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  1. Can we make up new words, for example under "Verbal Diarrhoea" could we have "Vebarrhoea" or has the cabinet beaten me to it
  2. The house of commons is so maptly named, it is becoming the byeword for a sewer
  3. If Truck is illegal, what are the penalties?
  4. PAYE was bought in as a temporary wartime measure in WW11, unemployment will reduce tax revenue, but if the people want to ****** up the system, declare UDI and work on a self-employed basis. Either that or join the black Economy or do both. As an aside, Income Tax is not the whole story, indirect taxes account for a higher proportion of state revenue and as long as HMRC can get their hands on the cash they will continue to fugk up your existence.
  5. I only asked someone on the blog said that the Anglo saxon world had no history of revolution, so that discounts the english civil war, the american war of independance and the american civil war then. Our world is just too cosy, what drives warfare is a sense of injustice, corruption, and hunger, i mean real hunger when malnutrition becomes rife. We are experiencing the first two causes, and i understand that several charities dealing with food deprivation are setting up in London. i believe the expression is "The ticking Clock"
  6. What is the definition of a failed State ..............is it bankruptcy?
  7. No way - its only the black economy that will be functioning soon!!
  8. I just bought some knitting needles and am negotiating with my local yokel foe a pig, whats the going rate for a 10 day old weener?
  9. a point well made-bnakers, spelt with a silent "w"
  10. One thing I forgot to add, it is not an offence to try and reduce your debt by negotiation, if the process keeps a roof over your head then whats the problem, i am sure its not a moral issue.
  11. normally i would agree with you and delboy, but we live in strange times, and morality no longer applies to financial services, sticking by the rules made up by the bankers to fatten themselves at YOUR expense, is that what you are supporting.
  12. DONT BE A KNOB.........most homeowners are ordinary unsophisticated borrowers.......jacked off by bankers and brokers whose earnings are directly proportional to how much debt they can get YOU in to...get some cash back when you can.its taxpayers money anyway.think of it as a TAX REBATE
  13. Personally i always dress to the right-As for you politics, well i can only assume you were not born when the last labour govt. was in.
  14. why should this be a suprise, the savvy homeowners with a mortgage will switch to interest only mortgages and start whacking a load off their mortgage. A friend has seen his interest only payments reduced from £880 per month to around £250 and he is using the surplas cash to reduce his secured borrowing. The unsecured borrowing (Credit card) agreements are being reviewed to see if they are enfoeceable as he is considering getting the balance reduced or wiped off.
  15. All business including instruments of exchamge like our Pound are subject to Trust, the question is, do you trust the Pound. The problem is that the men responsible for maintaining trust in the Pound are inept, on this basis the Pound could fail. We must have a General election, to remove the men responsible for our currency and repalce them with another government, as a means of putting distance between New Labour and the current economic crisis. The US was fortunate in having an election at the right time, as a result they have a new leader with "clean" hands, we need the same, now.
  16. Are you NUTS!! Why you ask such obvious question, Hey why u kick my dog an call him ****** off?
  17. Tewkesbury down-23%pa gloucestershire down around 10% and this is one of the more sought after areas West Mids down 10% on average Greater London down 10% last QUARTER i suppose the higher the values the more these percentages hurt and Tewkesburys valuations reflect problems with flood insurance and building on the flood plains around the north of the town near the motorway, and they are still building r near the weir where the Avon and Severn meet would you believe.
  18. The alternative to action is inaction, and if inaction means that the government cannot continue to screw us then i prefer inaction rather than have to endure more legislative incontinence to which we have been subjected over the last ten years or so by these idiots.
  19. Exactly- what if the IMF had the wit to produce a current account P&L and a Balance sheet for the world economy we could do a debt swap, write downs, some contra entries and forgive a bit of third world debt in the process.
  20. what do you call a chinaman with two black eyes...HUW CHOW (Say it fast0
  21. America is hooked on credit and needs another "fix" if the Chinese wont be persuaded to open up their coffers by gentle persuasion then this initiative by the Chinese is being welcomed with open arms by the Junkies in the states. Its ironic that the Americans are committing military forces to help the Mexicans break their drug cartels, how are the Yanks gonna break their addiction to credit and consumerism??
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