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  1. As good a call as any, clearly plenty of money to be made (or lost ) if your nerves can take the ups and downs
  2. Prison, prison, prison... the only place they belong
  3. The Americans are so up their own arses, they hate everyone
  4. Labour sucks dicks, end of story. Who the f*ck is Ian Pearson MP? Can anybody tell me?
  5. Today I went to an RBS export seminar with various knowledgeable guest speakers discussing amongst other things export opportunities in India, very informative and positive information for British industry. However later we had a brief speech from Ian Pearson MP (ZanuLiebour), apparently some sort of minister for trade and industry. F*ck me, sounded like a Monty Python sketch, random statistics and bullsh*t. Was anybody else there? Who is this ****?
  6. And yet still 30% of the respondents want to vote for ZanuLabour, who are these f*ckwits?
  7. Welcome naive bear person, enjoy your time here. The rich get richer, that's all you need to know. Impoverished wanna be FTBs lurk here. As the UK economy slides to oblivion your dream of home ownership shrinks to nothing. String Gordon Brown from a lamp post but your dream home is still just that. You is f~cked.
  8. It's a free for all. If you've got £10k in hard cash then you can have yourself some fun. Maybe you could have the flash motor and the hot Polish bird - best of both worlds!
  9. A month ago I'd have agreed with you, but 70% commodoties (down the shitter) and 30% cash (zero interest) you're in deep doo doo. But if I had a better strategy I'd let you know. Basically we're all f#cked to a greatere or lesser degree.
  10. Day trading = Gambling Did Warren Buffett day trade? Did Jimmy buffett order something tall and strong? Yes if you made a packet today then well done, but I'm buggered if I can read what the market will do from day to day in the current maelstrom
  11. So "Extra Dry Martini" what items of the CPI are now deflationary? Rail fares (up!) food (up!) heating oil (up!) any thought that we are entering a deflationary paradigm is ********.
  12. Well things like beer pump tax warnings are a start. We can also verbally abuse any ZanuLabour supporter we come across (within the law of course), constantly remind others of the atrocities committed by this government (Treaty Of Lisbon, bankrupt economy, etc.) and never of course buy The Guardian or The Independent.
  13. I couldn't agree more, very eloquently put, this should be posted on every billboard in the land. But don't underestimate the spirit of the British people - we defeated Nazism, Communism, and we'll defeat this shower of socialist vermin soon enough.
  14. Islam is not a religion but a violent political ideology invented by a lunatic paedophile to justify his own criminal activity. Mohammed was a sick and deranged man who had a forced married to Aisha when she was six years old and raped her when she was nine years old. The Koran is full of contradictions and cannot possibly be a divine text. Islam cannot stand up to the scrutiny of the modern world and millions leave it every year. This barbaric death cult from the middle ages will be a long forgotten sick joke within a few years. Islam was only created because Arab men can't control their dicks.
  15. Do we know where Brown/Mandelson/Campbell live? Can we find them and remove their bowels? Just a thought...
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