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  1. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...mp;index=90ay Linky no worky
  2. Gumtree is quite good for rental property in the Fulham area (indeed West London in general) and means you can cut out on all the various estate agents fees. As a rough guide, I would suggest you budget about £1350 per month for a perfectly decent 2 bedder in the nicer part of Fulham/Parsons Green. If I were you, I would try and get a place in the Parsons Green area rather than around Fulham Broadway itself which is tatty and overpriced for what it is. Good luck with your search. (mine is a Stella...)
  3. Nice to see but Rightmove figures really are a load of old toss so not worth getting worked up about, regardless of which direction they are headed in.
  4. I am on my work computer so can't use property bee, but if you want to see a big 'what spring bounce' price cut, have a look at this place. Came on the market at approximately £685k and the price has been cut 5 or 6 times. Most recent cut was in the last week or two which took it down to £475k (although it is still overpriced imo). http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sa...0%26index%3D130 Will try and post some detailed Property Bee links later.
  5. There is an overground to Waterloo from Putney. As for West Brompton, I don't really know the area so am not really the person to advise. Must say that from what I know of it, there isn't really a great deal there in terms of shops, bars and restaurants etc, but I may well be missing something.
  6. Judging by Property Bee, I am still seeing a aggregate fall in prices in Fulham despite the apparent nationwide bounce in house prices and the economy generally. I would say that the number of weekly price cuts picked up on my usual search has probably reduced a little but price rises are extremely rare and are frequently reversed a few weeks later. None of this is to say that houses aren't coming onto the market at higher average prices- Property Bee can't pick that up- but my gut feel says that the trend is still down in Fulham. ps to the fellow thinking of buying in Fulham who works in Canary Wharf, I have friends who do it and it can be a fairly painful commute (considering you are paying central london prices to live there), so think carefully whether it is really worth it.
  7. I hate to admit it, but I am putting more faith in the three month averages than any one months figures. There is just so much volatility in the one month figures that they can be really deceptive. Not that I won't smile if there is a big >1.5% drop...
  8. Highly amusing! I'm not quite sure why I care about the fate of this woman but inexplicably I do.
  9. Yep. My regular property bee search in Fulham suggests that there are slightly fewer houses having the price cut than there were a couple of months ago, although there are still a good few each week. I haven't seen a price rise in a long time mind you .
  10. If you are planning on buying in 18 months, they I would say just keep it in cash/cash equivalents (bank account/ns&I etc). Inflation is unlikely to make a material difference to your deposit in that period. I don't think the time period you are looking at is sufficiently long to make (relatively) uninformed investments worthwhile. To give an example, I happen to think that the stock market is pretty cheap and will probably turn out to be a good investment over a decent period. However, I can't say that 18 months is a long enough time period to make a return so I would recommend you steer clear. Gold is a little different as it is relatively expensive on a historical basis. It may well rise further but I prefer to make investments at historically cheap levels.
  11. At a guess I would say she is having trouble shifting the first place (and can't afford to keep both) so has stuck them both on the market in the hope of getting an acceptable offer for one or other- hence putting the new property on for £100k over its auction price (presumably to cover stamp duty and costs).
  12. I am not suggesting for a second this data implies the house prices will start going up or even stop falling anytime soon. All I am suggesting is that the housing market has likely improved from where it was a couple of months ago.
  13. This is clearly bad news for the bears, although not entirely unexpected. There are many factors which could be said to mitigate, like the fact that it is only one set of numbers, it is still historically very low and ltv rates have fallen significantly. However, I suspect the reality is that the housing market has improved since a few months ago, partly because the banking system is more stable than a few months back, and partly because the various government intitiatives and low interest rates are having an effect. I guess it was pretty obvious the market would improve at some point. It was never going to be in outright collapse mode for 5 years as some people thought although it is still pretty dire and will probably remain so for some time.
  14. The rumour came from minutes supposedly taken by an employee rep during a redundancy consultation meeting and leaked to a knock-about junior london lawyer chat-forum. Probably not the most reliable source...
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