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  1. Interesting that they feel the need to stress this. They know which voting block wins them power.
  2. The #natwest twitter hashtag is a bloodbath this evening: https://twitter.com/search?q=natwest&src=typd
  3. How long does their infrastructure have to be down before they have bank run on their hands?
  4. Bump. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/10489654/NatWest-in-technology-meltdown-on-Cyber-Monday.html
  5. It will be a popular with older voters. I was at a dinner party the other day and one chap (boomer age group) started on a mail-esque rant about Immigrants. His wife stopped him and I thought she was going to come in with a more intelligent counter argument... but instead launched into a similarly prejudiced and misinformed rant about how lazy young brits are. Our most powerful voting block is nothing more than an unholy melting pot of the blind leading the blind.
  6. Bookmarked for a full read later. Off the first page, this might ring a few bells:
  7. I've now requested reimbursement for the drain company costs from the landlord. Landlord is now insinuating that it was the drain company we called out who broke the pipes! I've pointed out that we were acting on his instructions. Will see what happens next.
  8. I thought this thread was worth a bump today in light of today's news.
  9. I can imagine. :angry: My opinion is that as long as you give the property back in the same condition you received it in, then the landlord should have no right to dictate how you live your life. If that means taking larger deposits to offset risk, then that's fine with me. At the moment the situation is the "haves" dictating to the "have-nots" how they can live their lives. Jilted generation. Neo-feudalism / serfdom or whatever you want to call it. We were planning to move anyway - we took this place on short notice last year being the only place that would allow us pets at the time.
  10. The landlord essentially refused to have anything to do with clearing the blockage as he said we'd caused it. Given that our bath, sink and toilet was full of crappy water and we needed to wash and didn't want to cork ourselves (!) I took the initiative. As it turns out, we didn't have anything to do with the blockage. I'm not sure why I keep ending up having showdowns and fall-outs with my landlords. Out of six landlords I've had, I've fallen out with four of them. Does the landlord "profession" just attract sociopaths or am I a ) unlucky or b ) a difficult tenant, I wonder? I know w
  11. Thanks for the responses. General consensus seems to be that I shouldn't have called the initial drain company out. Another way of thinking about it by turning the events on their head: If I had refused to get a drain company out and persuaded the landlord to get one out (probably by withholding rent) and the blockage HAD turned out to be our negligence (putting stuff down there that shouldn't go down drains), I would have been happy to pay the landlords bill for the drain company given proof of the cause of the blockage. But that's not what happened - the blockage was not due to our negli
  12. Hi, some advice or opinions on this would be welcome. Our drains blocked up two weeks ago (bath, toilet and bathroom sink not draining). I reported to the landlord who said get a drain cleaning company round. This surprised me a little as I thought drains/plumbing would fall into the landlord's responsibility. Anyway, I didn't want to cause a fuss so got a drain clearing company out with a jet hose at the cost of £150. They cleared the blockage and the drains started draining again. However, two weeks later, they've done it again. I reported to the landlord again and suggested that there
  13. +1 You could have the best, most intelligent graduates in the world, but with demand being sucked out of the economy by rentiers, they'll still be unemployed.
  14. +1 High cost economy = drag on startups
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