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  1. Is the American experience a lesson for the EU Federalists, this current crisis is a good reason for less harmonisation of financial services and the political process that drives it. On the question of the USA, is it possible for a State in the Union to cede from the US?
  2. I have it on good authority that the swine flu virus will have to mutate in order to be a major threat, but once it does mutate it will kill millions. In order for mutation to occur sufficient numbers of healthy individuals will have to be infected, with swine flu, however, those of us infected with the original swine flu virus will have a measure of protection against the mutation. so the question is..to vaccinate or not to vaccinate, if we restrict the virus we are vulnerable to the new strain when it mutates, if we allow swine flu to flourish we gain some immunity......whats your call
  3. I think most bands are a combination of brilliance and utter shite, its the mystique that grows up around them that is so seductive, we attach memories to them, like the music you shagged your first girl too, which in my case was ooooooeeee sheepy sheepy sheep sheep, but thats the Valleys for you, it gets in your blood!!
  4. Who are the losers in a Treasury Bond Market Crash, what i mean is, are these markets restricted to institutional investors or are we going to see Grannys pension scuppered again.
  5. i admit, i have never heard of them, but theres probably a good reason for that
  6. In my opinion they are an easy trade when you need to exchange goods for services and are a much underrated currency, can i sign you up for my new investment vehicle?
  7. divorce is a bigger threat to your assets than "Le Crunch"
  8. sounds more like Pearll and Dean meet Black Sabbath
  9. what an image..........i have just though of a new sales pitch for my hedge fund
  10. dont thik of it as an asset, al least not until your divorcing
  11. Whoa...ammo..i was just thinking sweets here..couldnt we just bribe our way out of trouble with the Haribo
  12. They are made from vegetable gelatins which last forever, and the shapes and colours are so exciting, I am just a bit worried what they might look like when they have changes hands a few times
  13. I am developing a futures market for Haribo, are you in?
  14. does tangible include Haribo, or should i be considering something more substantial
  15. but I thought assets were convertible currency and houses were for living in, why would you treat your home as an investment opportunity, and is'nt this the attitude that fuelled the housing bubble in the first place , or am i missing something
  16. what is a "Dash for Assets"...... Ignorant of Pontypool
  17. I dunno...........perhaps we should start harvesting rice and eating with chopsticks.and how hard can Mandarin be to learn?
  18. I think the title of the book should have been " The Devils Island"
  19. Its a wise move............. you wont regret it.................unless Mrs Bf divorces you in the future........ statistically the odds are not in your favour,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,in which case you lose everything..........but what the hell.....good luck .
  20. Quote from FT "Hot Tips for Equities, following Korean Nuclear Test and Obama initiative on Painting roof tops white, ICI Chemicals are to invest in new whitewash plant" UK government prepared to invest says Mandy , Whitewash we understand, says spokesman for house of commons, Kill two birds with one stone says ICI, white paint will slow down global warming and protect your property from flash burns from Nuclear detonation-
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