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  1. Hasn't he got a daughter called Peaches?
  2. Nelson nicely summarises how Brown met his Waterloo. Very interesting is the first comment beneath the article in which TomTom points out that Japan considers Deutsche Bank to be the single biggest threat to the world economy. My contract with them as an application developer in Singapore ended yesterday- I resigned at the intolerable circumstances surrounding the role. Quite simply their budgets have been slashed to the bone and are having to cut corners everywhere - unacceptably so in my opinion - causing the remaining staff to take on the responsibilities of those who leave. Deutsche Ban
  3. Britain will have to invade itself to neutralise the threat its WMDs pose to global stability
  4. In what way is online gambling different from investment banking anyway? Has this crackdown come because the plebs have begun to realise there is very little difference?
  5. Astounding you should say that. HPCers may recall the problems I experienced in 2006 in Bali, Indonesia. In short, I received a death threat from an Australian expat who, at the same time, claimed to be running a company called Save The Rainforest. Odd, don't you think? You wouldn't expect anyone trying to Save The Rainforest to be the sort of person issuing violent threats. Even more fascinating is the fact that he was also running a separate company called Bali Bio Fuels. You'd be right in thinking that both companies have conflicting purposes. Save The Rainforest claims to preserve the r
  6. If prices fell 27% MoM over one year that would mean a YoY fall of a mere 97.7%. Or, that is to say that, if a house worth £1 at beginning of the year fell 27% in value month after month, after 13 months it wouldn't be worth tuppence ha'penny.
  7. Thanks to erranta's post earlier here today I looked up Ezra Pound and found some shocking material HPCers will be familiar with at http://www.ety.com/HRP/rev/epound.htm Anyone who has seen Bill Still's "Money Masters : How International Banks Gained Control of America" will recognise much of what Pound had to say. In the text, Pound mentions the Jews in Singapore. Being in Singapore myself, I recently began to notice evidence of the Jews here just as Pound said, in particular synagogues and the Star of David on many buildings, so much so I searched for 'Jews in Singapore' via Google earlier
  8. And who's the vice president? Jerry Lewis? And I suppose Jan Russell is the Secrtary of State?
  9. Fascinating stuff. HPCers may know that I'm a bit of a Shawshank Redemption buff. Yesterday I was trying to recall the biblical verse that Andy Dufresne quotes to Governor Norton. I thought it was James chapter 8 verse 12 and looked that one up to see what it said. The quotes that I saw, while not what I expected, struck a nerve. While James chapter 8 verse 12 is pitched in typically biblical terms, it nonethless resonates as much today as it did then. While the superstitious hocus-pocus can be taken with a pinch of salt, much of the stuff in the bible reflects the misery many endure now. Its
  10. The airport in Rhoose is twelve miles from Cardiff through winding country roads, nestling in countryside on the South Wales coast. Had direct rail or road links been built the airport would have gained prominence. Building a new airport between Cardiff and Newport may be a better option given the availability of flat land and the proximity of the M4 and main Swansea to London railway. Relocating the airport there would make it a more attractive prospect to potential passengers in the West of England too. Singapore relocated its international airport twice in the space of two decades, firs
  11. I suspect most people would lead the happiest of lives if, as in the garden of eden, they never needed for anything. Edward Bernays has a lot to answer for; his work lead to the consumer society in which the naive (all too many people sadly) mistakenly believe they must pursue the latest fad; rather than making us happier, consumerism is cause of so much discontent. Give anyone the choice of living in paradise or moping about a cold, soaking wet, wind-swept High Street with its buy now pay only 29% APR culture, I am guessing most would choose the former over the latter any day.
  12. I thought the point of the bailout program was to assist financial organisations in trouble. In what respect was Waterfall TALF in trouble?
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