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  1. royal mail are obligated to offer a rate 2p lower for downstream access products to tnt, business post, citi link & the other competitors, than any other firm wanting mail delivered , check how much mail you receive each week with an S in the top right hand corner all those hundreds of millions of 2p`s add up to a nice profit for the competition mark
  2. there isn`t an after 17.00 option for the people i was delivering to yesterday
  3. just did a search on bn16 489 properties for sale though after taking out sstc leaves 358, some have been sstc since last april loads seem to have gone sstc over the last month or so but nothing over easter
  4. local bryant developement had a sealed bid weekend last weekend, letter we received went on about make an offer etc etc. Decided to pop in on the way back home at 2.30 pm only to find the sales office sealed up & no one anywhere it either went well & they sold a few hundred off plan houses in the morning or it wasnt so good & decided to go home m
  5. must be the halifax numbers today spooking them i also had a call from ea today, house he just valued is under tenancy which is about to end, he valued it at 320k, vender will accept 315k wants me to see it before it goes on the open market . house in question was one of the showhomes built in 2002 sold for 295k looks like a nice house but am not sure what premium they would of paid when new
  6. bolton woman has friends around to pretend to be buyers as she hasnt managed to get any real viewings arranged but she`s happy to of saved the money by not using an agent
  7. the blonde in brighton sounds like an estate agent old man asks what was it on for last year ? she says it was on at 499K now only 350K you wouldnt get it at that price if the market was different.
  8. talk of uk bankruptcy slipped out on radio 5 last night, the presenters were gobsmacked with what the bank trader in us was saying, presenter went on about us being the 5th richest country in the world not some iceland very fuuny on iplayer now 1h50min in http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00gr...ive_23_01_2009/ sorry if already posted mark
  9. the news today now explains the team brief we had this morning ie management were scoping out who wants to stay oops i mean go
  10. returned yesterday yes the 15k was testing my reaction, car was a 320 d se auto, bluetooth, metallic about 29000 new , now 6 months old was 22k then 20k yesterday was 19k got the usual mines depreciated theres hasnt, i was shocked to find my 3 year old audi a3 18k miles only to be worth 6.5k according to them ,still managed to hammer them down to 17.5K but then decided to keep looking
  11. main dealer offered me a 320 d se today list price nearly 29k with extras when new in march this year with 5k on the clock. up for 22k sales man had asked earlier what limit was( 20k )offered to me for 20k decided to think about it & wanted him to print off info to compare with the audis i was intending to view he asked would 15k get me to sign
  12. we had a call from an ea last week about a house we got details of but never looked at because it was a large 15 year old 5 bed detached up for 325 which has been on the market for 2 months our limit was 280. ea said vendor was deperate to sell due wifes illness so we went to have a look , largest house we have seen 2k sq feet got a bit lost when up stairs with all the rooms, it was quite boxy inside & i guess hasnt been changed in 15 years currently not being lived in just the owner running his business from the large room over the double garage. quite a strange feeling inside with the pictures on the walls but little furniture. anyway liked it enough to make an offer of 240 , i think the ea spilt his coffee when i told him by the noise he made . he rung back with a thanks but no thanks, he said he could get me a cheaper quote with a higher ltv than what i have arranged & quoted to him (hsbc 3.99 % 60%) with a hint of despair in his voice ,but i said we can wait our savings are rising & prices are dropping as ea`s go he is the one i hate with a bit of luck the vendor will shift it to another
  13. according to site birmingham post website " 'Unrealistic' valuations keeping house prices steady in Midlands Oct 19 2008 By Alun Thorne, Head of Business There appeared to be a glimmer of light in the Midlands housing market after the latest figures suggested a rise in prices over the last month – with the biggest hike in the West Midlands. According to property website Rightmove, values in the region rose by 2.8 per cent, more than the South-east where prices increased by 2.6 per cent. However, despite house prices rising by an average of one per cent across the country, the website warned that many people were failing to price realistically and were tempted to think that their own home was more desirable than others on the market. House prices have still fallen by 4.9 per cent during the year to mid-October, the biggest drop ever recorded by Rightmove. It added that estate agents were also competing for the few homes that were being put up for sale, on the off-chance that they could make a sale and boost their revenues before Christmas. Miles Shipside, commercial director at Rightmove, said: “Any potential buyer will drive a hard bargain, so the temptation for sellers to price up and negotiate later may seem like a good idea.” But he warned that as unemployment rose, leading to a surge in forced sales, prices would be driven down further. The level of unsold property on estate agents’ books remained historically high during the month at an average of 76, due to the lack of buyer activity and sellers’ reluctance to accept a lower price. However, the group said there did appear to be pent up demand, with “property vultures” circling the market looking for the right deal. While the West Midlands saw the highest rise, at the other end of the scale asking prices in Wales fell by a further 3.3 per cent, while those in the North were 1.1 per cent lower. Mr Shipside said the events of the past few months would have long-term consequences for the housing market, which was unlikely to ever be the same again. He said: “For those who have been active in the housing market in the last 20 years, or were now hoping to get on the housing ladder following recent price falls, the rules have changed for good. “When we look back on these turbulent times, I suspect we will not only realise that we came closer to the brink than most imagine, but we will also clearly recognise it as the end of the long period of growth in owner occupation.” The average property for sale in England and Wales now costs £229,691. " http://www.birminghampost.net/birmingham-b...65233-22069581/
  14. just found some info here not sure how accurate it is though http://www.creditaction.org.uk/debt-statistics.html edit ignore to slow in thinking what to add so was beaten to it
  15. suspended on my ppower accountlast trade 87p
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