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  1. I'm not a gold bug or investor - I keep a bit of cash for a rainy day. But I've reactivated my bulionvault account where I had 9k of my STR fund in 2009 (used it to fund house purchase in 2010). If someone as disengaged as me is thinking it's time to move some cash out of GBP and into gold, there may be others. Anyway - a reasonable position to guard against GBP going through the floor.
  2. Catford?? I know I've been out of London for a while, and I have no desire to offend the good burghers of Catford, but Catford???
  3. In the efficient private sector there are 562,000 estate agents (does that include letting agents?) to just manage the sales of the 23,000,000 private sector properties. How do we reckon that compares to this HA?
  4. Refusal to repeal and reverse the Enclosure Acts.
  5. Means tested benefits ignoring housing assets and boomers rattling around in large houses.
  6. WTF is resetting a project? Are they going to close the project, conduct a lessons learnt exercise and rewrite the business cases before going out to OJEU procurement? Or just have another bash?
  7. Don't worry. I posted my last post last night while investigating a potential burglar. I felt honour bound to resolve it before the worst happened.
  8. Someone who can flip it for 1 million next year?
  9. And by my reckoning it must be right by the Warrant Officer.
  10. To be fair, you could buy it as a new hospital consultant married to a senior nurse with a bit of help from BOMAD.
  11. Thank you so much for sharing. Bob at has made me laugh so much.
  12. I wouldn't get someone to build me that bugger if they measure concrete in square feet.
  13. I wouldn't get someone to build me that bugger if they measure concrete in square feet.
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