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  1. I thought bankrupting your opponents was the whole point of playing monopoly, i done see that the amount of currency you "printed" was relevant, bankruptcy is bankruptcy and the "real" value of the board remains the same throughout, its just that you artificially inflated those values. what might be interesting is if in the real world we might resort to printing local currencies or Tesco pounds, that woiuld take the toys away from our erstwhile leaders and you would not need a violent revolution to do it, just the will and the confidence to barter. to set your "currency" values. Looks to me as though you had the right idea as a child.
  2. Jack Sparrow


    Barter is ancient and predates currency or gold what are the barriers to setting up a rural/local barter scheme can you bloggers advise?
  3. The only time in the last 50 years that we were self sufficient in wheat was around 1993 we produced over 23million tonnes of grain the only time in the last 150 years that we have been self sufficient for all agricultural production was around 1850. Production of all crops was encouraged after world war 2 (we were almost starved out by the German naval blockade) with a drive for self sufficiency which resulted in intensive farming practices. this led to leaching of essential minerals from our soil, poisoning of the water table through excessive use of nitrates, and BSE through contaminated feed, The experiment ended in failure and was called off in the late 90's. There has been a fashion drive for organic food based on more traditional farming practices but this will not feed us as the productivity is typically halved for beef and most livestock production and probably reduced by a third for most grain and vegetable crops. We are overpopulated, if you do the calculations we have less acreage per head of population than China. A future military conflict which history says will happen, would see starvation on these shores, our membership of the EEC has blinded us to the reality of economics and national self interest. do you really believe that in a world of dwindling resources that French and Germans or any other food producer/exporter would put our interests above there own? Prices are going up and will keep going up
  4. WHAT ...only 320,000............ is this enough fuel to throw on the bonfire that is Browns vanity.....hic!
  5. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm........Beer....not just a breakfast drink. Our new sosssciialist vorkers paradise hash...hic!.... arrived
  6. where have you been for the last ten years Labour has no plan for farming, look at their manifesto, they hate farmers, they have allowed unfettered immmigration and more mouths to feed from our dwindling resources, they are creating 10 new towns to house them taking more land out of agriculture, this country can only support ie feed, a population of around 35 million based on existing farming practices. buy an allotment.
  7. Quite right, power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. with regard to this posts main thread the author came in to the workforce in the 80's and did not see the affects of marxism on our industry in the 70's in which our Labour politicians especially Wedgewood Benn et al were all complicit. Under New Labour we have just completed another 10 years of marxism disguised as liberal economics and they have bankrupted us, Labour have not changed there agenda despite removing clause 4 from their manifesto. We need capitalism and we need it now, not this interventionism that we are seeing in the US and here , we need the Bank of England to be given the power it was denied when Brown "set it free", to monitor and manage the banking system to prevent asset bubbles and high risk investments not underpinned by cash. The Bank should also be empowered to oversee treasury spending plans to assess there economic impact and veto them if necessary, in this way amateurs like Brown and Harmen cannot get there hands on the cash and spend it as they like, we might even see some economic stabilty from successive administrations, take the politicians toys away from them and we can get away from these stupid social experiments that they love so much.
  8. "Is that £690k in your pocket or are you just pleased to see me?"
  9. I thought HSBC were owned by the Chinese-who hold four fifths of the worlds currency reserves!!??
  10. Spot On!!! Browns just ordered 40,000 tazers for issue to the police, they will use these and cattle prods to make you spend, if that fails then they will ask the Germans and the french armed forces to intervene, that way he gets round two problems, a disloyal army at home and can claim EU intervention, cos' its all their fault anyway!! brilliant, why did'nt i think of this!!!
  11. Spot On!!! Browns just ordered 40,000 tazers for issue to the police, they will use these and cattle prods to make you spend, if that fails then they will ask the Germans and the french armed forces to intervene, that way he gets round two problems, a disloyal army at home and can claim EU intervention, cos' its all their fault anyway!! brilliant, why did'nt i think of this!!!
  12. The economy will retract, the high street will see popular brands disappear, Tescos and Asda etc the big out of town sheds will thrive as the high street collapses, the govt. will plunder pension assets further to prop up borrowing and sell off other assets as they try to stave off a banking collapse. HBOS and RBS are short of liquidity and could fail if either or both go this could start the govt. printing money which will fuel a massive rise in inflation, the currency will bomb as a result. house prices are in free fall at the moment so I would suggest that there is no bottom at the moment, house prices can only recover as cash begins to filter in to the economy, and that wont happen until the house price bottoms, and spending returns, can you see the problem here?? The lawyers in the City will continue to hold up cash reaching the banks as they pore over the legal documents that make up the governments rescue plan, the lawyers are on £1000 per day so i think you can see the problem here. On a personal level, my job is not safe and i suspect most people feel the same way, this insecurity will stop people spending and again this stops cash from circulating in the economy, so a lot of the prophecise of doom and gloom tend to be self fulfilling
  13. With our Army otherwise occupied, will Gordo bring in troops from France and Germany to police our rioting if things go a bit pear shaped?
  14. Brown cannot walk on water, "put not ye faith in mere mortals" the system is sound, its just run by crooks. Brown is mortgaging the country to the tune of £16k per person, it is a case of good money being thrown after bad, he might try to claim credit for calming the markets, but you cannot buck the trend and there is a flight from equities which is going to get worse. The American public have the right attitude to this in resisting their govt. and we should let insolvency and bankruptcy rectify the markets properly, its self governing and it does not put the taxpayer at risk. As for the risk of recession or depression if Brown did not act, let him try and stop a recession now, job losses are mounting and the lack of liquidity in the market is not the main cause, its high taxes and lack of profit in industry and elswhere thats the main issue. As for the currency, let companies produce their own, I would have more faith in a Tesco pound note than in anything the Treasury is planning to print, inflation is already letting rip so the presses are obviously rolling. This bailout by the Treasury , high inflation, low profits, high taxes, uncontrolled public expenditure, its a nightmare.
  15. In the immortal words of the Carry on team ..............ARMEGEDDON..................ARMAGEDDON ....... armageddon outa here!!!
  16. that statue of Kate Moss should be used to frighten people from hoarding gold
  17. your job may be safe but your income is going to take a hit from the taxes the govt are going to extract from you/us to clean up their mess. and as they dont appear to have a coherent policy and no real understanding of whats going on we can safely assume that this will be a case of good money following bad. you cannot buck the market, without reform the system or controlling where this money goes all these billions will do is end up making some investors very rich , maintaining the idiot bankers that caused this crisis and all at the taxpayers expense cos its our money the govt are frittering away. but then without a banking system how would the govt get their hands on our money anyway? they need PAYE, BACS and VAT returns to keep them supplied with our hard earned readies, maybe a wholesale crash is just what we need to reform the system.
  18. For multi-culturalism read tribalism, God! what a mess, I am even more depressed now! I was hoping that this recession would see the end of the Labour Party and the socialist agenda but the damage is already done or so it would seem. Well, warfare has always been the forge for innovation and new tooling, so perhaps we should welcome it, a new european conflict might give us new opportunities for social and economic advancement, after all the Americans built an econmy on the last major fracas which ushered in the nuclear age and the silicon revolution, this may be another evolutionary step on the road to utopia!!
  19. We are so compassionate as a nation, it is our great strength and our great weakness, I cant see us stringing them up from the lamposts just yet, but the right wing is on the march in Europe so you never know! We are becoming more intolerant, these are just !the economic conditions that could lead to trouble, perhaps we should study the history of the Weimar republic after all, I may just have to eat my words
  20. I take your point, but we tend to see history from our national (Anglo Saxon) standpoint. If you lived in Poland during the 20's and 30's you would not need a history lesson to explain the threat bearing in mind that they rebuffed an attack from the Soviet Union in 1922. It was the Polish foreign minister to France in 1937 that advocated a pre-emptive attack on Germany, if we learn amything from this period it is to examine the facts whether the threat is political, military or economic. What have our erstwhile leaders learned about the current situation? They are going to spend more taxpayers money. good money after bad. they are agian trying to buck the market and its all going to end in tears and iIsay this not from a historical perspective, but purely economic and business management.
  21. Who's history are we talking about, I though it depended on who wrote it as to its veracity, and in any case the historical record is always written with the benefit of hindsight to suggest that people can learn from history is just so much crap. Brown does,nt need a history lesson he needs a lesson in economics and business management he also needs the sack
  22. It does seem to take a long time to wise up, the problem is we (Joe public) are all idealists and we think that our political masters really believe the words they speak, when in reality everything they do is self-serving, the aim is to hang on to power for as long as you can to retain the income, accrue the pension and sod the electorate. any person who claims to want to become a politician "to serve the public" should be barred from standing on the grounds they want to be politicians! We are supposed to belong to a great democracy, but we are only democratic once every five years when we get a chance to vote, and then its for a bunch of sociopaths with a political agenda forged either from privilige or envy, not good bedfellows. and who imagines for a minute that our politicians have the knowledge and experience to manage a complicated economy I dont think a law degree or sociol economics and media studies cuts it.
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