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  1. funny how the energy use only became a problem in the last few months as the price has shot up.
  2. depends if the underlying populations for those two groups were homogeneous (e.g. demographically similar).
  3. Bought one of the new M1 macbooks, was intrigued because the performance on deep learning workflows is meant to be comparable to GPU in some cases. Quite painful to set up the environment though, lot of software still needs to catch up with this new hardware. once it gets through the teething issues will no doubt be brilliant...
  4. missing piece of context is what she looks like. guy thinking with an organ other than his brain perhaps.
  5. to be fair, if you think independent Scotland would be a 3rd world country, the same is probably true of post-Brexit UK as a whole.
  6. Yes, I thought it was pretty well known that Scotland is a fair bit wealthier than UK ex London (+environs). No doubt you guys could plot a credible economic course post-independence. One issue, as I understand it, is actually the UK's trade deal with the EU - currently most of Scotland's exports go to the rest of the UK and going back into the EU would put (in effect) a hard border between Scotland and the UK (but at the same time, being in the EU is probably in the best interests of Scotland, right?). maybe the answer is to wait until a few years of hardship and mayhem force the UK into a customs union / back into the single market and then go for independence?
  7. can the first possibility actually happen? wouldn't there likely be a massive recession in the case of independence, with widespread job losses?
  8. right. as I understand it, to combat the inflation caused by money printing, they then need to raise taxes to reduce spending (it's like a left-winger's wet dream isn't it?). will be interesting to see if they ever do that...
  9. I guess prices (outside of Edinburgh) are already more sane (relative to salaries). I suspect that the initial economic shock from independence would cause a housing market recession (but that would probably be cold comfort if you have lost a job / taken a wage cut)
  10. nothing much to reply to, all you did was make some strawman argument based on saying that in at least some cases, arguments against immigration are not based on xenophobia. fine, I actually don't disagree with that.
  11. OK boomer - still smarting from the fact that someone dared to disagree with you? You seem to be doing an awful lot of research on such an insignificant "funny fruit", must really have got under your skin...
  12. lol, they asked about holidays in the interview and you still employed them?? big red flag...
  13. anti-liberal views? what on earth are you on about? really quite strange that you are so triggered by the comments of an anonymous stranger on an internet forum. I think that vanity plates are stupid, deal with it.
  14. you like your ad homs, don't you, must have touched a nerve. and why would I care whether Boris won or not? cretins voting for their cheerleader, do you realise what you look like to the rest of the world? if he stuffs the uk up, as I expect he will, I will leave, like all the other foreigners. I have already moved a fair chunk of my savings out of the uk and will probably accelerate this now.
  15. no, sighing at your literal-mindedness. never said that every argument against immigration is based on xenophobia. a pretty high proportion of them are, though.
  16. I am too, but I am also scared of a housing market crash...
  17. ooh I see what you did there, so clever and witty, well done!
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