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  1. As a Bath resident, I find this article particularly interestng. I guess I can only state that if it were my 'life savings' at risk, and I had chosen a scheme like this to invest them in. I would have double, triple and quadruple checked (and more) everything with the local planning officer and authorities to avoid exactly this kind of issue. With Bath being a world heritage city, to do anything less, with ones 'life savings'. Is foolhardy or at least niaive in the extreme.
  2. I found the following article about the plight of these chalet 'owners' from March this year http://www.viewfrompublishing.co.uk/news_view/30836/21/1/seaton-branscombe-chalet-owners-fear-for I will add a warning that it does contain pictures of exposed 'foundations', for lack of a better description, and also a sad face
  3. A perfectly fair comment and right on the button. I don't wish the man any ill but can't really find it in myself to feel any empathy for him
  4. Poor old Sibbers seems to have become almost rabid judging by the comment
  5. What a greedy fool. He's crashing and burning and there's not a hope of anyone putting the flames out
  6. Agreed, that's something which should be considered. Certainly for youngsters in those circumstances joining the forces is an opportunity in the real sense of the word. It's unfortunate ( I use that word with some trepidation) that there aren't other opportunities in environments like that which equal the potential presented by the armed forces. This I guess really points to far deeper routed social issues which can only be dealt with over time I guess
  7. Agreed, you make a fair point. Doesn't this identify another thing which one should consider very carefully when deciding to join the forces, the impact it may (or may not) have on family and loved ones? It's the children who really don't have any choice and it's key that they are supported. I personally don't think that the 'junior ranks' are paid enough as a 'basic rate'. I'm sure even some those that receive additional payments for skills that the army (or other forces) regards as specialist skills could do with an increase in basic pay. I don't begrudge those in the forces or their families receiving additional payment and support as warranted by the circumstances they find themselves in at the governments behest. I do however think putting oneself in a position that might mean you have to shoot someone or get shot and killed by someone is a choice. If making that choice means it may impact those that you care about then it's even more important that the decision making process behind one joining the forces is very carefully considered indeed.
  8. Anyone joining the armed forces knows that there is always the potential that you will be asked by your government to go in to situations were you may have to kill or be killed. You accept that risk when you sign on the dotted line. Agreeing to put yourself in that situation means the "...people trying to kill you" argument is irrelevant.
  9. More now than ever, this seeming confirmation of what a lot of us suspected to have been the case regards fraudulent lending and borrowing, is filling me with a quiet burning, seething rage
  10. If it was me, I'd walk away. Houses are much like anything else in my view. You think you've found the one and then just as you complete and get the keys the 'perfect' home comes on the Market just around the corner. At this moment in time this house clearly 'is the one' for you . If you really want it then it sounds like you'll have to be a bit more patient, but for how long are you prepared to be patient, 6 weeks, 6 months, longer. Don't forget the price if property has dropped over the last few months as Nationwide and other surveys show. Why not indicate that as the Market has changed significantly since you've made the offer that you feel you have to drop it by 10%? They are in the same game as you and yet they appear to be waiting until they can get their ideal property for a significant percentage less. Whilst happily sitting back knowing they have you in place with a full asking price offer on their place. It's your dream home, it's your money and it's you futures that's important. You have to decide what's right and bear in mind the views and opinions of people here by all means.However; unless they are going to pay your mortgage and bills then there's only so much their opinions should count for, mine included. Best of luck.
  11. But...but..but according to the Chronicle (March 2009) Bath is "the city that won't be crunched" Wish I still had a copy of the paper
  12. I'm late 30's working in IT, been contracting the last 4 years. Started contracting initially because in 2006 I couldn't see how else we could afford to even think about buying somewhere. The better half falls in to a professional category, is pretty swiitched on and earns a decent income (combined earnings now 100K +). After finding HPC we have both spent the last couple of years clearing debt (unemployment, student loans etc) and now finally sit pretty much debt free with a bit of savings which are slowly increasing as we are trying to put aside for a little two up / two down with a little garden. So there we have it, FTB's in our late 30's, liittle or no debt, bit of savings lucky enough and grateful to finally be earning a decent income and we still don't appear to be able to afford somewhere half decent.
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