4. For gods sake - haven't you got it yet? Free Publicity. Michael does it about once a fortnight. This week it was all about eliminating the co-pilot and training a cabin crew member to land if the Captain becomes incapacitated... Not for a second does he ever mean any of it. But it works and it's free. Please, worry about all the loss making airlines and leave Ryanair and easyJet (pax numbers up 8.4% for this August for them - good result) get on withchurning out the profits. PS
  5. On what basis are you trying - weakly - to conflate Enron and Ryanair? That they paid dividends out of profits? Is that all you've got? All you want to say? OK. Umm. Gee, thanks for that. Barcelonas airport terminal is like every other airline terminal in the world. Get over it. PS
  6. Not its BCN main airport. The Dividend is being paid out of PROFITS. THe cabin crew pay for their own uniform as that way they get what they want and not something bought for them which they never intend to wear and they don't over order. If they weren't happy they wouldn't be queuing around the block at the job interviews.... Next? PS
  7. Next day we announced a new base at Barcelona with an additional 4 aircraft. RYR are making a fortune slicing into the fat, ineffecient profits of the Spanish carriers. More money to be made there than in Belfast little city airport where they failed after three years to deliver on their promise of a runway extension. The short runway limits the range that RYR aircraft can fly from that runway. They promised to solve this three years ago. It isn't solved and shows no sign of being so. Bye bye then. Our €500,000,000 dividend payment is due next month. That's just how much money we have to splash around.. PS
  8. Do come along people. Ryanair employs 6000 staff. It has 4 people in its Human Resources department and one of those does payroll. Essex county council who host Ryanairs largest base at Stansted has over 90 staff in its Human Resources department whilst employing 10,000 staff. The numbers are GROTESQUE in the public sector. Slash and burn baby. Slash and burn. PS
  9. SMAC67 - so, no strike then and no massive crisis for the UK airline industry then. Don't you ever get bored predicting the imminent collapse of UK commercial aviation? MOL was completely correct to call the BAA strike threat selfish. They've done jack to justify a 2% pay rise and £500 one off payment. Their service is as hap hazard as ever and they have made zip efficiency improvements. Top tip, buy Ryanair shares. The summer figures are epic and there's going to be a nice little return come the end of summer reporting. Free money to those willing to listen to me.. 375p now. PS
  10. Beauvais Darling. Blue - if you think googling something makes you an expert then that's, genuinely, a bit sad. You muddle bragging with plain speaking and not being poor. Maybe the life of an Airline Captain jetting about the skies and cities of Europe is dull. God knows what that makes the rest of the populations work time though. This morning in the dark before dawn I was tip toeing my way through an enormous belt of thunderstorms over the Western Pyrenees at 41,000ft watching the odd UPWARD bolt of lightening hit the Ionosphere whilst all behind me slept like babes. I sipped coffee at 2am brought to me by a 23 year old from Riga and my First Officer and I turned down the cockpit lights and showed her the major star constellations and spotted a couple of satellites overhead. Its not rock and roll. But its not quite an estate agents office in Durham. What do you do by the way Mr Loo? PS
  11. after a 20% fall the year before. stick to bottom licking BL Nah, as my posting history shows, I STR'd in April 2007. Snapped up a bargain from a distressed seller in April 2009. Now its up 12% based on an unsolicited offer from a solid buyer. Making assumptions makes you look an Ass if you're not careful Mr Loo. I expect the market to fall by 15% in the next 3 years in real terms, or more. Hence I'm selling to the unsolicited offer. It was only a flat for my youngest in college in Cardiff. The £22,000 profit I'll split with him 50/50 and he can put his bit to renting somewhere flash for the rest of his Uni years. Thereby pulling better birds and mixing in more advantageous circles. My half I think will go towards an ex-demo Jag XJ 3.0d - its amazing when a company just throws caution to the wind and does something totally unexpected and utterly amazing. PS
  12. do your planes catch fire that often? you have no idea on my knowledge. No. Being quite new they hardly ever malfunction. I know other Captains in other Airlines in other Countries. One of whom has instigated, quite adroitly, three evacuations. I don't have an accurate idea of your knowledge. I suspect though, when it comes to airline flying and to Ryanair, mine is a several orders of magnitude bigger than yours. If anybody here had any real insight into airline safety and Ryanair they'd be posting about Stansted LVP limits, Rome birdtrikes, Rome bank angles, Paris go arounds, Cork flypasts etc etc. They don't because they don't know shite, aren't in the business and don't have an opinion worth tuppence. Stick to houses boys. Mines gone up 12% this year. PS
  13. Are you drunk? 20 years in the job meant he handled the situation perfectly adequately. Having commanded one on ground evacuation he's way behind others in the world. I know of a Skipper who has had to do it three times. There will be others who exceed that. Sometimes it takes an outsider to just shut the feck up about things they know dangerously little about. PS http://www.centreforaviation.com/news/share-market/2010/07/21/ryanair-profit-beats-analyst-estimates-and-yields-improvement-flybe-makes-large-aircraft-order/page e LCC also forecast fares may rise by as much as 15% in the current period (after increasing 5% in the Jun-2010 quarter).
  14. Those doors are plug doors subject to a lot of stress and have to house the door mechanism and other bits and bobs. There are technical constraints on the size of the window fitted but aircraft design regulations have for many decades stipulated that it afford a wide enough angle of view to be able to see out of adequately in an emergency. I can't recall the precise angles but they are published. The window needs to be stronger than the cabin windows so that in the event of an explosive decompression which may have damaged the main cabin windows the emergency exit windows have retained structural integrity, ie haven't blown out, cracked, misted over, crazed or collapsed. Hence they are quite small and thick. As with most aspects of aircraft design and airline Standard Operating Procedure things are a balance of one thing against another. Whilst its lovely that the Ayatollah feels free to offer his observations and advice perhaps he should take a degree in Aeronautical Engineering first. Or serve a couple of decades as a licensed Commander of a public transport aircraft. The design of the doors, the evacuation SOP's and the crew requirements are just the same in Ryanair as is British Airways. The only difference is the profitability and future prospects. Every year without fail some poxy tour operator goes bust. Its not a sign of anything other than normality. PS
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