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  1. Thank you. I feel slightly better now. Have been quite distressed this morning.
  2. Why am I recieving a subsidy? I pay almost market value rent on my sub standard house. Does the govenment give the HA additional money in addition to the rent I pay? If so where is it being spent as it certainly not on my house. I have damp in 4 rooms and a 35 yr old kitchen and bathroom. If I was renting privately I would not pay what they charge me.
  3. My home is with an RSL, not council, and I have a secured tenancy.
  4. We have an average household income and a HA house obtained several years ago when we were homeless. Over the years we have worked hard to better ourselves, but are no closer to owning a home due to the rapid increase in house prices and cost of living. I am angry that our security is going to be ripped from under our feet when our rent is only slightly lower than a private rental. We want to buy as our estate is going downhill fast, but cannot afford too and we put up with the anti social behaviour as we don't want to be at the mercy of a private landlord. I would seriously consider going back on the dole as we are only maginally better off working anyway and my families security is worth a lot to me. Disgusting. The hard working poor are kicked up the **** yet again.
  5. 5 years. Try 15! And the answer is certainly yes! Wish we had more time to ourselves for marital relations. Can't wait until we have the house to ourselves again.
  6. The part time, schools hours only jobs just aren't there. My husband works shifts, so I cannot work evenings or weekends. Even the supermarkets insist you work at least one evening shift. I am beginning to feel I will have no choice but to work full time although the thought of school aged kids in childcare from 8 - 6 every day makes me feel ill. I don't think the kids like it either. My husband has told me to stay home, but the dirty looks and comments you get when people realise you stay home with school aged kids are hard to take. People think I am a lazy cow. I just want the best for my family. Seeing your kids for 2 hours a day is not ideal for anyone.
  7. 2 adults earning £22k between them with 2 kids would receive tax credits of £160 per week and £30.20 child benefit per week. Thats an additional £10k per year, tax free Plus 80% of childcare costs paid www.entitledto.co.uk I had to put it through the calculator twice as I didn't believe it! Same family with only dad working and earning £22k would only get £41.56 a week tax credits. Welcome to Browns family friendly Britain were you are rewarded for farming your kids out to strangers.
  8. Like I said a lady needs a decent slab of meat in the evening. Chick peas just won't do...
  9. I must be a right greedy pig as there is no way that would make 8 potions in this house! 4 at a push, more like 3. 500g of cheese will do you enough sarnies for a week? I need 2 rounds of sarnies! And only 1 banana! There wont be any bread left over as I would have used it all for my sarnies! Beans on toast to me is 2 slices of toast and a full can of beans. (and some cheese if I am honest!) No wonder my food bill is so high! I would starve eating so little!
  10. We easily spend £50. I spend £15 on fresh fruit and veg alone. Then probably another £20 on decent cuts of meat. Then bread, coffee, milk tea etc. I would love to know what people eat for a tenner a week. I need a decent slab of meat of an evening not beans on toast. My husband would go mad if he didn't get his meat and two veg. He doesn't go out to work all day to come home to own brand beans and value fish fingers.
  11. I really did not understand their recommendation of the “borrowing on your parent’s income” mortgage. They said some lenders will lend you 4x your parents income plus 1x your own. So if daddy earns £50k and you earn £25k you can borrow £225k. How are you supposed to pay back a £225k mortgage on a £25k a year income? Am a missing something? My parents household income is less than ours anyway so that’s me screwed!
  12. This does worry me in case he needs the money back sooner than he thinks. I am worried about being pressured in to full time work sooner than I would like. I am planning on only working part time until my child is older.
  13. My dad, who has always advised me to wait until a crash to buy, has offered me a loan to pay for a deposit. He says he “has never seen anything like it” in relation to the property market and says that he feels there is no hope of a crash. He dabbled in BTL in the 80’s and 90’s get his fingers burnt in the last crash. He has offered us a £10k loan, £5k for a deposit and £5k for moving cost on a £100k property. He wants the loan repaid (with interest) when I start work full time in a few years. For £100k we could buy a small 2 bed terrace, no garden. We currently rend a 3 bed semi from a Housing Association. This would cost us about £400 a month extra and would mean no holidays and seriously tightening our belt. However, I am scared if we don’t buy now, in 4 or 5 years when we are thinking of buying, that 2 bed terrace will be £130k and will still be all we can afford. I have always been hopeful of a crash, but this complete u-turn from my dad and today’s headlines in the Express has got me spooked.
  14. We are in a very similar position. I am a SAHM/student, my husband has a similar income. We are also in a housing association house, so very cheap rent. The area is also decent and we have a secure tenancy. However, we don’t have the right to buy. I personally don’t see buying at the moment as having any benefit to our family. It will mean living hand to mouth, no holidays, no nights out and would cost at least £500 a month more than we are paying out now once you factor in the cost of maintenance and repairs. Our first priority was to pay off all our debts, which we have just achieved. I suggest you concentrate on doing the same. I won’t be happy to buy unless we are both in full time work and could afford to ride out a few months if one of us was made redundant. I also want to buy a house I would be happy to live in for the next 10 years. I don’t want to be extending, so a small terrace would be no good for us. Think very carefully. Maybe wait until your debts are fully paid off and your wife is in employment. If you do have the right to buy in a few years you would be mad not to exercise that right, even if you have to wait a few years.
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