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  1. The only rule for a homeowner is can you afford it. The only rule for an investor is did you make a profit when you bought it.
  2. You could try paying for something rather than trying to steal it. How would you feel if people come to your place of work and steal the advice you are selling............ (oh no sorry you spout advice all the time for free and it's not worth SHµT anyway !!!!!!!!)
  3. Surely after 9 years you don't need to hear all these arguments (sorry emotional blabbering) again....... FILL your boots. Use your large deposit and buy 3 or 4. Don't chicken out now - hold your nerve - we'll soon be back to 1990 prices. Interest rates will be close to 0% for the foreseable future Interest rates will soon be knocking on 20% and it's back to the 70's chaps ! House prices always revert back to 3 times salary - sit it out. House's,like the victoria age, will once again only be owned by the rich and few - it's the last time to buy for a generation. It's not an investment it's a home. Renting is like buring money. No renting is great - my landlord's an idiot for buying this flat. flip it buy gold and beans!
  4. of course it's free ! All the best things are FREEEEEEEE Living in France myself I see a lot of companies offering help to English speaking people wanting to move.. I notice they are so helpful and really surprised I managed to do it without one ! How I managed to navigate the internet myself or read one of the million books (in english) available for FREE from the library I don't know.
  5. Why not go onto the SVR and enjoy 2% or so interest rate and no arrangement fee ?
  6. I think the idea of STR is try and time the top of the market. Before people have an idea a downturn is coming. 18 months/2 years into a downturn might be seen as slightly missing the moment.
  7. I think you'll find France has historically, and is today, a slightly more socialist nation ! It's not the UK that's a joke just some of the population who open their mouths (or start typing) before thinking. As for wanting a British community in France...this will be why your return home quicly. your something else.
  8. gosh golly sebastien. You must be rather stressed by such a dilema. Wonder what pipsy, tabatha and mungo would do. If your that worried, why not get rid of your stress and give it away to people who need the basics like shelter, clothes, heating, food..... Go ask yourself some serious questions.
  9. it is racist, end. Lots on google if you don't understand why.
  10. Your right I am 12. Tried to hide it but hey ! And as a 12 year old some points you could help me with? If Mr didn't like his job for 10 years and hasn't the capacity to leave. Why should I feel sorry for him. Which example of courage or character should I look up to here? If Mr joins a company that has no ethics, which part of Mr's decision making should I look for as an example? Why can't any other of the grown-ups see that it's not the job but probably something else in his life that needs fixing or addressing - he'll otherwise go on and on to make the same mistakes again. (Another cake for the fat boy please) please be nice in your replies as bullying of a 12 year old could lead me to have another panic attack
  11. Are you trying to justify a decision for not owning a house by posting, on more than one thread, that a person can invest so wisely in other areas they will make more of a return. Your perhaps irritating your audience who either 1 want to have a house to live in and call theirs. 2 have house/houses and invest across all different areas plus your stats are laughable.
  12. Oh your renting coz you going to be a millionaire from other investments..
  13. i can't wait to hear your knowledge on this one....please do enlighten us all
  14. You have had stress and mental health problems from worrying about the workings inside a call centre and mortgage advisors. Really without meaning to be rude, get out of your comfort zone and go and see real poverty, real hardship and real problems that people manage in all parts of the world. This is pathetic
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