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  1. For me, a possible wild card here is cryptocurrencies, either completely decentralised as now, or government-backed (and controlled) in the future. Whilst holding some physical gold, and having some investments in miners, it seems prudent to me to have at least a very small position in crypto. Would welcome your views on this DB if you have the time.
  2. normdiploom

    IFA advice on DB Final Salary scheme

    I'd love to know...still struggling to get my final salary pot into a SIPP, because of fear of litigation as outlined above presumably. Thanks in advance!
  3. normdiploom

    DB pension vs SIPP

    Yes, nice problem to have as you say...but still a headache. The transfer value for me is 48 x the annual pension at normal retirement date (NRD), which in this case is 2035.
  4. normdiploom

    DB pension vs SIPP

    Similar situation for me...final salary scheme from old job, giving fairly low (and fixed other than index linking) annual payment. Just been offered 48 x annual pension as transfer value (I'm at least 19 years from retirement). For me it's a no-brainer to transfer out to a SIPP, but as transfer value is >£30k, I am obliged to get written "permission" from an IFA, who will charge somewhere between £1500 to £4000 for the privilege! The written IFA opinion also has to be in favour of transfer, or the SIPP provider won't accept it. I've been ringing around, but no-one seems to want to touch it - the standard response is that final salary trumps SIPP every time. Well, only if I live past 113! Anyone found a way around this? I would be grateful for the help...
  5. Done, but my MP has a policy of not signing any EDMs, so no chance there.
  6. normdiploom

    Rics - New Buyers Desert Market

    Oh I do bloody hope so
  7. normdiploom


    Surprised not to see this anywhere on here yet...latest RICS survey released just after midnight. 50:50 predicted, but actual is 42:58. http://uk.reuters.com/article/uk-britain-houseprices-rics-idUKKCN0XA2RR This may or may not be related, but GBP dropped a little overnight.
  8. I haven't had time to read every post, so apologies if this has already been mentioned... There is a fairly new role, the Physician Associate, which is similar to the Physician Assistant role in the US. PAs work under the supervision of a doctor, and cannot prescribe, but can undertake many of the same jobs which a new junior doctor (F1, F2) might be expected to carry out. They cannot progress in the way that a qualified doctor can, but can qualify more quickly (2year PG diploma or MSc), and the starting salary is around band 6/7. There is a big push to increase the numbers of PAs in the NHS, and new training courses are starting up, with some PAs being brought over from the US in the meantime. Also significant is the fact that the Royal college of Physicians are recognising the role. http://www.fparcp.co.uk/
  9. Thanks, very interesting. Still a mixed picture where I am (South East), with a few falls at the top end but prices still holding up lower down, unfortunately.
  10. normdiploom

    Benefits - What Would You Get?

    So in a way, we have already had massive QE from the state via tax credits, with generous benefits pushing up the cost of living...
  11. Yes, downsizing could rule out any means tested benefits - an argument for taking all assets into account when means testing. Also a consequence of low interest rates: if you could downsize and put cash in the bank and live fully or partly off the interest, that would be a much more attractive proposition.
  12. Any thoughts on National Savings and Investments? Would these be an easy target for a bail in, or would bank creditors take the hit?

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