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  1. Ok, it's a shit house, but come one. What's your problem with scousers? To$$er Steve
  2. Where B&Q have got it right is by attracting the tradesmen like me. Previously if out of desperation, I was misfortunate enough to have to call into B&Q/Whicks/Focus etc.....I would be totally shafted on the price of product I had under ordered from my trade supplier. Now, a quick flash of your "Tradepoint" card and you pay 20% of the retail ticket price (on some, not all products) and get 30-60 days credit to boot. Steve
  3. Cheers. I have recently read "Fooled by Randomness" and have started "The Black Swan" today. These books make you wonder if all the study is worth it.............. Thanks for the clarification. As I now understand it, due to the cost of trading and the volatility of single shares, averaging down is a bad idea although it is similar in principle to dollar cost averaging. Dollar cost averaging is fine because hopefully some of the wild mood swings are smoothed by the fund manager and the low cost of trading.............Clear as mud....... Cheers Steve
  4. I'm sorry if I have come across that way. I am a relatively new investor and my only experience so far is by buying into OEIC's every month with a fixed amount. This is where I can the benefit of what they call "dollar cost averaging". Recently I have been trying to learn about investing direct into shares and have come across the term "averaging down." Just thought the knowledgeable on this forum may be able to help me. It seems I have perhaps worded the question incorrectly, but unfortunately I can't think of another way. Thanks for reading anyway. Steve
  5. As above........ I have been investing in various funds over the last couple of years by drip feeding fixed amounts in every month, "dollar cost averaging" I believe it is called. While I can see the benefits of this in a falling market and it is considered a positive thing, If I were to be buying equities, the same strategy could be called "averaging down" which is considered a bad thing. Hmmmm??? what am I missing? Cheers Steve
  6. I'm sure though that if they could sort out Capirossi and Bautista's bikes things would be better. Haslem's bike blowing up last week won't have helped either. Steve (RG500, TL1000R, NS400R & 350LC)
  7. The wife works for a medium sized civil engineering company, they have started making redundancies again. So if the ground works are not going in there is nothing for the builders to build on and then nowhere for the M&E trades to install their services. Ding.....Ding......round two. Steve
  8. Muck Spreaders..........filthy bunch.
  9. The point i'm getting at is i spent 4 a years apprenticeship to become a refrigeration engineer then a further 2 years getting my electrical qualifications, so am i not entitled to earn £60k+ , just the same as the solicitors, surveyors etc... I have spent just as long learning my trade? Steve
  10. Just a thought. I'm a tradesman, an air conditioning engineer. Quite often i get called into large offices, call centres and such like where the A/C has broken down in the server room. Now the servers are shut down, staff are sat around twiddling their thumbs, money is being lost. What am i worth as the Tradesman with the tools in the van and the know how to get these computers cooled and up and running again, people back to work and the company earning money? I feel some posters on here think tradesmen are only cowboy builders and plumbers, what about all us engineering trades that keep yo
  11. The wife has just rung me to inform me that her company have suggested everybody going onto a 4 day week, loosing 1 days pay. Between the lines it's 20% pay cut or loose your job, take your pick...... Most have accepted the offer. She is in the civil engineering game. Merry Christmas
  12. We went into DFS on sunday to buy a new setee. The place was packed out. Steve
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