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  1. Wow... still some old faces around.. not many but a few.... i cant believe its still being debated, not with the vigor it used to be but then i suppose the crash happened so whats left to talk about ha. It will be alright in the end.. if not... then its the end anyway.
  2. Just said about the same thing, they have managed to mess this right up, im done here.
  3. I dont know about new member but im done with this site, im going over to ****** and GEI, im amazed webmaster and fubra have managed to f*ck things up in such a short amount of time. Ill see some of you guys else where. I might post on here from time to time but for now this site has been degraded to the point where i just cannot be botherd supporting it anymore. Laters peeps
  4. The funny thing is, if the avergage age of a BTL landlord is 45 ( probably due to owning a home and being able to secure the BTL agaisnt thier home or MEW) and the consensus seems to be "its my pension" surely then when these people retire they will have to sell, when they sell in such high numbers it will drop the price like a stone. All hypothetical of course, very few of these people that are "in it for the long run" will actually see it through when they have a negative cashflow and the value doesnt rise.
  5. Wouldnt feel right without you taking the p*ss I knew the rules, ill live, feel free to taunt ill just do some overtime for the next couple of years
  6. Both i think, probably the central banks shaking the speculators out because as far as im concerned nothing new has happend to drop gold and silver prices like they have done. America has been raising rates every month for nearly a year and a half on inflation fears and gold has gone up nicely so im not convinced that its because IR's have gone up that gold and its mate silver has taken a nose dive. Little bit of a correction (albeit took a big chunk of my money) but i do think the banks are playing
  7. now $560 means ive lost 20% of my money on gold and silver bullion, let alone shares. Ill have to see if theres any overtime at work for the next 5 years , doh!
  8. Losing a couple of months pay is never good news
  9. I missed the BBC thing due to working hard to pay my taxes but reading that report it doesnt souond THAT bad, what am i missing? ( other than some letters from the posting area that im typing into due to the sh*t lining up of these f*cking adverts)
  10. Yep we've all called it wrongly. Way out on time scales. Maybe next year.
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