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  1. That's a weird reason for them to give. I had a few problems dealing with them on the phone. I went into a branch of A&L and they dealt with it very efficiently.
  2. I lived in Northbourne for most of the noughties (Ensbury Park ). Flooding was never an issue as I lived on a hill (most of Northbourne is well away from the Stour and way above flood-risk). There are some nice leafy avenues (Leybourne Avenue, Saxonhurst Road etc) and to my eye, they were on the up, with much home improvement going on. I think the location is pretty good as a compromise for getting to: the coast, Ferndown/Wimborne, Christchurch, Poole (ie it is fairly central to the Poole/Bournemouth conurbation). I'm currently looking to move back to the Christchurch area. I'd certainly get more for my money if I went back to Northbourne.
  3. No other bank or B/S has this kind of penalty that I am aware of, and I've banked with a few. If there are any, lets name them too. This looks to me like a measure to deter 'ditch and switch' customers. They are probably savvy enough to spot Nationwide's wheeze. I am flagging this for others who may not have realised that a 4th withdrawal (or closing the account at the wrong time) could lose them a year's interest. I'm not a Nationwide basher. I've been with them for years. In the past they have had market-beating rates and been innovative in new technology. More recently, they seem to have lost their edge.
  4. Many accounts penalise withdrawals. I thought it worth drawing attention to the this one, as more than 4 withdrawals will destroy accrued interest, not just future interest. THAT is unusual.
  5. *NATIONWIDE e-Savings plus account. WARNING* I would advise people to stay away from this account. Get This: If you make 4 or more withdrawals, the interest rate will drop to 0.1% FOR 12 MONTHS from the account opening date or anniversary of that date. This just plain nasty and it is unlike interest rate penalties applied by other banks. The non-penalty rate is only 2% anyway, but if you are already in this account, be VERY CAREFUL about making withdrawals or you could learn an expensive lesson.
  6. Looks like they still do a 6 month bond but at an uninspiring 4.5%.
  7. I heard on Moneybox today that even if you havent received the 2nd email you should try logging on to retrieve your money. It sounds like they will keep the Icesave site open till the end of Dec. Any claims outstanding at that time will need to follow a paper based system. I think the FSCS have done a good job with Icesave. I had my money back within 6 weeks of the bank going under. It was a smart decision to make use of the existing web based system to handle re-imbursement.
  8. Still offering 6% though making noises about the latest base rate drop to 2% so expect a further reduction. I had a problem trying to get my money out as you must have a card and card reader (so much for easy access). You can order it from your account but it says it may take up to 15 days. Phone withdrawals are limited to £10k though I cant find that in any Ts and Cs. Seems as if the banks are even reluctant to let us have our own money!
  9. I would advise caution and spread it around a few places to stay within the £35k safety net. NR have a 6% rate last time I checked. Abbey, Birmingham Midshires and Alliance and Leicester have 6.5% accounts.
  10. Yep, bad news. However, I never really expect much interest on a current account and (at the risk of sounding like a Nationwide rep) the FlexAccount has some good features: Free access to foreign cash when abroad at good rates. They don't take the mickey if you go overdrawn. Whenever I hear horror stories about current account charges and so on I wonder why people dont just switch to the FlexAccount. OK I'll stop now as this is starting to sound like an ad. Shame the linked Esavings account isn't as competitive as it used to be though...
  11. I notice Manchester Building Society have a savings account offering 6.5%. Anyone have any experience with them, good or bad?
  12. The Abbey, Alliance & Leicester and Birmingham Midshires are offering 6.5% at the mo. Abbey and A&L have interest penalties on withdrawals whereas BM dont. I would advise using up your £3600 ISA allowance first to get at least some tax free interest. If quick access isn't needed, you will find rates over 7% for fixed term bonds.
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