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  1. slough & soton are quite similar. soton is quite dumpy too, albeit with fewer minorities. both are surrounded by very nice areas though. areas around slough are probably better, and the added convenience of going to heathrow & london. soton might be on the coast, but unless you sail its of no use. Better off going to Bournemouth etc. They have proper beaches and a better town feel. soton is still very chavvy.
  2. wheres the million pounds from? seems to be the usual 24K? edit: its million percent.
  3. MPs follow expense rules shocker!! Everyone knew the rules on second homes etc. They just followed it. Very populist, but not particularly a big deal in the general scheme of bailouts etc.
  4. Really??!? MSNBC. CNN (US), F**x News? I couldn't imagine anything more puerile. Its just shouting at each other. NPR & PBS aren't bad, but they are small and public broadcasters too. I wouldn't say CNBC (europe or US) & Bloomberg are great. Obviously they are business channels and have a some what more in depth viewpoint on economic theory. But most of it is dross too. Just hyping up every stock, every green shoot, very pro business (i.e. give us your money, but not your regulation), not particularly critical other than the odd interviewee. If the economist had a channel it would be better.
  5. fine with me. they got the cheap housing there, better than buying here. and good luck to spains medical facilities to pay for millions of old brits who need constant attention.
  6. Its information inst it? Broaden your knowledge and all.
  7. I also detest the !!OMG BREAKING NEWZ!! thing being constantly on. Its never breaking news, just a news ticker, no need for the excessive flashing. edit typo.
  8. my rating. 1. c4 2. bbc 3. sky news 4. c5 5. man in the pub . . . itv news . . . American news I do like newsnight and news on bbc4 though.
  9. Although i think its very low brow and for savages, i cant help but laugh. What do you do when you are totally helpless, and those in charge are making BS arguments, that you know are wrong. edit: when is the RBS AGM. Might actually get something out of buying 1 share.
  10. Yes. The median house is much larger in the US. They also get tax relief on interest.
  11. GM would be better of getting rid of its US car bits and replacing them with Opel chassis & engines. The vauxhall brand is worthless, should have been replaced by Opel in the UK years ago.
  12. how many jobs can Michigan lose. its constantly red. texas doing okay. west not too bad.
  13. well it probably makes more sense to produce in india when shipping costs are high. they got the wheat & sugar (or corn syrup). ok cocoa needs to come from africa. The plastic (oil) from middle east. So makes sense to produce where the raw materials are and ship the lighter finished product.
  14. No it wont. Unless he works for a vat exempt (or partially exempt) entity. charities, banks or insurance. For the all other companys it wont make a blind bit of difference, other than a bit of cash flow difference.
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