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  1. no, should go up ~10% according to the nationwide mortgage calculator, which is a non-trivial amount for a large loan
  2. Agreed, but law of unintended consequences, I don't want to end up in a situation where they introduce capital controls and I haven't got savings of sterling in time. How are people here actually preparing themselves against such and eventuality (or I am just being too pessimistic)
  3. i.e. it's not actually the level of interest that matters now, but the super huge amount of debt, which makes things very sensitive even to trivial-looking increments in interest rate
  4. Isn't the point that such a hike will be almost doubling the interest service and on a large principal (which many have thanks to insane prices) that means a meaningful increase in replayment size
  5. Still very difficult to understand how the place of work I agree with my employee is any of the government's business
  6. OK I'll have a go. Economic mismanagement by the posse of clowns currently governing the UK resulting in a loss of international investors' confidence in ability to fund twin deficits, followed by a run on sterling, necessitating interest rate rises, leading to a housing crash and the cratering of the UK economy, ultimately requiring an IMF bailout.
  7. how did he explain away the string of short-term gigs? also, I assume this was not a technical job, since most software / data jobs these days include moderately rigorous skills tests
  8. you need to be a bit careful with this kind of thing as some background checks now ask for bank account history to cover any gaps in your CV
  9. Thing I don't get is, the Brexiteers must know they are on the hook for all the failures that will ensue from Brexit, nowhere to hide, no-one else to blame. Actually quite an uncomfortable position to be in; they would have been better off if the Uk stayed in the EU and they could have continued to ride the grievance gravy train with no accountability.
  10. choking our chickens? guess you are talking about a different kind of worker there...
  11. AKA Financial advisers will hate you!! one crazy old tip to turbocharge your pension investments! could this thread have a more clickbaity title...
  12. the truth is that ML / AI is massively overhyped; the majority of it is basically glorified curve fitting. Doesn't mean that there is not huge value in individual applications, but I think that people who should have know better (Deepmind) have created this massive PR bandwagon that makes disappointment inevitable.
  13. turning into a bit of a d**k measuring contest now...
  14. I'm a remainer, but this sounds like a load of b****cks. All of the cited factors were in place before the referendum. sounds like people flouncing off in a huff, in which case, too bad. I am a foreigner and there is little obvious change in the openness to other cultures etc in the areas where most of us live (i.e. London and the SE of England), as far as i can see.
  15. Sleepy Joe should concentrate on repatriating his own citizens, since it seems touch and go whether that will be possible. No one is saying they should have stayed (at least not me), but to execute in such a shambolic way just to hit the symbolic deadline of the 9/11 anniversary is pathetic. deeply unimpressive if you have ever seen an interview with him, only looks good in comparison to the orange ape.
  16. Also from today's FT: https://www.ft.com/content/d9cbe0e5-353a-44b9-bc75-a6ac61c992e8 Some interesting comments about market manipulation below the line.
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