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  1. 1 hour ago, slawek said:

    Many professional qualifications are automatically recognised by the EU law. Others are recognised by the law of members states.

    This deal has no real impact on the UK economy. Farmers are not happy about it.

    "The deal may boost New Zealand’s GDP by $970m or around 0.3%. However, last year’s analysis by the UK government found that its effect on Britain’s GDP would probably have “limited effect … in the long run” – being between a positive growth of 0.01% or negative growth of -0.01%."

    "Minette Batters, the National Farmers Union president, said it would open the country’s doors to “significant extra volumes of imported food – whether or not produced to our own high standards – while securing almost nothing in return for UK farmers”."


    why even bother wasting time and money to negotiate such a deal?

  2. 3 hours ago, captainb said:

    On government debt yes you are right but repay residential mortgages are given on a stress tested with rates 3% above the lenders SVR, i.e at the moment about 6%. Which is a lot higher than anything listed in that article.

    If I remortgaged at 2% rather than 1%, my payments don't double.. vast majority of each monthly payment is capital. 

    So will rates doubling upto madness of 2% on a 5 year fix, be a drag on house prices, perhaps, all things being equal it should.. will it cause a collapse. Erm no. Dull I know.


    no, should go up ~10% according to the nationwide mortgage calculator, which is a non-trivial amount for a large loan

  3. 2 hours ago, Huggy said:

    I don't think I have been as excited about the economic outlook at any point over the past 13 years as I am now :D

    Hopes for that final release have been dashed before, and they certainly could be again, but that all depends on if the BoE fired six shots or only five? Are we feeling lucky?

    Actually, it doesn't matter what the BoE or politicians think or want. Bigger fish will decide that ;) The screams of their debt junkies will still be drowned out by the cheers of the sensible cash buyers, and life will then carry on as if nothing had happened (for many, not all).

    Agreed, but law of unintended consequences, I don't want to end up in a situation where they introduce capital controls and I haven't got savings of sterling in time. How are people here actually preparing themselves against such and eventuality (or I am just being too pessimistic)

  4. Just now, andrewwk said:

    Isn't the point that such a hike will be almost doubling the interest service and on a large principal (which many have thanks to insane prices) that means a meaningful increase in replayment size

    i.e. it's not actually the level of interest that matters now, but the super huge amount of debt, which makes things very sensitive even to trivial-looking increments in interest rate

  5. 14 hours ago, captainb said:

    Hike to what? The link says they are a shocking 0.89% at the moment, which if consistent over a mortgage term makes property, even central London madness ridiculously cheap at the moment. 

    Of course people don't expect that rate to last forever, but what's this hike, to crazy heights of 1.5%? Or less than that..

    Isn't the point that such a hike will be almost doubling the interest service and on a large principal (which many have thanks to insane prices) that means a meaningful increase in replayment size

  6. 8 hours ago, MonsieurCopperCrutch said:

    Daily Hate back in full attack dog mode. Someone must be losing commercial rents eh?

    MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: Ministers should make it plain that working from home is now over


    This is especially difficult for Government departments. Most if not all of them need access to highly protected and confidential databases to do their jobs properly. Yet most of those who work from home lack the ultra-secure communication links that would allow them to safely reach these resources. 😂🤣🤡

    Still very difficult to understand how the place of work I agree with my employee is any of the government's business

  7. 2 hours ago, henry the king said:

    How does it happen excluding some China blow up that somehow spreads here?

    How does 20%+ nominal terms declines happen? 

    OK I'll have a go. Economic mismanagement by the posse of clowns currently governing the UK resulting in a loss of international investors' confidence in ability to fund twin deficits, followed by a run on sterling, necessitating interest rate rises, leading to a housing crash and the cratering of the UK economy, ultimately requiring an IMF bailout. 

  8. 12 minutes ago, shlomo said:

    I had a friend who not so much did this but was brilliant at interviews but useless at productive work, he used to over dress and get sacked in about 2/3 months but a big number in his bank account, he used to get upset at losing the lucrative jobs but as I said to him ‘you are shit at work’ he no longer talks to me but that is for another reason 

    how did he explain away the string of short-term gigs? also, I assume this was not a technical job, since most software / data jobs these days include moderately rigorous skills tests

  9. On 02/09/2021 at 07:55, cbathpc said:

    I've read about a few people in the software engineering game taking this to the next level. Remote onboarding is a joke, and you're in such demand a 1hr interview can easily land you a 60k+ job. 

    So apply for them all, get them, Do as little cursory work as possible, fail probation.. 

    Oh well.. you've still earnt a few months wages so its not all bad!

    you need to be a bit careful with this kind of thing as some background checks now ask for bank account history to cover any gaps in your CV

  10. 11 hours ago, MonsieurCopperCrutch said:

    Tragic aint it. A clear verification of Brexshits failure is to end up crawling back to the very same people that were demonised and expeled by the xenophobic quarters only to end up begging that they return 'temporally' to fulfill a need. Feck 'em. I hope they don't return. Lets see the full advantages of Brexshit. 

    Thing I don't get is, the Brexiteers must know they are on the hook for all the failures that will ensue from Brexit, nowhere to hide, no-one else to blame. Actually quite an uncomfortable position to be in; they would have been better off if the Uk stayed in the EU and they could have continued to ride the grievance gravy train with no accountability.

  11. 11 hours ago, Social Justice League said:

    How dare they all feck off because we told them that they were job stealing b4stards and now don't want to come back to deliver our products and choke our chickens.

    choking our chickens? guess you are talking about a different kind of worker there...

  12. On 24/09/2021 at 12:39, Pop321 said:

    I live in a privileged North York’s town so those on benefits are either ill, disabled or do actually seem to be playing the game. That’s a fairly right wing viewpoint but locally it feels true but maybe not in Glasgow.

    You are right some people seem themselves working class but have never actually worked.

    I am WokEy happy with immigrants but not if the pendulum swings so far that employers can offer daft zero hour contracts to millions and expect people and families to build lives like that.

    The ‘Left’ (or the new 2021 version) needs to be more common sense and less worried about being WOKE. I think WOKE is being used to exclude the left when really it’s not a Labour or Tory policy to be more or less WokEy than the other side.  

    Some of the examples are a bit made up though. Although I think it is true that you go to jail if you say your English and not British. 😆😆

    You are Stewart Lee and I claim my 5 pounds

  13. 1 hour ago, Mikhail Liebenstein said:

    Tesla's cars are not really safe to operate without a driver being alert and on standby.

    I've delivered tech into autonomous car projects and they are not as advanced as most like to think or claim. The AI models used are quite delicate and things can break quickly given previously unknown events/imagery going into the system.

    the truth is that ML / AI is massively overhyped; the majority of it is basically glorified curve fitting. Doesn't mean that there is not huge value in individual applications, but I think that people who should have know better (Deepmind) have created this massive PR bandwagon that makes disappointment inevitable. 

  14. 12 hours ago, satsuma said:

    Surprised you are a wage slave but the lack of lead in your pencil (money) fits the profile, should have realised your loud bleating was cry’s of frustration.  Your comment about picking up stock in start up firms is too precious (hope to get scraps from the table of the big boys).  Grow a pair and throw your lot into something you believe in.  Be like me and go to bed exhausted, wake up early and then be surprised at the way people look at you with real respect.  

    turning into a bit of a d**k measuring contest now...

  15. On 20/08/2021 at 14:40, rollover said:

    ‘Large proportion’ of EU citizens plan to leave ‘unrecognisable’ UK because of Brexit

    “A sizeable proportion” of EU citizens intend to leave the UK in the near future because of Brexit, a damning new study has revealed. A survey carried out earlier this year by researchers from the University of Strathclyde’s found 58.62 per cent of respondents believe Brexit increased the likelihood of them leaving the UK.

    EU citizens’ sense of home has been damaged by Brexit – with data suggesting they are now feeling less attached and more insecure about their lives in the UK.

    ‘This country is unrecognisable’

    One respondent said: “This was firmly my forever country. Now, much less so, not just Brexit although that is the main driver, but [also the] Tory government, corruption, hostile environment, rising inequality, reduced public spending.”


    I'm a remainer, but this sounds like a load of b****cks. All of the cited factors were in place before the referendum. sounds like people flouncing off in a huff, in which case, too bad. I am a foreigner and there is little obvious change in the openness to other cultures etc in the areas where most of us live (i.e. London and the SE of England), as far as i can see.

  16. 9 hours ago, Pmax2020 said:

    So we’re just ignoring the 100s of billions £££ in oil that the UK government collect from Scottish waters before redistributing to the UK as a whole? Yup, I thought so.

    You don’t even have sufficient levels of drinking water in England for god sake!!

    Relax, the oil industry has had its day so the English government and its propaganda mouthpieces like the BBC will change their agenda and ‘let scotland go’. 

    You think independence is about money. It’s about having control over our own affairs. The broad political views up here aren’t shared with the those in the south. The Tories have went from strength to strength with that moron at the helm. 

    Take back Control, right? 😉

  17. 1 hour ago, Staffsknot said:

    Joe Biden overrode his military commanders and needs to shift blame.

    The USAF provides the bulk of the logistics capacity into the country. It would involve deploying at short notice a force for longterm operations. 

    What the Americans bring is an unmatched mobility, supply and maintenance capability above all else. 

    For instance US UH-60 Blackhawks can ferry squads of people about.3 Blackhawks roughly do the job of a single Merlin. Two can stay operational while another is in repair. One Merlin down screws you.

    Take an Apache, limited numbers throughout Europe and Mangusta or Supercobras may have been bought instead. So 3 different airframes, 3 different kits of parts and 3 different capabilities. Try rotating those. Also getting them in or out of country ties up another chunk of logistics.

    That's before we get into just mundane things people need. At short notice you are building a IFOR-like group and that took months.

    Sleepy Joe should concentrate on repatriating his own citizens, since it seems touch and go whether that will be possible. No one is saying they should have stayed (at least not me), but to execute in such a shambolic way just to hit the symbolic deadline of the 9/11 anniversary is pathetic. deeply unimpressive if you have ever seen an interview with him, only looks good in comparison to the orange ape.

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