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  1. This article was printed in the Times, what do you expect from this paper, veracity?. what has happened to this broadsheet, it used to have a reputation for real journalism, now they just print what the owners want to see, which is propoganda in support of Gnu Labour.
  2. New Labour have a lot in common with the Nazis, for example the Nazi's are the only power to ban fox hunting, they hired IBM to develop a national database which they used to round up "undesirables", that is anyone who had the temerity to challenge them, and then of course it was used as an instrument for the "final solution". If the Nazi's had the DNA profiling database they would have used it to ensure the purity of the Arian race, we of course will use it to discourage birth defects, denial of insurance for certain conditions etc, purity of the race???
  3. i have been monitoring house and land prices in my area, (the marches) which includes places like Ludlow and further south Hay-on-Wye, and while i have seen obvious reductions in house prices due to the recession, its not been catastrophic. Agricultural land is at a record high and managed woodland seems to be holding up. I have a relative with about 400 acres in south Wales, and he has seen no price reductions on agricultural property there, and further south holiday homes in Pembrokshire are still at a premium. I can only imagine that those people fortunate enough to have £500k to invest see property and land as a safe place to invest, the alternatives such as annuities, which are at a historic low, equities, which unless you are feeling particularly brave are just not an option, bank deposits, low interest rates, only £50k insured by HM, and premium bonds which offer about 3%, all look pretty dismal or unsafe. i think the clever money will go into tangible assets such as property especially agricultural land and valuables like antiques, in particular expensive watches and antique clocks which are passed down free of IHT.
  4. a person earning the national average wage of £18000 per year at aged 25 would have to put away at least 40% of their income for 40 years to build up a pot that would buy them an annuity at age 65 to have any hope of a reasonable pension of two thirds their salary. forget pensions, Brown buggered the system 10 years ago when he removed the tax relief on dividends for pension funds, the stupid crunt destroyed what was the finest pension system in europe and in the process paved the way for the current economic mess through this thinking of employing "dead" money, it typifies the lunacy of the left.
  5. If he has savings of less than £8000 he will be entitled to help for his rent and council tax, he will get free prescriptions, dental and eye care plus assistance with the purchase of worn out and necessary household goods,. He can aslo claim for assistance with things like Tv license, the cost of keeping a pet. as its a council property he has few obligations for maintenance and repair, it will be decorated at regular intervals by the council, double glazed and insulated to the latest standards, he will be entitled to heating allowance, cold weather payments, a carers allowance if he can prove he is looking after a sick relative etc etc, l
  6. I agree with your sentiments but i think the argument may go a little deeper, the Banks will have to react to major misselling scandals which will be coming up shortly to do with self cert , BTL and other problems. your right about the cross selling issues as all bank staff target customers with large deposits, and they make you go into branch to discuss investements. Obviously HSBC see an end to this selling opportunity probably as a result of new regulations, you have to realise how close these people are to the government and they will know well in advance of what is coming from the FSA.
  7. Get two cause this post a load og b..oll...ock...s
  8. Depends on your LTV, income and payment record, if she has a good credit score, no missed payments or defaults in the last twelve months and the £15,000 loan keeps within the required LTV she will gat a mortgage with any of the mainstream companies. If she has a poor dredit record but low LTV she will re-mortgage at a higher rate and if she cannot comply with any of these conditions then she will be stuck with her present lender, so what was the question?
  9. Did Parliament force out the Speaker because he failed to save MP's from their own greed, or was he forced out because he failed to keep these activities a secret?
  10. I must object to your slur on our fine treasury Experts...........X being the unknown quantity........and spurt being a drip under pressure.
  11. I think the mix of property in the area and some of the hot spots tend to distort the view, but you cant argue with the stats printed above and it tends to make the anecdotal evidence look silly. Cirencester is not an area i know well , but Stroud and coleford are typically 20/30 % below levels elswhere in the catchment, the forest of dean for example borders tewkesbury and house prices in corse, redmarley, pauntley etc are still fairly bouyant, but Newent and coleford ,cinderford etc are as expected they are dropping and bringing the stats down as they are not such sought after areas.,communications are poor, there is little work and wages are low. If anything this situation confirms the old adage about the three most important things when buying property, position, (location),position, position,
  12. gloucestershire tends to do quite well in a recession, it has a good mix of business, good road and rail links to London and a reasonable quality of life, the basket cases areas are the forest of dean and the flood plains around tewkesbury. One of the main factors attracting people to Cheltenham in particualr are Pates Grammer school, the ladies college and sir thomas riches grammer school in gloucester which is at the right end of he golden valley bypass from chelt.
  13. they were flat pack pianos, the sound boards and keys were supplied by Yamaha in japan. a screwdriver i ndustry just like the rest of our fukced up manufacturing,
  14. Safety first, this is the best place for your money if you cant afford to lose your investment. The question seems to be not about a return on your money but the return of your money, put it in for the short term and see what happens next year. i understand that NS&i are treasury backed, with the different products available you can invest more than the banks guarantee of £50,000 per individual which should make your investement fire proof.
  15. They may just be paying the interest only which will ultimately extend the term of the loan. If he thinks the economy is going to pick up in six months time he is living in clloud cuckoo land, this six month breathing space should be used to sell his property if he cant afford it, unless he is in negative equity in which case he is shafted.
  16. Welcome to the NEW ORDER KOMRAD, and remember VE ARE VATCHINK YOU............!!
  17. I,ll second that motion............ I doubt whether stevie will get his question asked.................mores the pity
  18. his company owes the money, unless he acted faudulently in his business affairs there is no reason why he should not bounce back. Thats the joy of capitalism-at least he had a go unlike some of the losers on this site
  19. At the expense of making a contribution to this debate may i interject with my two-pennyworth........... 1. Britains manufacturing went into terminal decline in the 1970's and can trace its roots to the three day week when the Unioin activicts bought down the Heath government. Under the next conservative govt. the training levy was abolished, unions emasculated and an emphasis placed on service industries. 2. The labour party of the seventies introduced regional policies to distribute manufacturing away from the midlands to places like sunderland and south wales, most of these industries that moved went for the grant money, when that was exhausted the companies either closed or relocated to france or germany to be nearer their markets. 3. membership of the common market in 1970 sounded the deathknell for most of our heavy engineering, we do not have a home market big enough to sustain development of new products, as a result manufacturing gravitates to the centre of europe, which is Germany and France. As the EC expands the centre of europe shifts eastwards towards the larger populations and cheaper labour, are you seeing a picture yet. 4. The traditional apprenticeship which was the bedrock of new blood into manufacturing ceased with the abolition of the training levy which was paid for by companies and used to fund triaing courses, we once had the finest engineering schools in the world, these once proud poly,s like wolverhampton, are now third rate universities offering crap degrees in media studies and other ******** industries meant to replace our once proud heretige. As an aside, wolverhampton suffered terribly from labour,s regional policy of relocating industry to deprived areas. the empty factories left behind still attracted rates so the owners demolished them or removed the roofs, this stock of industrial property was wiped out. on the once proud steel works of Stewarts and Lloyds we now have a crap housing estate. and the biggest ivestment into the town in decades is a Racino, a race course and casino combined, what an indictment of government policy.! I could go on but your probably bored now!!!
  20. Well...........how do the cheese eating surrender monkeys deal with their infestations
  21. sorry superTed, i was trying to be ironic Hey, my lad has just phoned me from Liverpool Uni to tell me that a cockroach infestation reported in the accommodation block in february is fast approaching his floor. the landlord has given them a can of insecticide to deal with it. who is the Landlord at the House of Commons??!!
  22. I am confused, I thought for a moment you were describing Bankers.............err.....just maybe there is a connection!!!
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