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  1. your a donkey you maybe fly a plane, but obviously have no basic legal knowledge If ryanair took over Buzz, of course it was them who made the staff redundant - they would be the majority shareholder/parent your answer is a bit like saying ryanair dont pay you, but the wee girl who passes you, your pay slip (don't fly ryanair - closest ryanair airport 150 miles away so no worth the travel, local one 15 mins away with international connections)
  2. that's just a pretty plain naive thought though name me one country, that will punish its indigenise nationals, by allowing random (excepting Non EU) oversea's workers to come and go as they please ? they will alow this for 1 off projects, training, meetings but not for regular work.
  3. If said washer is costing £1 at 10 shops though, I'm not going to be going and offering to pay the 11th shop, £11 just because the washer wont work without a resource which is freely available. Lets examine a scenario - I used to work in a bank branch about 10 years ago. 50 Staff £5 million profit a year - Contribution £100K per employee a year Other guys worked in shitey branches, and offices didnt make so much business.. Did we go around shouting we should get paid more than the going rate, due our office making whacks more money, no we had more common sense and realised it was not the
  4. I'm equating that WP observation that a business's profit's are solely attributable to one element and a failure or withdrawal of one of these elements, place's it in a position where it can be leveraged are not correct. WP's example was the washer could be replaced - eh... so can the labour, because in this example is not unique and is not of a limited & diminishing availability.
  5. Whats the profits of a business got to do with the wages paid on a monkey see monkey do type of job, working their standard jobs ? - if they are adding value to the business with a unique talent then different story. The profits could be driven by technolgy, investments, unique knowledge by Key Man/Woman in the business and not wholly or partially attributable to the routine labour force. Your example of a washer doesnt stand up - are you saying that a supplier of said washer should then increase his charge for it because its intergral to the business, because the machine won't work otherwi
  6. wouln't agree on that - parent's rent out cottage at end of farm road and each time tenant moves out, mother down on hands and knee's cleaning it. typically roof, walls etc getting repainted on rotation I even cut the grass for the tenant No TDS - they dont take deposit because tenants just mess about and hold back last months rent anyway.
  7. hell no I stopped reading the aberdeen thread because it was constantly spammed by him 1500 odd posts since december 2008 he must have nothing bettter to do - my post count is only about 100 and been on site year longer and half of those are probably knocking heads with him. he wouldnt accept fact - and then suddenly he was passing this 3 months later as his informed opinion (stock turnover of housing stock)
  8. another 3 folk given there notice at my work this week well the ones i am aware of thats thing - you dont even hear about people going unless you work closely with them - heard about a few who I didnt even know had gone
  9. sounds like shyte my companies not rolled out yet the redundacies they announced in 0109. but we are going through change in geormarkets as well which will involve aberdeen not being region centre. that will lose more bodies major oil services company
  10. Hamish As someone who has 2 properties - why bother commenting - you are going to sit tight you need to get a life average 12 posts a day since you joined 4 months ago I'd rather work and go down the pub as i do cos whatever ******** we spam on here aint going to change anything
  11. I think that's ****** I'm 1st to criticise level of education nowadays but dont think its as bad as that. Unless you are speaking about secondary education in England only. As an anecdote - many a time we caught our lecturer making mistakes in Accountancy Tutorials - I was just learning and could spot the mistakes easily - what i was more surprised about was she couldnt think on he feet and see her mistakes and would always say "i will get back to you tomorrow"
  12. "risk averse" so you were gambling and its went tits up ? as prior poster said if you bought to live in and for say 5/10 years then you have no grumble - if thats the case your still only paying a mortgage on the property you agreed to but within say the last 2 yearsr
  13. your examples are never good though haamish for the sake of argument if i was one £50K (which I'm not) a year which would be 48% more than Uk average what can i all buy is this pearl of cheapness of aberdeen ? point is folk with more than average wages are struggling to purchase what i would consider aberdeen And no - i'm not interested in some of the "attractive areas" that you sometimes highlight cos i wouldn't consider them average. I do earn more than average - so tough luck i do expect to be able to buy more than average without getting ripped off by a credit inflated bubble of
  14. what about Dunblane hydro - got some deals on just now quite fancy a few days away and folk have said in past that was nice I also quite fancy taking american lass fom work across to west coast although KLM doing a lot of deals and you can get Istanbul flight from aberdeen for £152
  15. Hamish - your full of shyte - since when is folk wanting 40/50% of prices from 3/4 years ago being ripped off with people wanting a reduction in prices As i always say these price increases in property have no way been matched in wage increases so it was pure availability of credit that has fuelled this. I notice guys on threads are throwing up the ASPC stats v 2007 this last week - what i was pointing out about 6 weeks ago YOU need to look around - Aberdeen is not so insulated - All 7 Divisions of my employer are annoucing job losses now and this is Top 3 Oil Servcies Company in world - an
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