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  1. Claypath Gilesgate Nevilles cross were all very much student areas when I was there. Check who your neighbours are going to be! I wouldn't have wanted to live next door to me as a student. Near the city centre is probably nicest IME . I'd look at where you are going to be commuting to as traffic can be a bit of a problem in some places.
  2. Virtually nothing in Gosforth (Newcastle) has come up recently. Those few that have have been wrecks or newbuild slave boxes.
  3. Those people didn't need to leave the UK, they just needed to leave London. My only criteria for a job when I left Uni was "not London". It made things surprisingly difficult and my partner and I lived apart for 2 years. Now both happily living in Newcastle where you can get out into the wide open countryside by bike yet have all the "city facilities" that you need.
  4. It wold be nice to know the mean median and modal figure as these would give indications of what is actually going on. I suspect at the minute, most houses been sold are at the expensive end of the market as these people will have cash or equity enabling them to get a morgage. Even a house that sold for £400k but was bought 2 years ago for £800k would push up the average but not reflect the drop in price the vendors suffered. If we had the mode and median it may go some way to telling us what price bracket the houses were selling in. Another option would be to split the figures up into average price per stampduty band. Of course the VI would never want to give out this data if they had it.
  5. I think so. I would like to believe that we are seeing a recovery as large scale redundancies, unemployement and a bleak future are unappealing. But I see nothing to indicate that we are. Companies are still not hiring, profits are still low and streamlining is the order of the day. I think the eye may pass over winter when house prices will probably start to fall again or after the general election when the Tories try to start to rebuild and make difficult choices involving interest rate rises and increasing taxes.
  6. Still looking but the number of new properties on the market is low. Most are in need of quite a bit of work and over priced. We've been in negotiations over one but have decided to hold fire for a while. We put an offer in on one, it was competitively priced so we went in near the asking price (20% less than on a street over and in showhome condition). They messed us around so we have now withdrawn the offer. I think they were waiting for an asking price + offer and were keeping us in reserve. Nothings changing. It's not clear if things are going up or down, you can see what you want as there is such a low volume.
  7. They can be negotiated down as others have said. Although you need to give the impression that you are prepared to leave if the rent is not reduced as you can live elsewhere cheaper. We got our rent reduced when we renewed this way.
  8. WE were looking at a house, came on the market this Friday, so arranged a viewing for next saturday. Got a call today to say it had sold. Wasn't cheap either but was nice. Seen plenty of houses sell, the only ones that don't are priced sky high with the seller not budging or complete dives in need of restoration.
  9. Probably but it's unlikely these people will be first time buyers so will have plenty of equity in their current homes. They'll probably have other investement they can use to buy a house if they really want it.
  10. Isn't most domestic paint now water based and fairly harmless?
  11. Especially as it looks like 2000 jobs are about to go at corus....
  12. Estate agents view of Gosforth is bizarre. Because it is seen as a popular place to live gosforth now covers huge sections of Newcastle. It's a little frustrating. We've found Gosforth to be expensive and you get mor ehouse for your money in other areas that can be nice. We've been quite impressed with some in Benton.
  13. No idea on prices but I'd seriously recommend just renting to start out. There should be plenty of Quayside flats available then you can decide after a year if it's what you want. Personally I don't think they represent value for money compared to the house you could get for that money here.
  14. It's interesting that the general line seems to be keep the money. I pay about 6% gross* into my pension, my company then adds 12% on top of that. That seems like a reasonable rate of return to me. I've split up my money into various funds to try and minimise risk and so far it's doing well it has actually made money above what I and the company have paid) since I started paying in last year (just started a new job), much better than if I had just taken the 6% less tax* and done something with it myself. The money I sacrifice isn't affecting my lifestyle, I still have hundreds of pounds left at the end of the month after essentials so I figure it's worth the gamble, no where's safe to save and I'm not just going to blow all my money on unnescessary consumer goods. *I appreciate that when I get my pension I will be taxed on it.
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