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  1. I'm so glad bought for cash last Feb when everyone was advising me to hold out for further falls. I can't thank my previous nuisance neighbours enough for making me take the plunge.
  2. I also have a wood burner in my sitting room so the pump is mainly for the rest of the rooms (3 bed bungalow). I have radiators in place all over the house from the old broken GEC wet system electric boiler I want to replace. I guess it would make sense to connect a 12KW source pump to the radiator system or should I go with wall mounted air units instead and do away wit the radiotors?
  3. Yep, very interested. What's your opinion on air source heat pumps? i need to upgrade my heating and don't fancy lpg or oil.
  4. Come on, it's all bullsh1t. Anyone would come up with any excuse they could to get out of an evening with Brown. And what better excuse than being fatigued by the economic crisis?
  5. North Shropshire is a different story though. I've just bought 40% off peak
  6. I took a 15K (3 year one @ 1.35% rate) on 10th Feb 08. I cashed it in one day after the 1 year anniversary last month and received £307 interest.
  7. Would have been even better if she had nothing on under the T-shirt. How would he have handled that?
  8. Most ISAs are a joke these days. Many pay less than you can earn on normal tax paying savings accounts and they are a pain in the **** to transfer and sometime take weeks to do..
  9. As far as I see they don't have many more options. Someone certainly needs to be help accountable for the LLoyds takeover and I don't think it will be Brown... Cue Darling
  10. And if they had, here we go again with HPI. I'm glad they didn't.
  11. You should get a job with one of the tabloids as economics journalist. I'm sure that would be quite educational for most Sun and NOTW readers.
  12. Indeed, I will not consider a house where the garden is overlooked by other houses. I've had 15 years of lack of garden privacy and enough is enough, especially when your neighbour can talk the hind legs off a donkey.
  13. Anything offered at the moment will be well below the asking price so once the sale takes place and the stats begin filtering through it will only help to speed up the decline.
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