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  1. Could it be access points to local authority services such as manhole covers?
  2. I'd look into house-sitting too as a possibility. I've known many people who have gone that route (particularly in the colder months) I did find a website that hooked up sitters and er housee's but can't remember the name of it. Looked pretty good. A chap here was about to rent an apartment but got offered a nice big riad for 6 months free just as long as he waters the plants and keeps the place clean. Result. It's being open to possibilities is the important thing.
  3. Well done mate I just had a read of some of your posts, will have a look at the rest later. You had the same mindset as me i think. It all ended up feeling like working for nothing. Commuting into London, the grimness of it all and for what? Bills paid. All the best bud!
  4. Marrakech rent is fairly high compared to other parts of Morocco but you get the convenience of a slightly more Western atmosphere. Get a great apartment, aircon, terrace, sat tv, dishwasher etc plus 24 hour security guard for anything from about £250 a month. usually with a pool in the complex and underground parking space. We pay about £400 but we're slap bang in the centre, most expensive area and next to all the shops (H&M, Starbucks etc) Very big apartment tho and solid, French deco style. Gas bottle for cooking, its great, cook every day nearly and the bottle lasts about 8-9 months. Our guard changes it for us when needed, all in including tip....£3.50!!! Best gas bill we ever had. Electric is much less than half the price of UK. we spend about £15 a month with the aircon etc(It hit 52 here last year in August so we needed it, 52 is painful) Water is £2 a month, drinkable (exceeds European standards but is a bit yuck so we drink bottled) Alright for making a cuppa. No other taxes. Fresh fruit and veg to die for. Prices fluctuate as its all seasonal and mostly grown here. Cherry tomatos at the moment are 25p a kilo. Oranges for juicing go for about 50p a kilo. Potatos nicer than uk are pennies. Bread....pennies Fresh figs are amazing at the moment. Strawberries when in season are a quid a kilo and better dare i say it than English ones. Much better. I can go shopping for fruit and veg and come back with 3 big recyclable bags of fresh produce and have change from a couple of quid. Meat is good price too. Best steaks we've had are about £1.50. Nice meal for two in Lebanese restaurant = £5.00 I could go on all day. Its cheap. No car, we just flew in with our fingers crossed, had booked the cheapest hotel we could find for a month and nosed around. Had never been to Morocco before. Stroke of luck we found a great estate agent (immobilier). He is now one of our closest friends. We stay in town, havent really explored much outside of Marrakech but we do walk a lot. Buses. 2 mile bus journey is 28p. Taxi is on average about 50p. Booze is plentiful not that we bother much. Jim Beam is about a tenner a bottle. Wine anything from £3 for something drinkable. Biggest selection of vodka i have seen in my life. Moroccans seem to love vodka but don't tell anybody ;-)
  5. Funnily enough Joe it was a post a few years back about someone living in a van that prompted me to rethink the whole renting/saving/desperation thing in the UK. Give it a bash I thought! In fact HPC has affected my life over the years more than I care to admit.. Cgnao made me realse the world was going to hell in a handbasket. CDS's, subprime etc. Goldfinger and others prompted me to buy gold sovereigns while they were £50 a pop. Every pay day stump up for a few more. Many other great posters have given me ideas. I'm a reader not a poster, more a 3d pixel pusher than a word man. The gold was what gave us the wherewithall to get out after another eviction, another contract ended...another council tenancy lol. It's a funny old world! Thanks HPC and all the great people who post on here.
  6. Thanks, it has it's up and downs as everything does but wouldn't change it for the world at the moment. We don't accumulate crap, all our worldly possessions fit in two suitcases and at the age of 50+ its liberating. We're in Marrakech which has many French ex-pats, a few Brits and Americans. Its more Westernised which makes life a little easier (luxuries like French cheeses etc and bacon!!!) Made lots of friends and have many good Moroccan friends too. We've learnt enough Darija to get by, numbers, hello's and how are you and your family etc. They really appreciate just a little effort. Once you've tried to speak the language to someone they can't help you enough. They love the English which is a bit of a bonus. Takes me ages just to go shopping with all the hand shaking and pleasantries.
  7. I met a couple at a boot sale who were doing the same thing, he worked in videogames like I did at the time. Got chatting and found we were on the same page only I'd sold my flat a few years ago and fallen off the ladder due to prices outpacing me. Great guy and his wife seemed really happy too. There camper van was kitted out nice, looked homely and snug. He was doing the odd bit of freelance coding etc and actually enjoying life, not working all gods unpaid hours for some faceless corporation. We agreed that making video games had been fun for both of us many years ago but it all turned corporate so quickly. yuck. I'm renting in Morocco now, working remotely, cg artwork I sell online with the odd freelance gig if I fancy the look of it. Live like a king on peanuts. Happiness and time to watch the sunset and listen to the cockerels (and Imams!) crow. Oh and people here actually have manners and smile a lot which makes a great difference to our quality of life! Two years on and my wife agress it is the best thing we ever did. :-)
  8. According to Wikipedia, since 1974 the British government has been using the short scale thousand million rather than the long scale million million. What really bothers me is how many times watching the news I have heard presenters mix up millions when they mean billions and billions when they mean millions. It happens a lot and no one seems to notice, they're just big numbers guv.
  9. Actually please watch this, see that Aminadinnerjacket was actually misquoted/edited by CBS with the famous "wipe Israel off the map" quote. Guy got an Emmy for it. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=onNzrNEFs1E ahh whats the use though, its like talking to a brick wall with most people these days.
  10. I remember a story about 30 years ago in my local paper (Essex at the time) that ran that some old dear had bought some curtains at a Jumble Sale. When she arrived home she decided to give them a wash or something. On checking the hem at the bottom she was surprised to find that there were secreted inside it 50 or so gold full sovereigns. My gran went crazy over this news and took us to many Jumble Sales after reading this but all i ended up with was stacks of old comics.... which actually turned out to be rather a good investment too ;-) Oh and I did find £90 pressed really flat in a secondhand (10p) paperback book once........which is nice.
  11. Have you told your boss who pays your 800 bucks a month expenses that your dog has more brains than him too?
  12. If you understand, things are just as they are. If you don't understand, things are just as they are.
  13. I think its the least we can do for them - for once my taxes are helping people truly in need.
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