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  1. The Fukushima catastrophe reminds me of the time that farm animals in the UK, exposed to the weather, were at risk from fallout from Chernobyl. By coincidence so does news from the Middle East: Bah rain. Geddit Bah-rain? I'll get me coat.
  2. Nukes are great for killing organisms but detonating a nuke over a pile of radioactive material will only have the effect of disbursing that radiation as well as that from the bomb itself.
  3. Then why did the author refer exclusively to him/herself and express no concern for those suffering? It's egoism and it's in bad taste.
  4. iPad is an anagram of padi (as in padi field where you can grow rice - hint). See how twisted our world has become?
  5. When economic statistics come before the wellbeing of the people you know we've been enslaved and it's time to rise up.
  6. Not really quite sure the 'sod you jack I'm alright' attitude is really in keeping in a thread like this on a website like this. Still it can't be too long before the Daily Mail find themselves asking how this catastrophe will affect house prices (refugees from Japan pushing prices up versus radioactive fallout making plucky British property suitable only for BTL).
  7. Would you care to clarify what you mean by that?
  8. Just out of interest did any budding Nostradamus out there predict this crisis for new years? You can bet Discovery Channel have kicked into gear and are busy rehashing old shows on the soothsayer, replacing 911 with 9.0.
  9. Is it the nuclear crisis equivalent of quantitative easing? PS if I had a penny for everytime some money honey said quantitive easing . . . . . Edit : stuff.
  10. Assuming HPC hasn't become a soap opera and does have an ending, when its all over you could publish your posts in a book and call it "The Complete B'Stard". Edit: The link won't work cos it contains a swear word!
  11. BBC news website now showing picture of dog being interviewed: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/ Barking.
  12. We've been going about this warning-before-event thing all wrong. We should change our strategy Let's get surreal and warn the authorities of impending disaster after the event has happened, that way they might actually listen.
  13. Is that snow in one of the BBC website photos (of the catastrophe)? Presumably Michael Douglas is thinking about a follow up to his 1989 movie with Black Snow? (Can't do Black Swan, its just been done)
  14. What makes 'em think using trucks will be any less dangerous zan ze chopper?
  15. By the way I noticed two things on that CNBC link: (1) Bankers exodus from Tokyo: Trust the rats to leave the sinking ship!! Talking about sinking ships - if aircraft manufacturers took as much care over ther work as bankers did over their's, would those those now fleeing Japan feel quite so certain of reaching their destination alive? (2) One of the comments in the link berates the concept of endless growth growth growth spend spend spend. Quite. Even before I was a teenager I understood this would end in disaster and lo and behold it has. To be honest all I ever wanted in life was to be content living near a tropical beach (the sort you used to see in Bounty chocolate bar adverts). Sir David Attenborough's Life series nailed it for me. Watching Magnum (based in lush, tropical Hawaii) just made me want it more. The human race took a seriously wrong turn when, in discovering how to make life more bearable (with medical science in particular) it failed to grasp the importance of constraining population growth. Instead of becoming a planet of a billion or so disease-free grass-skirted Tahitians dancing the nights away around beach fires in the warm tropical air instead we got seven billion rapacious monsters obsessed with war, oil, greed, consumerism and status anxiety. What a horrible, horrible nightmare. Go on God, wipe the planet clean of humans and start again. I dare ya.
  16. Precisely the point I was making. Good thing bankers don't become nuclear physicists as there's no bailing out a global nuclear meltdown.
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