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  1. Loose Women was created during the height of the boom and was designed to encouraged middle aged woman to behave like ladettes, bitching and lusting with equally inebriated measure, because they were worth it. This show epitomised an era: Lasciviousness, envy and irresponsiblility. Loose monetary policy, Loose credit, Loose Women. Sadly they forgot a key lesson of history, namely that loose lips sink ships, and several trillion pounds later, boy oh boy, did this sucker go down. With the UK in such dire straights presumably we can look forward to this show's successor: Loose Bowels. Losers.
  2. I once heard a woman on a bus boast how she was getting Infertility Benefit. She probably meant Invalidity Benefit.
  3. When you say mobility what do you mean? Mobility of wealth? And is that the John Milton in the movie The Devil's Advocate? He was quite mobile.
  4. Ladies and gentlmen, there's more, c'm ere . . . http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=161941&view=findpost&p=2949303 http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=161940&view=findpost&p=2949299 http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=161904&view=findpost&p=2949301 http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=161925&view=findpost&p=2949293
  5. Why Jews are so cautious with money? Cos their prophet's yet to materialise.
  6. When they thought they could make a killing they were misanthropists :angry:. Now they are taking a beating they are involuntary philanthropists . Regardless of economic circumstances they are sociopaths .
  7. There's definitely something in this, y'know, just look at Norman Wisdom, Norman Tebbitt and Norman Lamont. None of them could be described as poor. (One of them was a wise man, the other two are clowns). PS I understand that my ancestors' family name used to be Norman, but in 1066 that got stolen from them too!
  8. Before the internet the business throbbed but now they just can't keep up the circulation.
  9. Do you ever get the impression that human beings are cursed by what makes them different, namely sentience? Mankind has a capacity to invent, but lacks the foresight to see the horrors its inventions will give rise to. Some human comes up with a simple idea somewhere and before you know it its been corrupted and spread around the planet in the blink of an eye like some rapacious disease. The wheel, money and energy being classic examples; what starts off as innocent enough ideas give rise to utter nightmares (climate change, global financial crisis and nuclear meltdown). Because of the nature of debt based currencies (and the need for unending economic growth to support it) I don't see things getting any better.
  10. No Rate Rise Until October. Wasn't that a hit for the Beastie Boys?
  11. If the masses are just waking up I guess that means HPCers have chronic insomnia.
  12. It's comforting to know that in the Doomsday scenario the elite would all end up locked in the Big Brother house together. Maybe we should stage a fake break down in society just to watch them on TV while betting on who eats who next.
  13. Yesterday morning about 11:30, stood at some traffic lights in Singapore, I looked up and saw a dragon in the sky. For real. Well, one formed by clouds anyway. I was so staggered at what I saw I took a photo and have shown it to colleagues at worked all whom were shocked by the likeness. When I saw this extraordinary site I wanted to get a better picture so, yep, you guessed it, I went chasing the dragon, if you'll forgive the pun. I'll post the photo later just to show you this wasn't some BS attention-seeking hallucination. Sometimes things are just weird.
  14. Not even house prices are this much out of control. And to think that in Singapore they're bragging about this being the Asian Century.
  15. Having started working for Deutsche Bank in November, last Thursday I resigned. As an IT developer (from an actuarial background) I had had enough of the speed at which they were trying to get things done with the resources they had without what I felt was adequate documentation and testing. If my experiences were symptomatic of what lead to this court ruling I am not surprised DB are in the news again for the wrong reasons for at least the third time this year.
  16. Yep, siree. This was covered in the brilliant "Money Masters : How International Bankers Took Control of America" video by Bill. Allegedly, this Executive Order was the real reason for Kennedy's assassination, described here on Wikipedia. Interestingly I stumbled upon this Youtube video recently . Note - I take issue not with the man's religion but with the memes he set in chain.
  17. Aren't these just asking prices? Surely, its the prices buyers agree to pay that matter; I could ask one meeeleeon dollars for my bombed out bedouin tent in Dubya Libya, but who is going to pay that?
  18. Smarmaggeddon: The nauseating end-is-nigh despair experienced when realising your countrymen have become property shysters.
  19. I'm not against releasing some green belt if its done throughtfully but when does that process stop? When is enough enough? Until there's none left? Not everyone who supports the idea of the green belt has a vested interest in property. In the tiny island state of Singapore (half the size of London, population 5.5m), the number of open spaces seem to be dwindling to such an extent they are reclaiming land from the sea. They were even contemplating at one point cutting down all the trees on Orchard Road (to make room for more businesses) - the very thing which, blended with the modern, makes the place such a good tourist draw. Try building upwards, not outwards. The UK is peppered with plenty of failed urban-sprawl cities, why not demolish the worst in their entirety and renew them with something more intelligent? Cos the UK is bust cos it invested in the past and not the future.
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