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  1. It must have been murder tiling those curved walls. Oh, hang on...
  2. Mr. Yogi, Since in all likelihood the lady et al are reading this thread, why not post it here? After all, you did put in so much effort. Just a suggestion...
  3. Absolutely jam-packed in the Ilford branch today... It amazed me on a weekday so many seemingly able-bodied folk were spending the day stampeding woolies (I was on a legit day off btw). Walked away with a pair of slippers for £3 (which were NOT reduced!!) and a bathroom bin for £4 reduced from £5. Most of the items seemed to be at 20% or 30% off with media as mentioned by other posters at 10%.
  4. Thanks for that. Too often an untruth stated as fact rapidly becomes part of the accepted general 'wisdom'. Still if Mr. Hun had spelled Israelis correctly (and without the superfluous apostrophe that makes my blood boil), I mayn't have noticed.
  5. Fall-out from the Osbourne fiasco when trading resumes?
  6. Thanks for all the input, some interesting points. Jonb, The money is in Israeli Shekels. The rest of the 'kitty' is about 75% equity in a flat (our former home) and some shares, both of which I am not considering 'cashing in' at present. I am planning to use the money over here, though as a plan z, if life does become untenable in the UK as some on the forum would have it, I'll be back over there (though whose to say it'd be any better...)
  7. Hello there I'd appreciate any advice on what I am proposing to do... Moved back to the UK about 18 months ago after many years abroad, leaving worldly goods and savings behind. Part of this is an easy access cash lump. Had we have brought this with us when we first came back, per the exchange rate at the time it would have been £7,365. The pound has lost so much value in the interim, that at the current rate it amounts to £11,052. The game plan is to put this sum toward a deposit on a house in 1.5-2 years time. Due to the above 'windfall' I feel that the time is right to convert to GBP, particularly since it is currently earning an abysmal 3%, whereas I have my eye on a fixed bond in Barclays 5% at last look... Of course, the risk it that the £ loses more value (though not really a loss per se), or that the £ should crash and burn into oblivion... Constructive views would be most appreciated!!! Cheers F
  8. Smiffy, just to add another perspective, this has not been my experience at all. I came back to the UK last year after 13 years living abroad (also Med), bringing along with me a foreing spouse and kid (and pet dog, involving quarantine etc.). I have a private rental agreement which we have just renewed after a year. Although I have savings, I never needed to bring them over (thank goodness as the £ has tanked since then) or even dip into them. Yet, with no credit history I managed to open an acocunt and get a checkbook, and credit card right away (the cc I didn't actually want but they insisted - its more or less unused). Yes I have been lucky getting a permanent position of employment straight away, bit it took my husband over 6 months to find anything. We have lived frugally, and now have even managed to start saving, and just bought a modest car after over a year of walking the kid to nursery in all weathers. I forecast that all being well within a couple of years we will have a decent deposit for our own place - and that's with another bun in the oven as we speak. Maybe I have been particularly lucky, but not everyone has the same experience as you I'm sure. My point is with careful planning and hard work, it is possible to come back and make it work - and not lose money.
  9. Hello, Not sure if you are talking about Valentines park, but in all fairness it's still quite lovely (except for the rats!). I regularly take my toddler and dog over there and feel safe (am female). We even saw a pair of swans in the duckpond today!. The council have really made an effort doing tparts of the park up recently and it's well maintained. In general, certainly the place has changed A LOT since I was a kid growing up here, but it's not all bad in parts.
  10. To be fair to Ilford, part of 'greater Ilford' are fairly reasonable commutable 'burbs, e.g. Gants Hill, Clayhall, Barkingside... I live in those parts. True, it can be a fairly appauling experience standing at the bus stop by Ilford station, even midday. Has to be experienced to be believed really.
  11. How about this from Ethics of our Fathers: Q. 'Who is rich?' A. 'He who is content with his lot'
  12. Agreed, particularly if, according to the deeds, you are trespassing on your neighbours property when you do your laundry
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