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  1. what about assorted roving bandits and other ne'er do wells, of whom there were no doubt many, even in that golden era of community cohesion?
  2. Probably just my 3rd world mentality, but I find it hard to imagine any time in, oh, the last 500 years where I would have left my home, containing all my possessions, unlocked for all and sundry to wander in at will (having said that, I have relatives (in-laws) who do precisely this...). I realise there is a tendency to view the past as paradise lost, but criminals and psychopaths have always been with us.
  3. On the face of it that guy was being super naive. I mean seriously, why would anyone just be giving away an asset worth tens of thousands of dollars?? But I guess there might be more to it than the article indicates.
  4. seems fairly obvious that they are going for some kind of stealth zero COVID strategy, right? Can't be upfront about this, because it probably means being locked down until well into the summer (back of the envelope calc, to get down to 50 cases per day from the current 13k, with a weekly drop of around 25%-30% would take around 4-5 months).
  5. remember reading an article in Dec that tried to work out the implied per coin valuation of the btc held by MS, based on its market cap (with some kind of assumption about value of the core business, I guess based on market cap before they started buying Bitcoin). The implied valuation was substantially above the btc to usd exchange at that time, so I guess there is a strong element of speculation here (and would go some way towards explaining the greater variance of MS daily moves?)
  6. UK doesn't have much choice, does it, with the worst infection track record in Europe and insufficient supply of the top-tier vaccine. Other countries like India etc, are in the same boat, and they too have to use inferior vaccines.
  7. No, several times higher. So given the marked flu reduction seen worlwide due to distancing and masks, it is a fair assumption that uncontained covid would yeild several fold more infections. The ICL 'do nothing' 500k death predition seems very plausible,we will never know for certain. Wrong, see e.g. https://www.thelancet.com/pdfs/journals/laninf/PIIS1473-3099(20)30484-9.pdf
  8. well then, silly old UK shouldn't have based its entire economy on real estate speculation, should it?
  9. never really been clear to me why a (fairly large) swath of the UK population are apparently allowed to live their lives quietly on benefits and that this seems to go unquestioned.
  10. to be fair, it comes from the Evans-Pritchard clown, who spouts all sorts of nonsensical gibberish...
  11. when in doubt, blame merkel https://www.thelondoneconomic.com/politics/angela-merkel-is-responsible-for-brexit-the-telegraph-reckons/25/01/
  12. meanwhile in South Africa, lockdown measures have been reduced (from an already relaxed state) because of falling case numbers... https://mg.co.za/coronavirus-essentials/2021-02-01-booze-pools-and-later-nights-covid-lockdown-eased/
  13. I think this is sounds great...for my bottom line
  14. It's great fun isn't it? Only thing is how to spot the next WSB target before it is too late.
  15. seem to recall some issue with mask / glove supplies for the NHS from a French company not being allowed to be exported (sometime near the beginning of the pandemic) - I guess in times of stress like this, there is a tendency towards nationalism of various forms.
  16. 100k deaths and 20 mn cases implies an IFR of 0.5%, which is in the range of estimates I have read (albeit a bit on the low side)
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