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  1. ah the old "is it ethical to steal doctors from developing countries" card. Dressing up xenophobia as concern for the poor. Reminds me of this: "My name's Paul Nuttalls from the UKIPs and I say we need to ensure the brightest and best Anglo-Saxons stay in 5th century northern continental Europe instead of coming over here to the UK and laying down the basis of our entire future language and culture.”
  2. yeah of course, it's totally normal for the govt to pay people salaries to sit at home. the basis for an amazing economic future.
  3. seriously? that's your argument: "robbie williams, nuff said"?? Problem is, people like you always equate celebrity or money or bling with worth and then get all affronted when people laugh at those values. you want to see real worth, look at a guy like Jonas Salk (son of an illiterate peasant, before you try playing the class card): invented the polio vaccine, saved millions of lives, never patented it (could have made billions), lived modestly. worth more than 1000 robbie williams/sterling moss/ whoever. do you think he spent money on vanity plates?
  4. really? ftse100/250 only just recovered to pre-pandemic levels. really it is just a few tech stocks that have boomed. and as far housing assets go, I think it is far too early to draw a conclusion. the current situation is very far removed from any sort of sanity.
  5. no-one who has anything witty or interesting to say would be remotely interested in buying vanity plates...
  6. yes, so imagine what real inflation would look like if the headline figure is 4%...
  7. ^this - https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/apr/29/rapid-spread-of-india-covid-variant-in-uk-is-worrying-say-scientists and that is with 70% of the (adult?) popn having some covid antibodies + some social distancing still in place...
  8. honestly, if inflation goes above 4%, the uk is stuffed. either ir's rise = hpc, or the pound is toast
  9. As Mr H L Mencken said, "The common man's a fool".
  10. you did have a choice, own it and stop making excuses.
  11. arguably not though, right? because your deposit % would have grown and you would have access to better rates?
  12. This is not correct if your colleague is highly leveraged (which is quite likely). In that case, her equity would grow much faster than general prices (e.g. if she has a 90% mortgage, flat goes up 40%, her equity has gone up by 400%). Therefore she would actually be in a better position to "climb to the next rung". Conversely, a crash would wipe her out. The real losers here are the people not already "on the ladder" a.k.a the marks coming in at the bottom of the pyramid scheme... or as Toni said on peep show: "Boohoo Johnny and Sally-come-lately"...
  13. In SA if you are in a decent professional job, you usually have decent medical insurance and hence access to care that is most likely better than the NHS. But I guess it might be different for retired people etc.
  14. yes that is what I was thinking. In fact salaries may even have fallen in nominal terms - I knew of a Masters elec engineering student at the (developing country) university I attended, who had an offer of 50k as a fresh grad in London in 98-99 (of course anecdote != data, but still)
  15. don't know about other areas of tech, but for a London-based data engineer role with a decent amount of experience you can easily get 100k+ at the moment, so that salary sounds really low end
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