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  1. worth a read


    Taxation is evil, when direct. It was wisely outlawed by the Founders who knew their history.

    I posted a topic concerning direct taxation some time back, it seems to have no support, but i beleive that systems such as PAYE are undemocratic, this was a wartime measure in the Uk and should be abolished. governments should be made to justify their expeiditure to debate and work hard for funding and not assume they have an open cheque from the electorate.

    It is also a given that governemnts mistrust the electorate to the degree that they will introduce laws that assume guilt and introduce measures to stifle protest, you only have to examine the raft of legislation from NU Labour over the last ten years, they have introduced thousands of petty new laws for criminalising the electorate.

  2. The Political consensus of opinion is weighted towards either Tax rises, spending cuts or a mixture of both.

    Is there an alternative.

    Here are a few suggestions to get your teeth in to.

    Abolish PAYE:- release employees and employers from this tax, this tax was a wartime measure and in my opinion the benefits are outweighed by the cost of collection and avoidance schemes. A lot of otherwise productive man hours are consumed by this taxation class.

    The principal of taxing earnings at source is regressive and punitive, it stifles enterprise and creates a disincentive when other alternatives such as welfare are available.

    Instead, lets tax consumption, in this way those with money to spare can spend freely on luxury items, and those who are strapped for cash or over committed can concentrate on handling their priorities without aid from the state.

    Similarly, abolish NIC from employers/employess and replace this with a transparent investment and give the client some control over this investment. This measure would reduce employer costs, hamper government interference in your pension arrangements and if extended to, possibly your welfare support.

    Reform planning at local government level to give a greater incentive for new enterprise with an emphasis on Green technology. Use the planning system to promote this new industry.

    just a few ideas, what do you think?

  3. To some extent people can make this choice already, for example by living in another country, living further away from london, living in a smaller house, etc. It's a hard choice to make in the face of so much social pressure to do the opposite, i.e. climb ladders to earn more money to show that you can keep up. I know I can make the choice to work less ... but the hardest thing is not that it is impossible to do, but to do so is to risk alienation from friends, family and others. So therefore f*** it i'm going to do it! Now I need to see if my boss will let me do 4 days a week.

    Its a wonderful concept, being able to choose your lifestyle, but you need money to exercise this option. in the bad old days of union organisation and the division of labour, this concept was at the forefront of working class ideology. today you would need to incorporate these rights into the human Rights legislature, and then watch as employers scream at the additional costs.

    Dream on.

  4. Apologies. I meant drugs to treat malaria, AIDS and TB.

    I was trying to make the point that the so-called prosperity of recent years has resulted in the misallocation of investment and resources to produce plasma TVs and 4x4s for people who have no money to pay for them while the majority of the worlds population dont have access to food, water or basic medication. This is not wealth creation. It is wealth redistribution.

    I am going to stop here because I am not a socialist or a communist but you would have to be blind to see that the free market has lead us to a dead end just as much as communism did.

    Not necessarily so, there is an article in the DT today devoted to the development of a new energy efficient incandescant lightbulb. sounds unimportant, but the implications are enormous, this development came about due to a change in government policy in the US.

  5. I should in theory, retire in 24 years aged 52 on a decent Police pension. I would love this to be the case however I am doubtful that this is going to happen. My colleagues dream of retiring at such a young age, buying a boat etc and living the dream until they die. I pay £250.00 a month (11%) into my final salary pension at present.

    Although they have now changed this to 9% and 35 years for new entrants I really cannot see how these 'gold plated' pensions can be sustained, especially due to the fact some forces are paying more retired officers than there are currently employed.

    your pension is going to be nationalised to pay for all the useless buggas youve been locking up and were unable to earn whilst being entertained at Her Majestys pleasure.

  6. I posted on one of our NHS forums, that IMHO superannuation pension contributions are like a gigantic PONZI SCHEME. The amount of flak I had to endure was phenomenal. For people who are in the twilight of their careers, it makes sense. For me who has atleast 30 years of corvee, it is a stupid investment. All IFA's say I am stoopid. Stoopid is what stoopid does, innit?

    NIC,s are a Ponzi scheme

  7. Don't forget that annuity rates have changed as well - prices have tumbled over the last few years as the actuaries have realised that old folk aren't dying as quick as they should be.

    This is a great comment, if you live well, look after yourself, earn well and provide for your retirement you get shafted by those beer swilling fag smoking spendthrifts on the other side of the fence. There is a moral in this somewhere. :P:P

  8. Why am I taking all the risk for the current financial crisis - well, as far as my pension is concerned?

    I just had my pension statement through for the past year - since December 2007 it has lost a third of its value.

    Thank goodness I woke up to the pension con about 5 years ago and stopped paying money into my private pension scheme - the con / danger being that once the money is in you have no choice but to leave it in and watch it plummet when the stock market falls. (I think this has now changed with SIPPs allowing people to move to cash - although I understand that the SIPPs charges are going up.)

    But why are the millions of people with private pensions having to take the hit for the banking crisis and stock market falls?

    I mean, all those Public Sector workers out there on final salary schemes are having no affect on their future pensions - if anything, our taxes will be put up in order to help fund their cushy retirement.

    I cancelled my Free Standing AVC in 1998 just after Brown removed tax releif on pension dividends. It was clear to me then that Labour would be back to their old ways of tax and spend. i have concluded since then that it is folly to place money in to any scheme managed and controlled by HM Government, you really are taking a massive risk, it is only a matter of time before all pensions are nationalised to pay for the "Baby Boom" generation of the fifties who are nearing retirment.

    As for public sectoe pensions, these are paid for from direct taxation, and at every level you will see taxes rising. there will have to be a MINIMUM 20% increase in your council tax to pay these pensions if employmet levels iin this sector of the economy continue as they are.

    Most people, and i include myself, trusted to property, and as i have no mortgage and can rent some out , i have a cushion, but for people on average incomes, with no asset base, they are going to see real pverty in old age.

    My son will graduate in a few years and i have advised him to leave the UK, and i would advise anyone under 35 to do the same, emigrate and get a life.

  9. So there is also a significant chance that this event may not happen, either this year or sometime soon. This is about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

    Charts are on nominal not log scales so also totally misleading.

    Can't be bothered to read the rest.

    BTW, I think the numbers coming from the US look pretty awful and the $ is going to be under severe downward pressure but I don't like sloppy analysis masquerading as news.

    Its analysis none the less, and valid, it does not have to be news.

    as for the forecast of economic collapse, history is not on our side.

  10. http://www.spectator.co.uk/coffeehouse/372...ing-balls.thtml

    We all make mistakes. We wouldn't get anywhere in life without them.

    It's the deceipt, the manipulation, the bullying, the spin, the arrogance, the lack of any reasonable measure of morality that it so depressing about this particular bunch.

    What I actually find even worse than that, is that there are 300 or so other freeloaders stood with them who haven't got a single testicle between them to stand up and be counted. Edward b0llocks may lie, but his party let him get away with it. Which is an even more heinous crime imo.

    i watched uncle Ed on the Andrew Marr show on sunday, he looked hyped up as though he was on speed, he was gesticulating everywhere, looked more like Edward Scissorhands. Uncle Ed and Aunty Mandy are now running the treasury as little Alistair their progeny is not a safe pair of hands. We are not going to have a Public Funding Reveiw, Uncle Ed said that he did,nt know where the economy was going to be in 2010, but they were prepared to spend , spend , spend.

    Please tell Uncle Ed that the economy actually shrank by 2.5% for the first quarter of 2009 and this was the largest drop in economic activity since 1958.

    The Telegraph believe that Nu Labour are adopting a policy of Scorched Earth, its comforting to know that Stalinism is alive and well.

  11. http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b00l7..._Oil_Episode_1/

    Our story and where we are now

    this goes out to all you Thatcher loving potential Tory voters

    Just watch how they screwed us.

    It does,nt matter who was in power when NS Oil starting flowing, they would all have pissed our assets up the wall.

    i was no admirer of the Labour Part i think there socialism stinks, but i have to give credit where it was due, and when Lord Stansgate was energy minister at least he had a coherent energy policy which would have preserved these assets for the benefit of the country.

  12. This seems like a good description of where we have got to now that the bull trap phase is coming to an end.



    A highlight from the article:

    Several interesting things are likely to happen this summer.

    1) Unemployment rates will go up.

    2) Rising joblessness will increase rates of defaults, foreclosures, and bankruptcies. Not just at the consumer level – but throughout the system... including banks, states, businesses, as well as households.

    3) The stock market will take a dive as earnings fall and investors realize that there will be no quick recovery.

    With liquidity (cash) being unavailable from the Banks i can see a surge in companies wanting to obtain Stock Market listings in order to raise capital. Would it not make sense now to ease the restrictions on the nursery exchanges like AIM and FOREX in order for companies to attract new capital. After all, we are going to see huge opportunities for investors as asset prices collapse. This might mean a return to good old fashioned capitalism though, which I sense seems to wrankle on this site. It would also give an opportunity to small investors to get a share of what could be a long bull run on the markets starting later this year.

  13. The only sure-fire way to make money from a market is to be involved in setting the conditions for that market, or to charge people for your "expertise" or access.

    I always compare it with who makes money from horse-racing - owners, trainers, bookies and tipsters.

    you are forgetting the Cartel, all merchants guilds, trade associations, industry groupings (and i would include political groupings) meet together to cheat the public, they never get together to improve the lot of the people. they are self serving minority interest groups whose only interest is in their own self preservation.

    It is this instinct for survival that drives the market, and the determinitaion to destroy your competitor is part of this survival instinct. There is nothing magical or mystical about "markets", they are driven by fear and greed.

  14. Mortgage lending fell by 2% in May to £10.3bn, lenders say

    UK public borrowing in May highest on record, official figures show

    UK retail sales fell by 0.6% in May, official figures show

    They could at least have given us a "but here's a puppy to look at" link...

    I thought Kete Middleton was presenting Breakfast TV, in which case there were Two Puppies to look at!! :lol::lol:

  15. I read somewhere that the global recession is worse than the 30s and America will not be so troubled as the 30s because they no longer make as much as they used to. It is the producer nations, rather than the consumer nations who will suffer the most in terms of GDP.

    I have no view on its truth or otherwise, but it is an interesting POV.

    Herr Grupenfuhrer Brown is borrowing money on our behalf to fund the recovery, what this means is that as a consumer nation we will pull the Eurozone train out of recession by borrowing billions to pay for imported goods and services. In other words more of the same Brownite economics of spending your way into bankruptcy and borrowing your way out of recession.

    Its your money he is spending by the way, anmd you will paying it back for years and years and years and years and years.....................................................................and years...........................and years :(

  16. This was the most insightful answer.

    Consumers of oil will bring forward purchases if they fear prices rising in future...then it becomes a self fulfilling wave.

    with oil consumption falling in the USA and Europe, wont' there already be a physical increase in stocks anyway.

    If purchasers are speculating on the oil price as you suggest and it is possible to forward purchase i assume on the futures market, then i can see the sense in buying at this time. Are there figures available which give current stockpiles in the US and elswhere.

    and I still cannot see how these measures can stimulate demand vis-a-vis Rowenas column.

  17. The US is in such hock right now and there is worrying talk from not just Russian but American analysts pointing out that the US simply cannot honour its debts. To my mind, if this talk continues, the US has only one solution - to MAKE the markets collapse to MAKE everyone run into Treasuries and probably stop the dollar from depreciating to parity with the Zimbabwean currency. So like it or not, we HAVE to have a crash pretty soon. But one crash will not solve the problem, because the only way out of that is to pay off the debt, which the US cannot do for several generations. So the only possible way out is more and more crashes, getting bigger and bigger and bigger as the US debt figures grow ever more humungous.

    Anyway, that is just how my untrained mind works. And everyone is going to have to play ball - Europe, Japan, China - because if they don't they are going to find themselves on the "axis of evil" and attacked. Yes, even us.

    I think your analysis of the outcome of a dollar collapse is a bit fanciful, but i could see the beginnings of civil unrest in America, and that could lead to civil war. As for the US lashing out at the rest of the world, I think the rest of us will be so mired in the Brown stuff anyway that a war in america would probably pass unnoticed

  18. I bet the money has all been spent though...

    I think you have hit the proverbial nail on the proverbial head.this is a governement sponsored scheme, administered by local authorities....which translated into English means that for every pound they dole out they will take at least one hundred pounds in expenses to administer.. I would expect this £285 million to be absorbed pretty quickly by the councils, but at least this might keep your rates down...unless of course its going to pay your local councillors expenses and allowances................ :o

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