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  1. all we need is a potato famine and we have a new round of "clearances"
  2. The terrorist threat is real enough, but if you examine why it is alive and kicking perhaps we need to look at how our western institutions, like banking, are seen as so corrupt by the Islamic nations. It is no coincidence that it was the world trade centre that was targeted, several times, by these people in an effort to undermine our society. And again it was the Square Mile in London, home of many of our financial institutions that was targeted by the IRA and led directly to the good Friday agreement. We need a better system, the question is what do you replace it with, or how do you reform a system to make it work better. I quite like the german attitude to business, this is a country that protects its industry, and therefore its citizens from foreign ownership by restricting the amount of equity that a foreign shareholder can hold in your company. in addition they have a much more responsible attitude to banking and home ownership, they also sorted out their immigration problem a few years ago!!
  3. The amount of tax you pay depends upon your consumption, do you run a car, drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes, buy insurance, eat out, pay for taxi's, pay NI, go to the cinema, watch television, buy a newspaper, wipe your **** cos of you do your real rate of tax is around on average 69%, more if you consume more goods and services. The real issue, and its one that was addressed on Radio 4 earlier this week, and no one from this blog has picked it up, is all about the nature of our banking system, why we charge interest and how this pack of cards is maintained for the benefit of very few rich city fat cats and the govt. at the expense of the population as a whole. The reason our economy is in the shit is that banks and investment houses do not share your business risk, there only aim is securitisation of your assets if your business fails. Banks do not share the risk, It is why we have no real manufacturing economy anymore and why we have become reliant upon financial services, if you borrow money and pay interest you become a slave to the bank (for bank read HM government). This is why under Sharia law (Islamic law) banks are not allowed to charge interest and additionally they must take a share in your business as a partner, they share the risk as an investor and hopefully make a profit from your endeavours, which is an honourable way to do business. incidentally, this was also the christian way of doing business a few hundred years ago, before our politicians ******ed it all up for us.
  4. you have nothing to lose, you will regret not going if you decided to stay here and if things dont work out you still have a bolt hole here, plus if you put your property with a rental agency you can earn off it to help your expenses while you settle in to your new life, sounds like a no-brainer to me, and just remember, if you go out there with no expectations you cannot be disappointed. Good Luck and have a great life!
  5. The house of commons is meant to be representative of the population as a whole, so these figures look pretty accurate to me except for the knife crime, oops I forgot PMQ,s. what you should relly worry about is the govts proposals to allow ex-mental patients to stand for parliament, what am i saying ................................................BE AFRAID BE VERY AFRAID
  6. If the taxpayer is going to be exposed to this risk, does this mean that we also get the rewards, i am looking forward to my city bonus.
  7. your wrong in your analysis, the people that you are talking to may appear reactionary but we have to try and understand where this accusation of Nimbyism originated. Anyone who resists any form of "progress" is classed as a Nimby. Can I point you in a different direction, a few years ago i was given a look at the Planning Document for the Forest of Dean, which takes in a huge rural area of gloucestershire, typical nimby territory. there was the usual guff about "sustainable development" , but the most telling paragraph referred to the most desirable villages in the FoD, places such as Berkely, Redmarley, Pauntley and so on, the one thing they all had in common was that these attractive villages HAD NEVER BEEN SUBJECT TO PLANNING WHEN THEY WERE BUILT. The reason people object to new build, of whatever type, is the relentless conformity to planning guidelines that result in the most horrible developments, to the extent that you can travel across the UK and see the loss of character and individuality that so epitomised post war britain, see it and weep. for Gods, sake agitate, but do it for the right reasons, not because of your jealousy.
  8. Perhaps some one should tell the government, because they have'nt even woken up yet!!??!!
  9. Its quite simple really, the Arabs are going to buy you up with their soverign wealth funds, its payback time, then they will close all your factories making toilet paper and make you wash your arses, using your left hand of course, with bottled water.
  10. Yep were in the "Brown" stuff all right tee hee!!
  11. They wont get built, we are heading for a major recession, the building companies are not going to spend their money or perhaps you had,nt noticed that they are all in financial difficulties, on the verge of bankruptcy, just like Her Majestys government and the Labour Party machine for that matter which to me is quite appropriate and a sort of justice really. If we are really lucky we will see the Labour party disappear altogether from the political scene, what a gift that would be and the recession would then be a price worth paying. As for the expected rise in the population from immigration which appears to be the driver for this, the govt probably based their assumptions on the last ten years growth, the likelyhood now is of people staying away in droves, there is no work for them. Their was a huge requirment for construction only eighteen months ago, supplied from Eastern Europe etc, but these people are all going home, or had,nt you noticed.
  12. I think you might be right, the Government seems hell bent on creating a huge underclass of people, its almost as though their policies are designed this way, perhaps in the vain hope that they are recruiting a mass of potential voters from these developments. Any sane person would start planning his escape route now, but I still believe in this country and we have to stop the Bxxxxxds.
  13. there are huge sums of liquidity available in Sovereign Wealth funds held by the major oil producers, and China, perhaps we should encourage them to buy us up and sell our assets while they still have some value.
  14. Go to www.coal.gov.uk Briefing note printed in 1977, total recovarable reserves considered accessible by proven mining methods was 85millon metric tonnes, total UK reserves estimated at 300 years and thats based on coal consunption figures for an economy based on heavy industry.
  15. 90 % of migrating birds that die en-route are shot and trapped for sport in the Med, they even eat the poor little house martins and song thrush, these are some of the birdies that overwinter in Africa
  16. Coal Reserves go to www.coal.gov.uk Briefing Note published in 1977, 85million metric tonnes deemed recovarabe by standard mining techniques, total reserves estimated (conservatively) at 300 years!!. North Sea Oil-current production rates are up, the chancellr approached the industry last month to see if a revision of the taxation rules could encourage increased production AND RESEARCH INTO NEW FIELDS. We are not going to run out of electricity, and the market WILL decide how fast we move to renewables and alternatives energies. As for your Bathtub Curve, this analytical tool might work for washing machines but i do not see how it applies to a Nuclear Reactor installation which is subject to constant monitoring and saftey controls.
  17. your probably right about the impact on "quality of Life", we are part of the "consumer society" and complicit in it, no one is innocent in this, we think we can go on using up resources indefinately. Depriving other creatures of habitat to create more room for ourselves, Perhaps we have to reassess our core values, decide what really matters, we might even re-discover our humanity.
  18. I am amazed at the gullibility of the British Public, energy is not a finite resource, any physicist will tell you that you cannot destroy energy, you can only change its state. We choose to use fossil fuels because they are still readily available and plentiful, it is an easy resource to use for the production of electricity which in turn is relatively easy to distribute through the Grid, or we transport refined products to the home as coal,oil or gas for heating and cooking and for transport and so on. So far so good. The issues that appear to be taxing the government and the electorate are their cost and their effect on global warming through the production of CO2, as a result we have a "green" lobby campaigning for lower emissions and a govt and electorate unsure of its energy security, or so it would seem. Perhaps the issues are not quite as they seem, its true that the cost of these resources are soaring, but that should be seen as positive, if we allow energy costs to take a bigger slice of peoples income, people will do one of two things, they will either turn down their thermostats, reducing their consumption and/or insulate their homes to make them more comfortable and more energy efficient or not in which case they will economise elsewhere, but in either event they have to reduce consumption. All positive stuff, they reduce their energy costs, CO2 emmisions and fossil fuel consumption. If travel becomes exorbitant for the same reason, so what, this will reduce demand on the transport infrastructure, cars are going to become more expensive anyway because of the energy consumed in their manufacture another positive as we may see fewer cars on the road and/or better use, car sharing etc. As for Wind turbines and Nuclear power, we already have a Nuclear power industry, they are currently making fatuous remarks about this capacity becoming unavailable in 10 years time, believe me, if they want to extend the life of these reactors that can do it, they are simply using the current economic situation to force the Govts hand and declare new capacity. Wind Turbines on the other hand offer a fascinating way of adding to the overall productive capacity of energy in the UK, they offer the tantalising prospect of generating Hydrogen Gas through electrolysis using the same control gear that supplies the Grid. They hold out the prospect of motorists filling up their tanks at these land based Turbines. Livermore university have developed a fuel tank that will hold Ortho and Para Liquid Hydrogen without embrittlement, once this has been approved we will see hydrogen powered vehicles within 18 months. The americans are already investigating production of Hydrogen from wind turbine generators. As for north Sea Oil, as soon as the next incoming govt. reduce the tax on these oil feilds you will suddenly find that the oil companies have developed specialised tehniques for recovering previously unavailable oil deemed "uneconomic" to recover and it will por out. In 1976 it was reported that the UK has recoverable coal reserves for the next 500 years at todays consumption and that was at a time when we still had energy hungry industries like shipbuilding, motor car manufacture, heavy engineering, boilermakers, machine tool manufacture, armoured vehicles etc etc.. The point I am making is LET THE MARKET DECIDE it always wins in the end anyway. As for the 100 billion investment by Brown, he wont be in power to see this in, he's probably looking for a job in the wind turbine industry when his career as a politician is over.
  19. I assume that the reduction is linked to availability of ready cash from the mortgage lenders, alla' the credit crunch, but is there a way of measuring the underlying demand, its just that i see no shortage of enquiries from prospective buyers in my area of the market, the lenders have simplly regulated the cash flow by restrictive terms ie; LTVs etc. or in the case of Beacon Home Loans simply pulled the plug, aven after DIP approvals.
  20. "The value of your investments can go down as well as up", i was always told that there are only three things to know about borrowing money to buy a house, they were, 1. pay your mortgage off. 2. pay your mortgage off. 3. pay your mortage off. how many people in wonderland are now regretting borrowing money on the back of rising house prices to buy their new "fitted kitchen", which probably came with sports suspension and does about 20 to the gallon!!
  21. Thats a very sad picture-in every respect-I suppose it does put things in perspective though, while we are discussing our job prospects and some people are gloating over the current turmoil, here we see the result-quite terrifying really and for completely different reasons. I dont suppose this little boys family are worried about the cost of a basket of groceries. Maybe waht will come out of all of this mess is the reality that perhaps we might want to build a more equable system, but i dont think free market economics will deliver it somehow. so whats your idea?
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