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  1. The Bitcoin price is dropping like a stone on the back of this morning's latest announcment from mt.gox..... https://www.mtgox.com/press_release_20140210.html TLDR: They are trying to cover up their ineptitude by blaming the Bitcoin protocol.
  2. Andreas is probably the best spokesperson for Bitcoin. Here is a video of him speaking at our Bitcoin meet-up last week.... http://www.iamsatoshi.com/coinscrum-alternative-stage-london/ (He is so polular at the moment, that this meet-up last week was the world's biggest ever - attracting over 200 people, many of whom had travelled a long way to see him)
  3. I'm surprised that Roger Ver (so-called "bitcoin jesus" and major investor in mt.gox) hasn't distanced himself from this pile of 5hit. - or at least come out and explained what's going on. He is one of the biggest and most respected people in Bitcoin and people listen to him and trust him. He could assure people that everything was OK. If he is not saying anything, something is wrong. edited for clarity
  4. I'm just about to add some Maxcoin to my collection of cryptos.
  5. Everything about mt.gox - from their name to the way they operate - has been a joke since they started and continues to be so. As a supposedly flagship company within the Bitcoin space, they are an embarrasment and a cause of much instability and disruption. The sooner they die the better. Edit to add this latest news ..... https://www.mtgox.com/press_release_20140207.html
  6. Not surprising they want their own coin. Bitcoin is effectively banned in Iceland due to capital controls and it is illegal for icelanders to own or sell bitcoin to foriegn nationals. This is a good site which shows the legal/regulatory position of Bitcoin by country... http://bitlegal.io/nation/IS.php
  7. I'm a bit confused about it as well. If you're in or near London on Monday, the core developer of Ethereum- Dr. Gavin Wood - will be a guest at the London Bitcoin meet-up and will be talking about the project and answering questions. http://www.meetup.com/London-bitcoin-meetup/events/162696372/ Also speaking will be Andreas Antonopoulis, currently the best spokseman for Bitcoin. It should be really interesting edit:spelling
  8. Speculation may be the main reason for acquiring BTC. But it's not the only one. There are many more reasons why people want BTC
  9. Err........ ? Let me think............ perhaps they might WANT the bitcoins? (for whatever reason) edit: spelin
  10. Well, regardless of the arguments about software and who does what within the system, zipzap have obviously got a business model that they think will work and are going ahead with it. I was speaking to the UK boss last week and he was very confident that this being succesful. It will be intereting to see how it pans out.
  11. I didn't say they owned the company. They provide the software. Anyway, this is apparently going live tomorrow (27th january) and will enable people to buy bitcoins from any outlet displaying the "paypoint" symbol. This will provide a convenient way for people to buy bitcoins, who would otherwise have been put off by the apparent difficulty. This is big news for Bitcoin and could lead to a surge in adoption.
  12. The "28,000" outlets are the ones which currently have a "paypoint" terminal. From my understanding, zipzap provide the existing software that runs on these terminals and Bitcoin has been "bolted on" To buy bitcoins, you first have to register on the website which then provides you with an address and security code number. When you go to the shop you hand over your money, you punch the code into the terminal and the bitcoins are sent to your address, from where they can obviously be sent to another wallet/address. The exchange used will be an aggregated one from the various exchanges.
  13. The easiest way in the UK is to buy with cash in person through localbitcoins. Opening an account takes seconds and you will be given a wallet. Find a reputable seller with good history and feedback and arrange to meet. Make sure you use the "transaction service" . You will be sent a secret code (just 6 numbers and letters) that only you will know - write this down and take it with you (along with your money) to the meeting. This code is confirmation that the seller has funded the deal and you will need it later. On payment, the seller will release the bitcoins and when they arrive in your
  14. ^^^^ This Also, another thing I see a lot of is people walking into a supermarket with their empty cotton bag and then filling the bag up instead of using a shop basket or trolley. Then emptying it out at the checkout, paying then putting it all back in the bag. I do it myself sometimes and it does make you look like a shoplifter. For those of you that like plastic bags for their other uses, start grabbing handfuls of them now everytime you go shopping. When they are lying flat, unopened at the checkout it's surprising how many bags there are. I managed to stash thousands within a few month
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